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Did you mean team crafted?

Teamcrafted Quizzes

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers :) by canadiangirl

So this is my stuck in minecraft with youtubers series it's not going to be teamcrafted sry about that but some ppl from teamcrafted like sky Jason Mitch Jerome and Ian and some more ppl so stay tuned for that I hope you guys like my quiz and I will see you in the quiz byeeeee :)

Which Minecraft YouTuber Do You Act Like? by SpiritPrints

Here you can find out which minecraft YouTuber you act like! The results are some of the members of TeamCrafted, I know some left but I'll include them too. The choices are: SkyDoesMinecraft, Minecraftuniverse, SSundee, BajanCanadian or Deadlox. I would have put in the others, but I don't k...

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

The youtubers are skydoesminecraft,deadlox,minecraft universe,and bajancanadian. enjoy :)

Who are you Most Like in Team Crafted? by Pancake04

Find out who in Team Crafted you are most like! WAFFLES! Ahem, sorry....

What does MineraftUniverse/Skydoesminecraft/BajanCanadian/Deadlox think of you? by Skygirl12

What the title says :D ALSO this is my quiz so no hate plz. I fan *^*

How well do you know teamcrafted?*Simple by KwehTheChocobo

Its a quiz about how well you know teamcraft( my first quiz sorry if it sucks) The quiz is simple made 6/22/14 (i put the date because people are leaving tc)

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 2! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

I know,after the quiz you will think nothing happened,BUT its getting more interesting now,trust me,in part 3 and 4 stuff happened and you might be surprised ;)

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 4! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

Thank you all for you positive feed back, and thank you all for taking my quizzes!

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 5! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22 are in the nether with the guys maybe something happened

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 6! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

You guys are in the cursed castle trying to escape

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 8! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

Jason tells you he likes you,do you like him back?

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 10! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

You are all going to look for jason and everyone disappears...good luck :)

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 9! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

You are alone with can probably can guess what will happen...ALSO something happened to jason...lets just say you have to go on another adventer to.......

Which Team Crafted girlfriend are you? by Sierra

Find out which girlfriend you are, Jocelyn, Alesa, Louise, Maddie, or Annie!

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 11! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

So it turns out you did not have to kill herobrine to leave minecraft,you had to do something else...

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers part 13! by Marry Christmas from Codgirl22

You all go to the flora dimension and you pass out

Teamcrafted Stories

Your Minecraft Life by VengefulHappiness

155 pages ~ Completed · Science Fiction · Romance
Your life in minecraft is pretty ordinary. For a spy that is. When you try to sneak in the castle to kill the legendary TeamCrafted members what will happen when you are caught? Will you hate them forever or will true love find you?

White little eyes by Bubbles

22 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
You live in the nether with your father, Herobrine. You don't like it you rather be with your Mother and Brother in the Kingdom. But one day you meet the prince of the Kingdom and his friends when you were young. You met them 13 years later. And all hell break loose.


3 pages · Romance · Action
You were the best assassin...but what happens when you get caught? Do you find that "one person"? Or does your worst nightmare, "him", find out?

Craft My Love by GameGurl

95 pages · Fan Fiction
You are a normal girl, who was wandering in an old oak wood forest. When you watched the sunset, a guy came up from behind and held his sword on your throat. He abducted you and took you to a nearby castle, while he and his friends were hesitating if the could trust you, you spent the night in the d...

Experiments by Lulu Is Sick

52 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Science Fiction
YouTubers are kidnapped and mutated, but why? Read and find out! Please don't take my ideas. If you do I'll have to report.

Adopted by TeamCrafted by Rejects are Holiday Ready

38 pages
Your name is Jazmine your age is 13 you aren't like all the other girls in the orphanage because your a gamerr who loves minecraft and watch a lot of famous youtubers play. So when you get adopted you suprised by who !$!

Minecraft by RoseMC

39 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
This story takes place in the P.O.V. of Ellie. A 19 year-old girl that loves making people laugh. She is rosey836. A famous minecraft youtuber. Her dream is to one day become as popular as skydoesmincraft, jeromeasf, and her favorite, bajancanadian. But what happens when she actually meets them in r...

Mad World: Redemption or Passion. by Evolution of Reality

129 pages ~ Completed · Poetry · Fan Fiction
(Minecraft Youtuber Based) When her brother betrayed her, she had nothing else on her psychedelic mind but to get vengeance. After 3 years of training she starts her first mission to assassinate her brother. But encounters more difficulty than she thought. When she gets caught and captured, her cold...

Insane For You...Deadlox by VioletFox

21 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Skylox/Truelox. Sky and Jason were fighting over Deadlox. But when he chooses Jason over Sky, Sky is heartbroken. He will get his revenge...soon.

Adopted by BajanCanadian (A BajanCanadian and Team Crafted fan fiction) by Lemonademg

10 pages · Fan Fiction
Emma is a 13 year old orphan who has lost all hope of being adopted, until now. What it be everything she dreamed of, or will it all be just a dream?

Take me with you, where ever you may be by BudderAngel

66 pages · Fan Fiction
Mitchell Hughes fanfic ♥

Buy Out the Boredom by Mademoiselle Genevieve

37 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
The Team Crafted guys relived past childhood games on a weekend filled with boredom. From the classic hide-n-seek, to duck, duck, goose, also the famous Marco Polo. {Title changed}