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Thorin Oakenshield Love Story Quizzes

The Journey Continues ( The Hobbit- WWFFY ) Part 1 by ZoeyElf

Months have passed since the forming of Thorin Oakenshield's Company. Strong friendships have formed, and maybe some romance is in the air with a certain someone. However, all is not well as it appears. Dangers everywhere are unfolding, and secrets are being kept. ( I do not own Lord of the Ring...

Thorin Oakenshield Love Story Stories

If There Was a Girl by DeYi

195 pages · Fan Fiction
Thruda of Erebor is half dwarf and half wizard. She was raised without her father, and her dwarf mother taught her to hate magic. Thruda loved Thorin Oakenshield on Erebor, but a few weeks before Smaug attacked, she caught him cheating on her. Now that she's called by Gandalf the Grey to take ba...

The Lost Soul of a Ranger by Ranger of Darkness

61 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
One Ranger of the Dúnedain: lost, alone, and sad. Her past has made her quite the damaged individual considering losing everything. After being a slave for Orcs and Goblins and being rescued by none other than Gandalf the Grey she moved to traveling alone and learning many skills along the way. And...

Courage x Thorin Oakenshield by Oakenshield

34 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Alyssae is a young elf girl, imprisoned in the dungeons of the goblins. Because she’s a royal descent she is kept until ransom is paid. When she is freed by a company of dwarves, she decides to help them on their quest. They lost their burglar and she wants to thank them for saving her life. Ne...


196 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Romance
When Nymeria's home is ransacked, and she taken hostage, the young Elven princess has no choice but to fend for herself and flee. Along the way, she crosses paths with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield and ends up getting more than she actually bargained for. Slowly, she and a certain member of the ...

An Unknown Love by Hooray For Batman

87 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kili is the nephew of the great Thorin Oakenshield. All his life he has looked up to his dear uncle; who although rough around the edges, loves his nephews Kili and Fili more than anything imaginable. Before setting out on their quest to take back Erebor, the dwarves meet up at the home of Bilbo Bag...

Scars *A Kili love story*(Completed) by Stone

24 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Allison was considered nothing but an abomination from the day she was left on Thorin Oakenshields doorstep. When Galndelf forces her to come along on the quest, things start to change. Allison slowly starts to fall for one of Thorins nephews, but will he share her feelings?

Love, a spell no one can avoid by Thori Odinson

70 pages · Romance · Fantasy
"Are there any?" Bilbo asked. "What?" "Other wizards." "There are five us." Gandalf explained. "The greatest of our order is Saruman, The White. Then there are the two blue wizards. Do you know, I've quite forgotten their names, but I believe they had a ch...

An Unexpected Companion (Kili Love Story) by MissRosyHolt

199 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
What happens when a girl who had a bit too much fun gets thrown in a world where Hobbits, Dwarves, wizards and Orcs exist? Oriana Snow finds herself joining the unexpected adventure of Bilbo Baggins, 13 Dwarves and Gandalf the Gray. Their journey will take them into the Wild; through treacherous lan...

Journey Of A Lifetime(Kili Love Story) by Katie

120 pages · Adventure · Romance
Katrianna,or Kat for short is a half elf half whatever her father was, Kat has been all over Middle Earth has lived to see many things and historic events and been on many a journey but has never been on an adventure like the one to save Erebor, (Kili Love Story)

Dragon Hunter (Book One of Three)

7 pages · Romance
Jehnna is definitely not a typical woman you would see in Middle Earth, and you can tell this just by her looks and demeanor alone. Also, Why would the dwarves have a woman who could pose a threat to them? What she is, is a bit ironic considering the point of the quest as well. Lastly, Will she ev...

Wonder Love by Daryl's Crossbow

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Lucy Pevensie's time in Narnia was up. She was too old, and would never return. That is, until she finds herself standing in front of thirteen dwarfs, an old man, and an exceptionally small man with the largest feet she'd ever seen. Ever eager to help, she accompanies them on their quest for...

Not from Around here (A Thorin Love Story) by ĸoнιravaa

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Bilbo stared at the young human girl who was standing at his door, the dwarves went quiet as they all looked at her. "Pl-Please let me i-in." The girl begged softly, it was pouring rain outside. Bilbo, being a gentleman, could not refuse, even if she was a human.