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Did you mean rocker lynch?

Riker Lynch Quizzes

Who is your R5 Man? by Kayla

· Music
Who are you most likely to Marry?

Which R5 Boy and Ryland is Your Match? *With Story*

Find out if Ross, Riker, Rocky, Ratliff, or Ryland is your perfect match! A story of how the two of you meet and your future included!

Would Ross fall for you? by Austin Mahomie

This is my first one!Haha its only a joke so dont be offfended by what you get okay? :)

Your R5 Fight by My Own Creativity

Who will you be getting in a fight with? Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ryland Lynch or Ellington Ratliff?

Which R5 Member are you Most Like?(:

· Music
Are you most like: Riker, Ratliff, Rocky, Ross, Rydel, or Ryland?

R5 boyfriend quiz

Out of Ellington, Riker, Ross, Rocky, or Ryland!

Which R5 Boy Is For You? *LONG RESULTS*

Riker, Ratliff, Rocky or Ross? Who will you get?

Who's Your Lynch boy? by Hannah

Which Lynch boy would be good for you, Riker, Rocky, Ross or Ryland? ;)

How Well Do YOU Know R5? by Ross Lynch's GF

· Music
How Well Do YOU Know R5?

Let Fate Decide your R5 guy! by They call me Ashley

This is a quiz that matches you with an R5 guy (including Ryland).. but this one is ALL up to fate! I know when I take quizzes like this, I cheat and pick answers that will give me who I want... so now- fate gets to choose! Good luck! :) ♥

How Well Do You Know R5? by YellowJerseyShorR5

Do you think your an R5er? Do you want to test you knowledge? Well you came to the right place! (And go easy on me it's my first quiz...)

Which R5 boy is perfect for you! by Audrey

Do you love R5? Find your perfect match in the band !

Which R5 hottie could be your man? by Nichole Lynch

Which R5 hopeless romantic could be yours?

Which Boy From R5 is the One for You? by Caelan Corey

Take this quiz to find outtt! Sorry, girls only!

DonDonDonDon! R5TIME! ;D by Tris64

Which R5 sexy-beast is perfect for you ma babes (includes baby RyRy)? ;D comment,follow,rate,yes. rossome. ;)

Riker Lynch Stories

Imagines- don't steal please :) *REQUESTS CLOSED*

92 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Justin Bieber · One Direction
*requests are closed* But keep checking back :) As I may edit or post an occasional imagine every once in a while :) ♥

The Lynch Baby by Emma Wiscount

137 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
When I, River Issac fall pregnant I panic and run. I run to my grandmothers house in a small town in Pennsylvania. What happens three years later when I figure out the father is a success and i start to fall apart. What starts as a scam turns out to be true love.

DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again (Ross Lynch) by Cassidy Stillinski

40 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Moving to a new town isn't ever fun. Especially when your forced to with your crazy workaholic father. Cassie Evans as you can probably tell wasn't that happy about moving to California. That's until she gets partnered with Ryland in school for a project and meets the Lynch's.

Mommy's Little Secrets by SkyRose Weiss

6 pages · Fan Fiction
Rydel never meant for anything to happen. But one night's mistake leads to the end of her career and her running away from her family and guy of her dreams. seven years later Rydel still wonders what she could have done to change her life and keep her little secrets.

Fatal Attraction

126 pages
On screen everyone gets to see that sweet and innocent boy he potrayed himself to be in front of the fans, but I see something different in him. Ross Lynch isn't the boy those hormonal preteen girls think he is. He was a sly, selfish, suductionist that had no respect for anyone but himself, which is...

Crazy, Stupid, Love by ώоłƒιέ

104 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
{Riker Lynch fan fiction, @R5ers_who story on IG} When Jordan was eleven, the Lynches moved across the street, she instantly became friends with Ryland. But after a few rough stones, she's got to move to Indiana at thirteen for three years. What does Riker and Jordan feel when she gets back?

The Neighbors by ѕтєρнαηιє

149 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
What happens when R5 moves across the street from Stephanie and Jj?

Do I Have a Chance With You? (Riker Lynch fan fic) by Natally

88 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
My best friend Alyssa surprises me by meeting R5 for my birthday. And it turns out that R5 lives couple houses down from our house because we just moved to Cali. But will Riker fall for me? But with all the hate and the Drama, will I get the chance to be with Riker?

Jazz with Mr Lynch [[Riker Lynch FanFic]] by TheLynchKids

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
First day for jazz dance class, nervous, shaking. She knew she was good, but this is California we're talking about. maybe she just wasn't gonna fit in with the big leagues. She walks in through the double doors and everyone turns to her, even the dance instructor. She was staring but not at...

The Lynch baby 2 by Emma Wiscount

66 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
What happens after a year has passed since River found out she has beat cancer. Marriage, more babies, more sickness, and everything that comes with being the leading lady in Ross Lynch's life. Sequel to The Lynch Baby.

What Happened? (An Emblem 3 and R5 fanfic) by Magconfamilysc

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
16 year old Madison has lived in an orphanage all her life. She has given up all hope of ever being adopted. What happens when star adoption day comes and everyone HAS to be adopted? What happens when Emblem3 picks her? Soon Madison realizes that life is worth living and that there are people that l...

More Than a Fangirl (A Riker Lynch Fanfic) *FINISHED* by Musical Maniac

66 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Who says a famous person would never date a fan? Maybe if they were friends they would. Life is just one big chain reaction. One thing leads to another which could lead to something wonderful.