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Qoutev Quizzes

What is Your Stereotype? by aleх ιs ĸewl

Well? Are you classified as a Nerd, Girly Girl, Jock, Popular, Emo/Goth/Scene/Punk etc., Rebel or Average? Take this quiz to find out ~ Just for fun, I do not believe in these stereotypes nor should you! Don't take the result too personally!

Create A Life~Mash Picture Results.

I've seen a lot of these on Qoutev and well...I thought i'd give it a shot ((These are pretty much all 'emo' results I've got a few complaints about that but screw you if you have something again'st that go take someone else's quiz))

What do guys like about you? by aleх ιs ĸewl

It's all in the title ^^ will it be your eyes, body,personality, hair or your crowd?

2P Hetaween RP

· TV
Who will you get? -major England Eyebrow bounce-

Black Butler RP part 3 by NikalaLoop ˍ

· TV
Will someone be asking your hand in marriage this time?

Nordic Police RP by NikalaLoop ˍ

· TV
Who will break you out of jail? ;)

Whos Your Pierce The Veil Boyfriend? by CutMeASmile

· Music
What PTV dude will you end up with? Tony the turtle, or Jaimie the dinosaur? Lets find out ;D

What does male!Belarus think of you? by NikalaLoop ˍ

· TV
What does Nikolai think of you? Hmmmm Will he kill you or what?

Who's the perfect boyfriend for you? by aleх ιs ĸewl

Includes a short story of how you met ♥ Like, Favourite & Follow plz

Hetalia STRANDED RP (part 3)

· TV
Continue our adventure on the abandon island!

Hetalia STRANDED RP (part 4) by NikalaLoop ˍ

· TV
What happens when your boat sinks in Shark infested waters, and France turns out to be... Not perverted?

Silence, my brother (Hetalia/Skyrim Norway x Reader RP QUIZ) by NikalaLoop ˍ

Hetalia/Skyrim crossover rp. ^_^ Because getting options in a fanfiction is wayyyy more fun!

Can You Survive Switching Lives' With Spain? by NikalaLoop ˍ

· TV
See if you can survive being Spain for the day!

Adventure Time Adventure! Part two by NikalaLoop ˍ

· TV

Hanging out with Dave Strider yo! by NikalaLoop ˍ

Hang out with Dave Strider! LOLOLOL

Qoutev Stories

Loving You And Other Extreme Fantasies *A Louis Tomlinson Love Story*Finished* by Coom-Dawg

42 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
I throw my bag down in my cubbie hole. A few other girls are around me getting dressed for tonight. No, I am not rich and famous. I have to make my living by being a pole dancer and waitress. Don't judge me okay. I'm not a bad person, just a girl who needs money to pay rent. Besides I'm just an on c...

Strike 3 /NG by BetterThanWords

104 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction
Three Strikes and you're out. I'm already on strike two and one more would have me in Maine with my senile great aunt. The world was going to end before I let that happen. . Copyright©2014 (@ BetterThanWords) On QOUTEV. All Rights Reserved.

Don't Let Me Get Me by Sarah Gir

16 pages · Action · Romance
Kayson was experimented for the Weapon X Project. She has known almost all of the members for most of her life, including Logan, Victor, and yes even Deadpool. (His name is Wade.) Blessed (Cursed) with the abilities of accelerated healing (I’m essentially immortal which sucks), speed (Not the drug...

Popular By Prom Night *On Hold*

51 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
“Do we have a deal?” “Deal” Glasses, Braces, Clean record, everyone knows someone like Courtney Lynn Rydel, just another boring square nerd, but will she be the same by the time graduation arrives? After a deal with popular Hannah McAllister, going back to nights of reading fan fiction on...

Pleated Skirts by aleх ιs ĸewl

43 pages · Mystery · Science Fiction
Brodwell Academy is off the grid. The girls who attend have splotchy memories of their pasts, Sir rules the place with an iron fist and every student is being twiddled down into a stick by the cafeterias serving sizes. Ashlyn is not new to Brodwell; she’s been here since grade nine when her parent...

Magical Secret by Music Is My Live and My Drug

4 pages · Fantasy · Romance
"Hurry! Hurry! Their firing at us." I said as I heard gun shots. "Ok turn here" Jake said. " we ran up stairs and found a ladder that led to a roof. "Come on" he yelled. We got to the top. All of the sudden Jake sped right by me and jumped. "NO!" I ran to the edge...

Tongue Tied by к ค t є

15 pages · Realistic · Romance
Matt Stanley did not lead a very interesting life. He was an art kid who spend most of his time living in the shadow of his best friend Lucas, just how he liked it. But that was before he met Anna Melton, the girl who changed his life forever.

Black Witch Creek by Slenderman

3 pages
This is my first story on qoutev, tell me what you think so I can improve. :)

Nightmare Fuel: Cat and Mouse by Sam

5 pages · Horror · Short Stories
Hello peoplez of Qoutev! This is the first of the Nightmare Fuel series, they are short horror stories that have no order since non are connected so enjoy!

Make The Truth Your Own

8 pages · Realistic
Her story is fake, manifested from my imagination. That, however doesn't lessen it's truthfulness. People say the truth will set you free; but what is the truth? Is their any truth or is there only beliefs? This is the story of a girl who is forced to contemplate life's big questions. ...

Crap, We Fell Into OHSHC(OHSHC FanFic) by KanyaLang

17 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Naruto
So Li-chan and I were just talking on Qoutev and decided to make a wish to be in OHSHC! All of a sudden were sucked in our computers and landed right on the streets in front of Haruhi's apartment all anime like. It's safe to say I blame you Li-chan! -_- (NOT MY FAULT) I could have wished for...

Partners In Crime an immortalhd fanfic (original wattpad story by me) by Aleksismybae

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
20 year old Mackenzie Evans is part of her father's spy group "spyware" where she learns to fight an be stelf for her mother's revenge. when something bad comes along her father sent her to stay with a person she wishes she would never see again. Aleks. will she stay alive? will ...