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Skydoesminecraft Quizzes

What YouTube genderbend are you? by Lyra Fox

What female version of a famous YouTuber are you? Find out! (Girls Only! Sorry!) ♥

Which Minecraft YouTuber Do You Act Like? by SpiritPrints

Here you can find out which minecraft YouTuber you act like! The results are some of the members of TeamCrafted, I know some left but I'll include them too. The choices are: SkyDoesMinecraft, Minecraftuniverse, SSundee, BajanCanadian or Deadlox. I would have put in the others, but I don't k...

Which Minecraft YouTuber would you end up with *Girls*

This was I a quiz I made when I was bored. Enjoy and love you my Angels ♥

Which Team Crafted Member Are YOU! by ThatRandomNarwhal

Find out which one you are most like!

How well do you know these Minecraft Youtubers?

I should point out that this quiz is HARD! so far i'm the only person who got all of them right. Do you accept the challenge to try and beat this quiz? :D This quiz includes SkyDoesMinecraft, DeadloxMC, MinecraftUniverse, BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, HuskyMUDKIPZ, MunchingBrotato, MrWoofless, and K...

Who is your Team Crafted Boyfriend? (With stories!) by Olivia Williams

Which guy from team crafted would date you? The options are TheBajanCanadian, ASFJerome, SkyDoesMinecraft, and Deadlox. Stories included! More to come soon.

Who likes you in Team Crafted by xXPirate NationXx

Team Crafted replacing Husky with Munching Brotato

YouTube Truth or Dare!~ by Mу Cнємιcαℓ Rσмαηcє

Come on in and play truth or dare with the Youtubers! YouTubers like Pewdiepie to AmazingPhil will join, SO GET YO BOOTY IN HERE!

Trapped in minecraft: Herobrines curse by InSaNiTy Pony

This is gonna be a series. Characters: BajanCanadian, SkyDoesMinecraft, deadlox, JeromeAS, TrueMU. That's it for now.

Who is right for you? (Minecraft Youtubers)

If your bored, take this quiz! It's about Minecraft Youtubers and who you would mostly end up with! I hope you like your results ;) Also please leave feedback if I should make a story or another quiz! BAI!(This is my first quiz so please no hate, I fan! xD)

Who Would Be Your YouTube Boyfriend? by simply awkward

How you two met, and your first kiss. Enjoy ♥

Who is your Minecraft? by thebajanbosnian

Lets see who do you fit best with. -Thebajancanadian -ASFjerome -Ssundee -S kydoesminecraft -Deadlox -Setosorcerer -Huskymud kipz -Minecraftuniverse

Your YouTube Gamer Bestie :P by Sonya

Which gaming YouTuber would be your bestie? Sorry can't be a boyfriend quiz cause i can't write romance stuffz xS Results include: Pewds, Markiplier, TheRPGMinx, SkyDoesMinecraft, or CaptainSparklez

Who is for you by Kit Kat

Is it TrueMU, Skydoesminecraft, JeromeASF, or Bajancanadian? TrueMU: Come on you guys are so slow! Sky: Whyyyyy? JeromeASF: Oooohh yeah! Its the day we quiz the contest winner! Bajancanadian: Ooohh yee buddy! TrueMU: Well come on!

Which Team Crafted Character Genderbend are you? by BerryMagickz

Time to find out who's your opposite gender fangirls! Will it be Mitch? Sky? Ty? You decide!

Sleepover with minecraft youtubers by Sakura and Bea

You come with me (bea not sakka) to a sleepover with skydoesminecraft,bashurverse,asfjerome,deadlox,and bajancanadian!PARTY!

Skydoesminecraft Stories

Youtubers x Reader~ by Katia

71 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Every chapter have a diffrent, short x Reader story. I'm going to try to do as much Youtubers as I can ;)

The Innocent Player (Book 2) by Mindy

74 pages · Action · Adventure
After a year and six months of being claimed missing, Adam and his two friend, Ty and Jason, find you trapped in a Minecraft world! The only way out is to play a whole bunch of maps until you reach the exit. Thing is, you never got over your feelings for that certain someone... This could either ...

To Live or Not to Live? *Minecraft X reader* by Sατυяи нυghεs IS A CYBORG

99 pages
(THIS TAKES PLACE IN MINECRAFT) You are a secret agent for the kingdom Dark Diamond. Your mascot is a Squid holding a diamond, obviously. This other kingdom, not too far, but not in easy walking time, hates it. Butter Cross. Their leader, SkyDoesMinecraft has created a horrible rivalry between the t...

Your Minecraft Life by VengefulHappiness

150 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Science Fiction
Your life in minecraft is pretty ordinary. For a spy that is. When you try to sneak in the castle to kill the legendary TeamCrafted members what will happen when you are caught? Will you hate them forever or will true love find you?

Experiments by Lulu Is Sick

41 pages · Science Fiction · Horror
YouTubers are kidnapped and mutated, but why? Read and find out! Please don't take my ideas. If you do I'll have to report.

Never Enough (BajanCandian a.k.a Mitchell Hughes) by TheUnknownRebel

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
She's lonely. He's not. She's terrified. He's happy. They're both big YouTubers. When the two of them meet, will it be love at first sight or will it fade into nothing? (Note: I wrote this before Adam and a few others left Team Crafted. I decided to not alter my story. It is m...

Could you not!(Skydoesminecraft x reader) by Make me a sandmich

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
(This is based in minecraft but not blocky does that make the slightest.sense? XD ) Skydoesminecraft x reader You live in a two story home out side of the butter kingdom after leaving it when Adam (sky) enhiarted the thrown. When in need of cat food for your cat Fatty you catch the attention of ...

The Budder Prince (SkyDoesMinecraft x Reader) by WingzNat

45 pages · Action · Romance
All was peaceful in the land of Minecraftia... Well, until yet another war between the Aether and Nether begins. Y/N finds herself plunged into the discordant world of fear, hatred and death. What will happen when she finds an injured person and bring him to her house to heal? Could this be the star...

Ourtube by Mindy

34 pages · Adventure · Fantasy
I'm transported into another dimension to save teenagers and youtubers from killing themselves due to Youtube never existing! Oh dear...

Survival Mode by Mindy

18 pages · Romance · Adventure
You're sucked back into minecraft, no recollection of the real world. All you know is survive... and kill.

Trapped In Minecraft (SkyDoesMinecraft x Reader) by Wendy Corduroy

8 pages
Well, I think these will be coming often from now on. This was requested by a friend so I'll write it for them. ^^ ~Amazing Description~ You've awoken in an unknown world, not knowing what to think of it. You cannot remember too much because of your head's extreme amount of pain. It...

The Diamond Hunters by GreetingsFromTheDead

94 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
MineCraft has changed. People from the real-world are being sucked in. You are left, stuck alone, to survive. But what happens when you meet a few friends along the way? When you fall in love? What will become of everyone? What will become of you?