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Teenage Girl Quizzes

Your Future Daughter by Mo Loves You

Shows what your daughter will look like as a kid and a teenager. Tells what she will like and act like as a teenager, where you will live, and more.

Can You Relate? by miss.selfie.queen

A quiz for teens! Please take!

Create A Baby!

In case you didn't read the title.. create a baby! Includes: name, picture, teenage picture. GIRLS ONLY. (:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Which Turtle Likes You? RP (Part 1) by ldenaevans13

Heyo! This is my first EVER quiz/rp. I LOVE roleplays and hopefully you do too. I just now got into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but I tried my best to do a decent job on this. Which turtle likes you? ^_^ GIRLS ONLY!

What will you look like at age 18? by Jordana

Will you change from what you are now?

Your Future Daughter!

INCLUDES: BABY PICS, TODDLER PICS, KID PICS, AND TEENAGE PICS WITH A SHORT STORY. Sorry if she doesn't look like you, just imagine she got her looks from your hot hubby/wifey. ;)

Your Future Prom Dress by GalaxyLifePosts

For some prom is a dream!, okay so for some it's a nightmare, buttttt, let's focus on the good parts, like your prom dress! Everyone deserves the chance to rock out in the perfect dress that fit's their personality, let's get started!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Which Turtle Likes You? RP (Part 2) by ldenaevans13

This is part two of the RP! Make sure to check out part 1 first! GIRLS ONLY! ^_^

How Old Do You Act?

How mature are you? Find out here!

Whos your celebrity twin?

Find out who your celebrity twin is!

What Will Or Should You Look Like As A Teenager? by spαякs ƒℓу

This Is For Girls So Please Enjoy Everyone As Much As i Enjoyed Making It Just For All You Guys! ♥ xx

What does Raph think of you? by Faith Bunny and Raph's GF

If you love Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, take this quiz! This is where you'll find out how Raph thinks of you. Girlfriend, friend, enemy, or a sister/brother.

Who are you in your school? by aSimpleDaughter

Find out who are you in your school? Are you considered a Nerd? Prep? Jock? Bad girl? Loner? Or a normal girl in high school? (Girls only!)

Who will you be when you grow up?

Spouse, kids, home, etc! (For girls only)

Who Is your TMNT soulmate? by Emma

This is a test to tell which of the turtles would be your lover (if a girl) or best friend (if a boy). Good luck!

Your level of self esteem

How do you view yourself?

Your Future Tumblr Daughter 3 by miss.selfie.queen

This Quiz Includes Pictures Of our Tumblr Child As A Baby, A Toddler, As A Grown Teenage Tumblr Girl, And As An Adult. Enjoy!♥

Teenage Girl Stories

Our Cute Little Sister [Hetalia x Reader]

53 pages · Humor · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
"I'm only your brother...? why can't I be more than that?" Right... what if one day, you have all the countries as your Siblings? Y/N is a new member of the 'Hetalia' Family. Y/N is the sweet, rebel and cool kind of girl. With nothing in her way after being adopted at the ...

Badass werewolf by writername

29 pages · Action · Fantasy
17 year old Eleanora or also known as Nora is coming back, from training camp. The camp her alpha sent her too because she was too kind and not as ruthless as the others, she was a young girl at the age of14 before she got shipped off. She was once the innocent girl with a small appetite, skinny and...

She's a Good Girl

86 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Dude, she's totally a goody-two shoes! I mean, do you really wanna nail a girl like that?" Calum asked, chugging down a sprite. I shook my head. Des was anything but good. She was a rush. Something new. Something unexplored. She played a good girl by day. And a bad girl by night. Wit...

What I Like About You

76 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Breanna McCall was an average teenager. She had the boys. She had the looks. Every girl wanted to be her, and every guy wanted to be with her. The last night of summer changed it all though. When she finds out her brother was bit by a werewolf, it throws her into the world of supernatural. She star...

Through The Sorrow (Newt fanfic) by Lucy

86 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
The Glade has always been dominated and populated by boys.It was always the same.They recieved a male through the box,and this was a solid occassion every month.Two years it was like this,until one girl was sent through the box.Now,things started to change because of her.She is stuck with fifty teen...

Immiscible by Skittlebæ

143 pages · Romance
She's your unbelievably stubborn, everyday, typical teenage girl. That is, until some random guy shows up on her doorstep, claiming she's a werewolf...and that he's her mate. As she delves deeper into her past, she discovers who she truly is...and how much danger it puts her in.

Damsel in Distress by Your Average Nerd

110 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Science Fiction
"It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just some idiot in spandex." Arabella Jones is your average American teenage girl, she even lives in one of America's most prosperous cities, Empire City, California. She's a sucker for the performing arts and owns two bookcases full...

I Refuse by Courtney

17 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Boys go to school, play sports. and have jobs.Girls go to school but, they can't play sports, they have to curl their hair and wear makeup everyday. Girls wear only girl clothes and do stereotypical girl things, same goes for boys. From the ages of 20-22 they are to be assigned a partner for li...

So The Games Begin [Ciel x Reader x Sebastian]

68 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
When Elizabeth brings her best friend (You) along to her stay at the Phantomhive Manor you find yourself stuck in quite a mess. You've caught both the eye of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis. There are a few problems involved, Ciel's engaged to your best friend and Sebastian's a d...

Love Hate / Cameron Dallas / Completed by madison

75 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Every teenage girl seems to be obsessed with Magcon. That is, everyone except Alexa. She didn't understand why everyone idolized these boys so much; they haven't done anything extraordinary. All they do to be famous is look pretty and act conceited. But when she's forced to spend the ent...

The Girl On Fire

96 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy
Abused. Bullied. Scarred. Alexandria Damens is the punching bag of her pack. A small accident in the past has gotten her hatred from everyone plus dead parents. She lives with her brother, who ignores her, and a bunch of teenage wolves, who treat her like crap. When she gets rejected by her mate, sh...

Nothing Is Normal Anymore *Carl Grimes Love Story*

180 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
After the apocalypse a teenage girl was forced to hide out in a department store for months all by herself. Made sure never to go out at night, never make a lot of noise and most important of all, don't get bit. Everything was fine, until something or someone got in. . .