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Personality Quizzes

Who is your Youtube Boyfriend #2! by Miss Horan


What Anime Girl Stereotype are you? by Ruth B

Which of 16 popular anime girl stereotypes are you? Take this detailed quiz to find out!

Which Creepypasta Lurks in Your Soul? by The Winged Kestrel

· Scary
We all have things hidden within our soul, inner represenations of ourselves. We have soul animals and elements. Everything inside our soul speaks about who we are as a person and what lurks in your soul makes you special. Just as we have these good things lurking in our soul, there are things that ...

Your Hidden Personality! by Tanni A

We actually never admit that we're not 100% of what we really are!💚 We do turn to a different person, maybe because of love, or maybe because of the clique, or maybe family too 💗 I hope this quiz would help you find your hidden personality and I'd let you choose between you or the re...

Which song describes you? by Rawr Harry.ˣ

· Music
Take the quiz to find out what is the song that describes you and which one you should listen to. ♥ (:

Personality Quiz+Which boy you are like+outfit+Who you should listen to(music)+Q by Sayda

Title explains everything!Sorry if it's bad it is my first time making a quiz!This quiz tells you your personality,which boy you are like,which artist you should listen to,and two quotes!

Who do I ship you with? by mαggstєr

(sorry the answers are lacking, I'll finish them as soon as I can!) Contains several different fanbases; Hetalia, The Hunger Games Homestuck, Adventure Time, The Avengers, The Chronicles of Narnia, Youtube, Creepypasta, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Disney, Twilight, Legend of...

What hair colour would suit you? by Aquila

12 different possible colours! This quiz is mostly based on your features, not your personality. It shows you what colour (natural and unnatural) would suit your skin tone, eye colour, etc. Tons of information about your colour in your result, so enjoy!

What Psychological Disorder Do You Have?

Read the title, bro. Btw, these are actual symptoms.

What Is Secretly Killing You Inside?

Title says all. The unanswered questions in your life... Long results! Sorry if you don't like your result. Copyright © 2011

What Mental Disorder Do You Have? by llı Wσηdєя Wяιтєя ıll

Mental Disorders are a lot more common, and having one doesn't make you a social outcast or a weirdo. Many people you don't even notice can have a disorder. Take this quiz to gain more knowledge on a possible illness you may be suffering from. Here you will be quizzed and given a result o...

What is your personality type?

There are 9 different types. The Perfectionist, The Helper, The Achiever, The Artist, The Thinker, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Leader, and The Peacemaker

Your Hogwarts Life! Girlies only! IMPROVED! LONG RESULTS!

· Books
Improved from my last one! Includes boyfriend, patronus, talent, wand, anamagis, personality, house, blood, family, teachers opionions, student opionins, friends, enimies, your past, your future, and more! Love you all so much, I made this just for you guys!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


If you are obsessed with Percy Jackson you'll love this quiz! This is an actually ACCURATE quiz on who your godly parent would be if you were a demigod! I tried to make this as accurate as I could possibly get it, because I know how important it is to get the god that matches your personality! Anywa...

Do You Have A Mental Disorder? by TheGrimmisReaper

Mental Disorders are a lot more common and normal then you might think, and having one doesn't make you a social outcast or a freak. People you walk by on the streets, get served by, or even talk to might be suffering from the same thing or something similar to yourself. Take this quiz to gain m...

How do you lie?

What is the most convincing way you lie? How good of a liar are you? What can sometimes give you away? What do you lie about?

Personality Stories

Never Forget by Jennifer

480 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
After three years at a boarding school in California, Aubrey Rae returns to Cainwood High School with a brand new appearance and personality. Haunted by a dark past and her traitorous best friend, she holds a vengeful grudge against Ethan Parks, who, surprisingly doesn't seem to recognize her. A...

She Looks So Perfect by נєωєℓ

264 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
He pulled me away holding my head in his hands, whipping my tears away from my cheek. "The truth?" he asked, I nodded, "I like you. A lot. You make me happy. You make me laugh. You're smart. Pretty. You're different, you're a little crazy, and awkward. And your smile alone ca...

A Smile Hides A Thousand Words - Jacob Black Love Story- by Falling Into The Stars

144 pages ~ Completed · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
She hides her pain behind a smile, behind her personality, from everyone. To everyone else, she is a fun, lively, happy girl. But, she knows the truth. Inside, she is broken and she doesn't know how to piece herself back together. Then she meets Jacob Black who can read her in ways no one else c...

Between ~FINISHED~ by Aquamarine Dreamer

280 pages ~ Completed · Romance
After 3 failed attempts of finding the right school, 17- year old Katherine Steeleback’s parents send her to Halman Prep; Fulton, Ohio’s castle of elite private schools, but to Katherine, a dollhouse filled with Barbie and Ken dolls. The first day is only the beginning of a horrid semester when ...

Baby You're So Classic. by вυииу

100 pages · Fantasy · Realistic
He brang himself closer to me and his face was at the side of mine. He had his nose by the edge of my ear. "Baby, your so classic." He said whispering with his deep sexy voice and kissing my side. My stomach went into flip flops and inner me was doing cartwheels all around the ground.

Oh My Goodness, Your Eyes Are Gorgeous -Nash Grier- by TruccyNguyen

101 pages ~ Completed
Stacey Dallas, sister of Vine Star Cameron Dallas, she is also a Vine Star herself. She is very clumsy, she's crazy, she speaks the things that she says in her head, literally not giving a care in the world. She and Cameron finds themselves in Magcon, and all the other boys likes her personality...

Solid Firm [Sosuke Yamazaki] by KITTY

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
[ Sosuke Yamazaki X Reader ] : Sosuke is a tall, well-built young man with short dark brown hair, droopy teal eyes and a serious face expression. Sosuke is said to be a good person who understands Rin a lot. He has a strong personality and never gets irritat...

The New Girl (Reader x Aot Boys) by Aurora the Raging Fangirl

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
When [Y/N] arrives as the new girl at Wall Maria High, the boys are taken by her beautiful looks and personality, but is there more to this new girl then meets the eye?

The Stalker *Zayn Malik Love Story* by Amparo Silva

92 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Marceline Vega was just a girl living on her own in the state of New York. With her edgy style and hardcore personality she was an easy target for bad boy Zayn Malik. He watches her from a far for months before finally making his first move. But does this first move put her in danger? Or does it act...

I love you to death (Yandere!XReader one-shots) by BlackRose Jem

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
WARNING READERS! THIS IS GOING TO BASICALLY BE YANDERE ONE-SHOTS! IF YOU DON'T LIKE YANDERE, THEN I SUGGEST YOU LEAVE NOW OR PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK..... Then again, I'm new to this, so my writing probably won't be that brutal and I might get the personality wrong....

Silent Cues |Levi x Reader[Insert]|AU| by єιʏυ-ᴄнᴀи

73 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
|Levi x Reader[Insert]|AU| [Name] is a new recruit, who graduated at the top of her class, but she goes unnoticed by many because of her quiet personality. What happens when she catches the eye of Captain Levi?

My Love's Smile by Phoebe

44 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Adventure
15 year old Kasey hates her life, that is until she meets someone with a big bright smile, a great personality, and blood lust.