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Ruby Gloom Quizzes

If you were in a TV show which one would it be? by Talli

· TV
This is random, I did it because I wanted to know how to make a quiz for future quiz things... tv shows are phineas and ferb, invader zim, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, mlp fim, ruby gloom, adventure time, farliy odd parents, adventure time, other, the simpsons, american dad, ...

Which Ruby Gloom Character are you most like? by Jessykosis

Out of the main Ruby Gloom characters, who are you?

Which male Ruby Gloom character are you most like? by Jessykosis

All male results. The quiz is more aimed at a male audience but anyone could take it really.

Your life in Ruby Gloom by gUMIgUMi

The title explains it all ^^ Boy and Girl results.

Ruby Gloom Stories

"It's Just... Kinda Awkward," by DerotoAngel

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor · Romance
This is kinda a fanfic but purely because I love Frank and Len from 'Ruby Gloom' and I have an idea that I need to get out my head xD

My Condolences by Critically Twisted

1 page ~ Completed · Realistic · Poetry
A poem I wrote. I was thinking about things that have been on the news, and on youtube. I thought about bullying, abandonment, problems in the world. I'm sorry if it's not any good, but I like, yeah, I posted it.

The Knight with two heads by Jessykosis

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Adventure
This is a try out for a Fan-story I'm trying to write. Based on Ruby Gloom characters, mainly Frank and Len.