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Teen Titans Quizzes

Your superhero life by Davina

Your life as a superhero. Results include photo and long answers. And which superhero group your in, so you can be in any superhero group. And superhero parents.

Which Teen Titans Character are you? by Steppie

· TV
Which Teen Titans character would you be?

What would the Teen Titans Think of YOU? by MelonMinte

· TV
Ehe. MelonMinte here and I'm back with Titans power ( or did I ? )plz R&R and plz tell me if i made any flaws or mistakes.

Which Teen Titan are you? by Where's my coffee

· TV
I'm a Teen Titans fan, say what you will but it's a good show. I know I'm about 4 years too old for it, but let's be honest here. Who cares? Take this quiz to find out which one you are. *UPDATED TO ADD TERRA!*

YOUR Teen Titan Life (Girls only)

· TV
I've seen a lot of these on here, but some of them are absolute rubbish. (no offense) So I'm gonna try my own hand at this ^^ Enjoy! (pictures for results drawn by me! ^^ and I'm sorry they suck ass...)

Your Teen Titan Life. by Allison

· Animals
What one of my characters are you? I drew the pictures :]

What Teen Titan are you most like? by Ice

· TV
Look at the title! This is for all the amazing people who still love the Teen Titans!

Which dude would you find hotter? by Lollypopqueen

Im bored and looking at a picture of shirtless sad slade so yah!

What Does The Teen Titans Think Of You? Who are you? (Girls Only) by ChloeCalum

· Movies
Who are you? What powers do you have? What does the teen titans think of you? Are you good or bad? Find out after taking this quiz!

Your Life in Teen Titans by Madison

· TV
Would you be a villain? Would you be a hero? Click here and find out!

Build-A-Boyfriend Teen Titans Style! by ıllıllı anna ιrwιn ıllıllı

· TV
Look up, silly! ^^ ive made some before (also assisted with some on other profiles) and i just love my titans, so i just had to make one

Your Teen Titan Boyfriend! by Fairytailgirl315

· TV
This is a quiz on who your teen titan boyfriend is. Sorry if you dislike your results, just choose another one then. If you want a story just ask me, and I'll post it. This is for girls, but if your a guy, I don't care.

Teen Titans Life by TwarklePBubs

· TV
If you lived in Teen Titans, what would you be? Again, not your characters to use, and I don't own rights to Teen Titans.

Test your TV knowledge! by Rhen LOZ

· TV
Do you know your TV shows? Time to find out!

Which Teen Titans Girl would you date? by Detective Washington

· TV
You know the drill. Keep in mind, there are only a few of them. I'm keeping the stories short and based on personality, So it'll be kind of a mess. Warning: I'm keeping the origin stories short while keeping the persona and each characters personality, so it won't be completely accur...

Would i tolerate you? by Raven of Azarath

I'm raven. Don't assume I would befriend you, you're lucky if I tolerate you.

Teen Titans Stories

Imagines :D

34 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Imagines! I do imagines of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Marauders, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, other bands, The Walking Dead, Damon Fizzy, various animes if I know them, 5SOS, and also the Teen Titans bc I can, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and One Direction.

Well Aren't You the Boy Wonder :) (A Robin Story)

68 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
In this story, yes, Robin does have a love interest, and no, It's not Starfire (I never liked them as a couple :/) It's also set in the Teen Titans cartoon series.

Full Tower ( A Teen Titans Love Story)

48 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
When Ava is asked to join the team, she automatically falls for the goof of the gang, Beastboy. Robin also has feelings for her but then realizes that Ava saved him from his death.

Random One-Shots (mostly Teen Titans, Creepypastas and Hetalia)

Hey guys. As a celebration for my break through fifty followers, I'm doing a oneshot thing for every fandom out there. That includes Divergent, Harry Potter and everything listed in the title. Comment what stories you want! If you want a picture, put in a hyperlink or a name for me to search. En...

Beast Boy's First Love by Emily

96 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So in this story all the teen titans are bit older, like around 17~18. The teen titans are finishing taking down an enemy and find a girl collapsed in the street with many cuts and bruises all over her but there was something unnatural about her so they took her back to their tower to fix her up. Th...

Behind the Mask

48 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A Reader_XxX_Red X love story from Teen Titans. You've got powers that you don't want. Without a family, you've turned to Slade. What then?

Tortured Witch (a Teen Titans love story)

43 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
Robin finds somoeone he thinks he likes...or more. But, Beastboy thinks the same thing. What happens when she is nothing like they expected?

Captured ~Teen Titans ~Red X (Done~) by Zawahashi

32 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Short Stories
Red X love story . Might be short , might not! ;D

Colors In The Shadows (Teen Titans Fan-Fiction)

71 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Nyx has lived in the shadows of Jump City her whole life, keeping her extraordinary powers to herself. But when the Titans are threatened by a suspicious new group of teen heroes, she becomes the only one who can possibly save them all.


45 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
A normal, real life girl gets one wish. But for a price. Beast Boy x OC (a little Red X OC, too)

My Little Undercover Apprentice(A titan love story) by SociallyAwkwardWreck

167 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Come on sir spandex, get up and fight!" I say mockingly staring at him as he lay on the floor in pain, unable to move. "Why?" He rasps out, in between a few coughs. I smirk approaching him "What? Wonder boy thought I had a itty bitty crush on him? Hmm, think again," I say, m...

The Masked Heroine by χεlaric ŧħε повоdy

77 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Starfire returns to Tamaran to sort out some unfinished business with her sister, Blackfire. Meanwhile, a new villain gets loose in Jump City and the Titans have no idea who she is and how to take her out. But with the help of a mysterious masked girl, the Titans are determined to take out the new t...