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Sasuke Quizzes

Your Naruto Anime life by Lillian Love

Includes one-shot with your result.

Which Naruto character are you, by Alyssa

This is my first quiz ever so go easy on me please.

Your life in the anime world (long results!) ~Girls only!~srry dudes

What would you do if you were suddenly transported into your favorite anime? who would you meet and what would they think of you? what would you do? would you ever get back home? take this quiz to see what your life would be like if you were suddenly in the anime world! ~plz comment!~ ♥

Sasuke or Naruto? by Shaylee

Basically in the title: Who would be your ideal boyfriend, Sasuke or Naruto? :3 Girls only please~ I hope you enjoy! ♥

What is your naruto shippuden life? [VERY DETAILED] by αyαмe ɴαrα

Find out how your life would be if you lived in the ninja world! The results are very detailed. With bio, name, ninja rank, element, enemies, boyfriend, best friends, siblings, looks, personality, abilities, how you met your crush, future. There are 10 results, your boyfriend can be: Naruto, Sasuke,...

Does Sasuke Uchiha Like You? by Samlynn44

This is my first story and i hope u guys who hve been here longer can guide me along the way:)

What do Naruto characters think of you? (Very long results!)

· TV
Only for girls. 3 important things: 1 - they're really unexpected, because I believe that opposites attracts each other. 2 - my OC's create alternative stories in Naruto so they're different than the Kishimoto's storyline. 3 - text in light blue is me ^^

Who should you cosplay as?

· TV
Ever wonder who you should cosplay as? Naruto, Eureka, Sasuke, Loki? Many answers.

Your Naruto love life. by ƇƖσcкωσяк

· TV
Long results. . .it took me FOREVER to get this done, so be grateful! Akatsuki included

Which Naruto character are you? by Kycheronian Princess

Aha! Another 'which are you' quiz! Am I boring you all yet? Anyways, my friends, who would you be do you think? Naruto himself? Or maybe Hinata? Sasuke? Shikamaru? Temari? Let's find out shall we?

Who wowuld you get in Naruto seven minutes in heaven? by Hatsumi Hozuki

This is a girl (or gay guuy) quiz dealing with different charctors from the anime Naruto Shippuden. and what would happen if you got locked in a closet for seven minutes wih one.

Your Naruto Life ~Long Results~ by Alice

· TV
There's a ton of these out there but oh well! None are quite like mine~! You get life and romance story, boyfriend, theme song, etc... Girls Only, please!

Out of all the people here, why you? (Seven minutes in Heaven) - Naruto by DevilsxWings

So you are at Sakura's party and suddenly Sakura, Ino and Tenten decide to play 7 minutes in heaven. You go along with it but unfortunately for you, you get stuck with your ex-boyfriend. This quiz is meant for girls and gays, of course curious guys are welcome too. I don't own Naruto or t...

Which Naruto character do you suit? (+ Akatsuki) [One-shot included] by jade02022000

· TV
Which character will you get? Includes a little One-Shot for each one ^^ Done for girls, but of course guys can look to :P Haven't finished yet, will finish ASAP

Who's Your Naruto Boyfriend? by Akiyama Tsuki

· Music
Stories coming soon with results (Gaara, Kankuro, and Naruto DONE) *WARNING* if you haven't watched Shippuden, there will be some spoilers

What Akatsuki member loves you?

· TV
Includes former and new Akatsuki members and even Taka. There are 14 results.

Your Naruto life! Plus what do the naruto characters think of you? pt 1 by AverageCoolgirl1000

· TV
NANANANANANANA BATMAN! Females only! sorry! ok well you see the title you know what! i know you want to take this quiz! *uses mangekou sharingan* yep u wanna take it :P! ~~Akatsuki included~~ Part 1! Part 2 will have more characters! this took me days soo plz!

Sasuke Stories

Make a Wish [Yandere!Mental!Sasuke x Genie!Reader] by kai-sama

18 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Horror
You were a magical being who granted three wishes to those who let you out. But this time, the situation would be different. This time, you would be freed by him but imprisoned in his clutches...for eternity.

Love Isn't Hierarchical (Sasuke & Itachi Love Triangle) by Beboyka

246 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Chika is a normal commoner girl that gets a job in the Uchiha palace to work as a maid. She knows her place and tries to keep her distance from the royal family. But incidents occur that lead to her unwilling engagements with the Princes. Something about Chika's character attracts their interest...

Tutor Me (Reader x Sasuke) by Mιѕѕ. Uηɗєяѕтσσɗ

26 pages · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
➡ Originally for a friend of mine in a similar situation ⬅ (Name) was depressed and bullied. Sasuke was popular and hot. (Name) was smart but failed on purpose so she doesn’t get called a nerd. Sasuke was smart but considered cool. Once (Name)’s grades began to fall downhill, so does the sit...

My Cousin's Your Fangirl (Modern!Sasuke X Reader) by Morgie The Dorky Ninja

69 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Naruto
You're Sakura's lazy gamer cousin. And looks like you moving in with her is going to cause some problems~

All I want ( Sasuke X reader: Modern! ) by Tihi14

53 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Romance
( NOT A TOTALLY DEPRESSING STORY! ) You're the loser that sits alone in the corner. You're that nobody, that all the popular kids bully. You've got no friends. No life. No nothing. But then, one day, something happends. Something, that makes Sasuke Uchiha notice you for the first time. ...

Therapy [Sasuke Uchiha x Reader] by küshina

44 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Naruto
[Name] [Surname] was just a normal girl. Until she crossed paths with, and undoubtedly ticked off, the son of Japan's most notorious mobsters. Apart from payback, what else does this sadistic mafia heir want from her? [Third Person] [Modern!Yakuza!Sasuke Uchiha x Reader] [~cover image by B...

Driving The Hatter Mad [Yandere!Various X Reader] by ƵŪĿĪĒŦ

43 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Horror
Yandere!Various X Reader ~He loves you so much it drove him insane. I guess it gives a new meaning to the term "Madly In Love."~ Contains: Black Butler, Ouran High School Host Club, Rise of the Guardians, Fruits Basket and Naruto/Akatsuki, 2P!Hetalia In The Future It May Contain: Fa...

Book 1: The Scarlet Eyes

384 pages ~ Completed · Naruto · Romance · Anime/Manga
It is well known how Naruto was born on the Nine tails attack. His parents perished and a great loss came upon the Leaf Village. But what if he wasn't the only one born on that day? What if deep in the village a baby was born, and her birth was only known to 3 people in the entire world? What if...

Daughter of the Moon (Naruto fanfic) by Sumaitah

225 pages · Naruto · Romance · Anime/Manga
Tsukiko Arakaki is Naruto and Sasuke's best friend. Unbelievable, right? Her parents died when she was born, along with the whole Arakaki clan and only her older brother survived, but her older brother, Yoru, died trying to stop Itachi. She has the ten tailed demon inside of her and only Naruto ...

What's Left of Me: Book II (Kakashi Love Story) by Mika Kyoko

84 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
The sequel to 'The Older I Get: Book I (Kakashi Love Story)

A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various) by Palomaa

106 pages · Naruto · Action · Anime/Manga
(Y/N) Hanninzowa is the daughter of nobility, her father and mother are nobles of Konoha. But when (Y/N) was six years old, her parents are murdered in front her own eyes. All she remembers is that they wore midnight black cloaks with blood red clouds. Seeking revenge for her parents death, (Y/N) st...

Cloud 9 [Modern Sasuke Love Story]

47 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Sasuke Uchiha has officially reached his one lifetime goal and that is to win [Name] [Surname]’s heart. Competition flocks over [Name], causing the number of names on Sasuke’s death list to triple. With [Name]’s oblivious nature, Sasuke now has to protect his woman at all cost. Plus with the e...