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Did you mean Rock royal?

Roc Royal Quizzes

Who Is Your Future Mr.Right?

· Music
Sorry boys but it's for girls only! but i will be making a Mrs.Right soon!

Fight with Mindless Behavior

Don't worry y'all make up

Your Mindless Behavior Boy by Kenna

· Music
Who is your perfect match from Mindless Behavior? Sorry boys, girls only!:)

Have a Chat with Princeton From Mindless Behavior!

· Music
See how your conversation would turn out if you ever talked to Princeton...

Which Mindless Behavior member is your Future Boyfriend by Karlie15

· Music
Take the quiz and see if you will get Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton, or Ray Ray as your Future Boyfriend!

What does Roc royal think of you?

· Music
Chicks only!If you ever meet...

In a haunted house with mindless behavior! by тαrααα

· Music
Will you die, survive? But with who? Ray ray, prince, roc or prodigy? Take the quiz and find out :)

Have a Conversation With Mb! *Forreal*

Heres your the most BEAUTIFUL boys ever! Take the quiz to see what they say to you! :)

Whats Your MB outfit

· Music
If you love Mindless behavior take the quizz anad lets get srated.

What are you too Roc Royal? by MBSwag33

What are you to Roc? Dont know? Well now you can find out ;) stay spiffy

Does Princeton Want You in his Life? by Desiree

Do you have what it takes to be with Princeton from MB? Take this quiz to find out!

Girl's Talkin Bout by Princess

A Mindless Behavior quiz. What boy fits you best? Hope you enjoy!

Restaurant Chatting With Roc Royal by DoubleRaeBandz

What will happen when you unexpectedly run into Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior and he wants to talk to you? Take this quiz to find out.

Mindless Behavior Has A Lil Chat With You by LaChaix

· Music
Sorry If I Said Lil When Its Like 10 or 13 Thingys Long

Have a Chat with Roc Royal From Mindless Behavior! by Snugi Jackson

· Music
See if your Rocie's Mrs.Right and how you can handle conversations...

Would you rather, Mindless behavior edition. by тαrααα

· Music
Would you rather, mindless behavior edition. Ooo.

Roc Royal Stories

Round The Way Girl

208 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Chresanto August is 23 years and is CEO of one of the biggest companies in America. He's all about his work and business. He doesn't have time for anything else. When he comes across a business deal that could make him 10 times richer he jumps at the chance. But when his reason for wanting this de...

Daddy's Little Princess by Ashante

75 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Alaafia has always been a daddy's girl. She does everything she is supposed to and in return her father spoils her. This has caused her to be arrogant and cocky. But when her dad gets in some trouble, Alaafia is in danger too and she is appointed a body guard named Rayan Lopez. Lets see what hap...

Band aid *ray ray fan fic* by enCHANTELing princess

23 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Band aids are great protection and support when you need them.... But when you don't need them anymore you have to take them off and the process is painful

The boy from down the street*Roc Royal love story*

49 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
It's been a while since I've seen the boy down the street. I can still remember his smile. He became bigger and better. No one would blame him if he never came back. So the question is: Why did he?

My Bestfriend Vs. My Boyfriend (Roc Royal vs. Jaden Smith)

78 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
When your boyfriend goes on tour for an entire year, he lets you know that its okay to see other people. But when he comes back he wants you back. But is it too late? Did your best friend already take his place?

The Breakup by Dancer4life

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Ashante Brown just got over this break up with her former boyfriend, Chrestanto. What will happen when hearts are shattered and both Ashante and Chrestanto will do just about anything to fill that one broken part in their heart?

Mindless Behavior Imagines (Editing the chapters)

47 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Mindless Behavior Imagines for y'all beautifuls♥ I'll try to write for anyone who wants me to and I can write for you more than once with a different name and guy♥


14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
It's the last week of highschool, soon Remi and Brealyn will be leaving. They've been bestfriends since 6th grade and on. Then there's Chresanto, Jacob and Rayan selling drugs and trying to surivive. The boy's been like this since they were 13. One day, Remi and Brealyn are at a part...

Double Love |Princeton Love Story| by NnyjiWhitfield

55 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
A girl named Alexandra Caputo was adopted and goes to a Beverly Hills school. This is not the kind of school she would usually love to go to. Everyone thinks of her as a freak and doesn't welcome her. Her only best friend in life is a guy. In this story she meets Mindless behavior but the way they m...

All Around The World by FutureJustaGirl

65 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Prod's Sister joins MB on their all around the world tour. But a little thing happens messing up everything.

In Life and In Love |A Roc Royal Love Story|

192 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
There is no acceptance or change in opinion when someone has done something no one else can understand. The reason behind why what the person did is there but the damage of the actual thing is blinking the reason. If you knew why or what possessed the person to do what they had to do, would your opi...

My Iѕland Joυrnal

44 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Rosie and her best friend take a trip on a cruise to see Mindless Behavior perform. Rosie meets Roc and once they finally get to talking a storm hits. They both climb into a boat but it falls off the cruise ship and they drift away. Finally they find themselves stranded...on an island in desperate n...