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Did you mean skyrockets?

Skythekidrs Quizzes

Minecraft! part 31 - (planing) 1st dimension! by Coffee 77

*died cause fangirling after searching the new pict

How well do you know Skydoesminecraft? by Totally Mew

How well do you know this crazy (but in a good way) youtuber? I realised there waan't many Sky quizzes so I made one.

Minecraft! part 29 - 1st piece from the past by Coffee 77

Idontevenknowwhattonameit (im sorry for hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobian) gottagofast!

Minecraft! part 2 - introducing by Coffee 77

You finally gonna meet them

Who are you most like? (Minecrafters)

GIRLS ONLY PLS! Results include sky adam jason and another one...

Minecraft! part 23 - 1 vs 1 by Coffee 77

What gonna happen to sub?

Minecraft! Part 24 - new quest! by Coffee 77

We've killed herobrine!

Minecraft! part 18 - baby born! by Coffee 77

Sorry for the (VERY) late post...

Skythekidrs Stories

The Heros' Misleading Journey by FlyingMintKyle

49 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
There were five crystals to create the world. Notch was sure he destroyed them shorty after his ideal world was created. If the five crystals were to come together again, the very things that brought Minecraftia into existence would tear it apart.

The Rebellion by FlyingMintKyle

9 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
For centuries, Minecraftia has been ruled by the Council. In it are the Great Leaders- Herobrine, Steve, and Notch- and everyone that bought their way in with money. Seto hears one word that changes the way he thinks about life forever: Independence. He now wants that word to become reality. What is...

Gamemode: Squid

44 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Hey, Recruits... Sky here. I have terrible news. Team Crafted will be gone from YouTube for a while... No questions please. But please, be careful, recruits. Now is a tough time to be in the Sky Army. But in the meantime, please don't install a " Squid Army " mod until we give notice tha...

Skylox- trial and error *completed* by It's Alice x

8 pages ~ Completed
This was mine and a friends roleplay :3

Broken Glass by MorganWolf

38 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Megan Browne, aka MCFreak78, is basically obsessed with the game, Minecraft. She plays it every time she can on her laptop. When her beloved game starts acting weirdly, she ends up being sucked into the game itself, along with youtubers, SkyTheKidRS, BajanCanadian, and AsfJerome. Will they survive, ...

Herobrine is Coming (Reader x Various) by DıαмøиđWαяяıøя ιѕ Dєαdℓσχ

58 pages · Fan Fiction
You're just a regular minecraft person living among the rest until one day when Herobrine came. Then you meet a few people who help you on a journey to defeat who made all of it happen. (Worst description ever.) I am very sorry if the story stinks.

Minecraft YouTuber Oneshots! by ÿøυɾṡ hαṡ ṡρɾïṉќlεṡ øṉ ïτ

14 pages · Fan Fiction
I'm not good at these little description shits, i'll do present and former teamcrafted members and close friends :3

Skybrine x reader: Book 1: Skybrine awakens! by Angelic minecraftian girl

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Something strang happens to Sky/SkythekidRS/Skydoesminecraft/Adam one night. Herobrine comes in his vision as he was drifting off to sleep and drags him into Minecraft! Now, he must find Herobrine and kill him. On his journey, however, he meets a strange but magical female, who says she lived in the...

Lost with 3 by Victoria

18 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
HuskyMudkip aka Quentin has kept his little sister a secret from his friends for the longest time, because of both of their pasts. They had both lost their parents and Quentin had to raise his little sister Ellie, But what happens after one day of minecraft turning into love.

A Dream came True by Molly Hughes

44 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I'm Molly I am a minecraft youtuber. I'm very well known but I've never collabed with another Youtuber. My skin is the girl version of BajanCandains. I did that because he was the reason for me to start making videos. What will happen when i finally meet my idols with my best friends...

Brown or Green eyes (TeamCrafted fan fiction) by Adamsgirl

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Adam: A minecraft youtuber with a jealous heart and 9.9 million subscribers. Em: A minecraft youtuber with a broken heart and 2.5 million subscribers Preston: A minecraft youtuber with a patched up heart and 6.5k subscribers.

11 Items

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
What Happens When Three Friends are introduced to Team Crafted. An Evil Person Brings them into his Messed up world to see if they can kill him, But He forces them to play Mini-Games to see which ones are the strongest. Soon each person gets something special...