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7 Minutes In Heaven (TMNT Version) Who Would Fall For You? by Victoria

LONG RESULTS, or MEDIUM. Idk! :DD Okay, so I got inspired by InsecureFreak idea, thank you btw! ;) Anyway. Who would fall for you, eh? :P Dare to find out? xD Also, note that this is just my 2nd quiz, so no harsh feelings, 'kay? ;) Enjoy! ^-^ Also, this is only GIRL quiz, I will make a GUY ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles *RP* by Brooke

The ninjas fall in love with different girls. Lea,Racheal,Donna,And Ella. The all have the same problems. Rp might be short..*sorry i had nothing else to write...

Trying To Get Home (Part One) by MutantLuner

Hey guys I've decided to do something a bit different, and make a quiz! It's a totally different story than the one I had been writing latly. It's RP and you are walking home when unexpected things happens. Oh and this is just for girls!

Practicing With The Guys (Part Five) by MutantLuner

Hey guys! This is part five you are in the lair. The guys go on patrol what do you do, and you also get to do other things as well. I hope you guys like it!

Which TMNT girl are you? by CreepyMutant

Couldn't help myself, I know I said I was going to bed but... I lied... ANYWAY I just don't see enough of these quizzes! So I decided to make my own, enjoy!

Which ninja turtle has a crush on you!

So which TMNT do you think would like you? Find out here! With long story results!

Acceptance (Part Two) by MutantLuner

Hey guys! This is the second part of my first quiz! You are still outside wondering if Master Splinter would welcome you into his home. Hope you guys like it by!

TMNT Quiz:Which one are you? by SillyGirl785

Which turtle from TMNT 2012 are you?Find out here!😄

Being One Of Them (Part Three) by MutantLuner

Hey guys! This is part three of coming home my first quiz. You are still settling in the lair but get to go out at some point. Thanks Donnielover for the suggestions! Thanks all the other dudettes for taking the quiz!

TMNT cuddling by Cocheta and Asher

Which turtle will you cuddle with? Take this quiz to find out. SO MUCH FLUFF READER-CHAN! ^-^

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles *RP* by Brooke

This is part 2 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles *RP* Enjoys! Also as bonus i found out how to change the color of the text! Thumbs up for that! :P Enjoy!

Learning New Powers (Part Four) by MutantLuner

Hey guys! This is part four of my quizes! You finally learn what is up with you getting the same reaction with April. Sorry that it's a small quiz this time bye!

Who Is your TMNT soulmate? by Emma

This is a test to tell which of the turtles would be your lover (if a girl) or best friend (if a boy). Good luck!

7 minutes in heaven by kate

You and the guys are playing seven minutes of heaven. you have to pull a name out of the hat, but who will you choose?

What does Raph think of you? by Faith Bunny and Raph's GF

If you love Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, take this quiz! This is where you'll find out how Raph thinks of you. Girlfriend, friend, enemy, or a sister/brother.

In their world (TMNT LOVE STORY) by CreepyMutant

How did you end up in the TMNT 2012 world? What happens while you're there? IF YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW THEN FIND OUT

Tmnt Stories

TMNT (Reader x Turtle) by Hannah

50 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
One shots with you and your turtle! Enjoy! lol

To Love a Turtle [T M N T X R e a d e r] by ᒥˣуυᴋɪo cᴀɴ'ᴛ wᴀɪᴛ ғᴏʀ cʜʀɪsᴛᴍᴀsˣᒧ

28 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
[T M N T X R e a d e r]: What happens when the turtles save you from trouble, and as you get closer to all four, what happens when they all fall for you? Yes, ALL four! (I felt like the first author to make a full story with ALL four....since I couldn't find any here on quotev xD)

Any one-shots ((REQUEST CLOSED!))

One-shots for Anime, Youtubers, Creepypasta, Vocaloid, kpop, TMNT, Anything! Yandere too. I only put Y/N in. Please do not steal the stories, we tried our best to write it, thank you!

TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by merry christmas ya filthy animal

35 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
[LONG-ISH SCENARIOS] I've seen many of one direction, creepypasta, and other boyfriend scenarios, but I haven't seen any TMNT ones so, here ya go :) Footer Creds: WatermelonPixie

2014 TMNT Scenarios by Lawliet's Lover

39 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Your life meeting the turtles and how you fall in love~

Topside by Cinnistix

136 pages · Humor · Adventure
All you were trying to do was go to Uptown and have a nice evening. Not get attacked on a train by Purple Dragons and weird karate frogs. Life just got a whole lot weirder, and for some reason you liked it. Reader x Donatello

TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by Fandom Lover

18 pages
I am new on Quotev. So sorry in advance if its bad! Please give requests for ideas!

Reader Insert Mania! (CHECK NEW INSERT STORY!)

313 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
COMPLETED! GO REQUEST ON MY NEWEST READER INSERT MANIA STORY! IM STILL ALWAYS TAKING REQUESTS! A bunch of reader inserts! either my ideas or requested ones! Don't be afraid to ask for one!

TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by DanicaTheHedgehog

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hiiii~! :3 First I'd like to start this off by saying that TMNT rocks the world and that I love all my readers out there.I'm so glad that I get to make one of these.I've had some requests for me to start this,so I'm happy to make one.Thanks a bunch you guys.I love writing and I know ...

Raph Love Story by callyman

199 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Raphael was on patrol one night with his brothers when they came across a girl getting mugged by the Purple Dragons. After saving her and bringing her back to their lair, they learn all about her. As time passes, Raph finds himself falling for this girl and little does he know, she's falling bac...

Raph love story by Angel Of Darkness

168 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A RaphxReader story 😊 Raph starts falling for a girl he rescued one day, little does he know, she's falling for him too. But she's lost everyone she's ever cared about & is being hunted down. Can the turtles save her from her destiny?

The Start of Something (Reader Insert) by crookedFingers

26 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Adventure
A girl by the name of April O'Neil told you that her brothers decided to send you to her care after they apparently found you on the pavement in the middle of the night, passed out. You weren't really convinced and try to find out what her 'brothers' were really up to.