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Tmnt Love Story Quizzes

TMNT RP/Love story part 1 by Lairosha

I was bored so I decided to do this(has my OC-enjoy)

Which ninja turtle has a crush on you!

So which TMNT do you think would like you? Find out here! With long story results!

TMNT love story! by Dionardo

Find out which TMNT would love you. (Not the average purple dragon story)

Which Turtle loves you by Beautiful Nightmare

Have TMNT would fall for you well if you have this is the quiz for you

TMNT Who Would Fall Hard For You? (5) by RainsOfApril321

So yeah, its been about what? Three weeks since I had published my last quiz. To start off I apologize for the delay but a writers worst enemy visited me, that's right writers block! Please enjoy this quiz and thank you to everyone who helped get my gears moving again. Enjoy part five of TMNT.

Who Is your TMNT soulmate? by Emma

This is a test to tell which of the turtles would be your lover (if a girl) or best friend (if a boy). Good luck!

What Would The Stubborn Hotheaded Raphael Think Of You? by Brieanna

Would Raph fall desperately in love with you? Take the quiz and find out ;) ♥

Tmnt halween is so lovelb by dee

It is Halloween with TMNT

TMNT Love Story Quiz by SvelteGenie

Because who could resist these lovable dweebs? A simple love story of a girl (that's you, sweetheart) abducted by the Kraang and sent into the TMNT universe. How will you survive animated New York?

Which TMNT guy likes you? by Dawn the Ninja is Grounded

It decides which guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles likes you!

What does Raph think of you? by Faith Bunny and Raph's GF

If you love Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, take this quiz! This is where you'll find out how Raph thinks of you. Girlfriend, friend, enemy, or a sister/brother.

Which TMNT Will Fall Hard for You? by RainsOfApril321

This quiz is (as the title states) what TMNT would fall hard for you but not only that but what that turtle thinks about you. There are long results and fun questions. Have fun while taking this and please feel free to tell me what you thought of it? Thank you all quiz takers/ maker. Also I have...

TMNT(2012)~Who do you belong with?~ by n-n SUGAR n-n

· TV
Based off of the TMNT, mainly on the 2012 version~ This includes semi~long results!~

What will the Turtles think of you when you first meet? *Part 1* by Hᴇмsʏ Mooѕᴇ Qυᴇᴇη ˣ

Just read the title loves ;) ^ Who will like you more than the others? Take this quiz to find out. First Date With Your TMNT Boy *Part 2* -Part 2

First Date With Your TMNT Boy *Part 2* by Hᴇмsʏ Mooѕᴇ Qυᴇᴇη ˣ

· TV
Read the title sweeties ^ Continued from: What will the Turtles think of you when you first meet? *Part 1*

What would Donnie Think of you by TMNTLOVERCUPCAKE1

Would he love you or Would he hate you or would you both just be in the middle find out here I am sorry if it stinks I am new here O and i may have add a few extra so if it dose look werid i am sorry

7 Minutes in Heaven with TMNT! by Victoria Brown

· TV
If you are a TMNT fan, you are going to love this! You are friends with the gang and since her father was gone and its not a school night, you all decided to have a party at their home!

Tmnt Love Story Stories

To Love a Turtle [T M N T X R e a d e r] by ᒥˣуυᴋɪo sᴀуs нαρρу нαℓℓσώεεnˣᒧ

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
[T M N T X R e a d e r]: What happens when the turtles save you from trouble, and as you get closer to all four, what happens when they all fall for you? Yes, ALL four! (I felt like the first author to make a full story with ALL four....since I couldn't find any here on quotev xD)

Shell Scratches by 食べ物が好き

8 pages · Short Stories · Romance
You recall a time when you had a pet turtle who particularly loved having it's shell scratch. You wonder if certain other turtles have that same feeling. (Reader/Turtles Drabbles)

TMNT boyfriend scenarios by Starlight Lullaby

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
All in the title dude

Fragile Steel - RaphaelXReader by Killjoy

97 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A y/n story! Raph hates the new human in the turtles' lives, and they hate him back, but don't you agree that there's a fine line between love and hate? Both hearts are made of steel, but steel is more fragile than some people seem to think.

Raph Love Story by callyman

186 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Raphael was on patrol one night with his brothers when they came across a girl getting mugged by the Purple Dragons. After saving her and bringing her back to their lair, they learn all about her. As time passes, Raph finds himself falling for this girl and little does he know, she's falling bac...

Shell shocked by Ellie

28 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This happens after the movie of the 2014 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. April's thirteen year old cousin comes into town to visit. And she happens to be a mutant, she just never told anyone. The first night she was living with April, she puts on her armor and goes on the roofs, ending up meeting ...

Raph love story by Angel Of Darkness

163 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A RaphxReader story 😊 Raph starts falling for a girl he rescued one day, little does he know, she's falling for him too. But she's lost everyone she's ever cared about & is being hunted down. Can the turtles save her from her destiny?

TMNT - Love Oneshots - Reader Insert by Saphirfuchs

31 pages · Short Stories · Romance
You are another human girl, who was trained by Splinter. The One Shots are based on the TMNT series from 2012, the animated movie from 2007 or both of them. Here we go! Hope you have fun Would be glad about comments or anything ;)

I'll Always Love You (Raph Love Story) by Emo Girl

45 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Raph, you may want to take a look at this." Leo said from the living room. "What?" I snap, still angry about the fight we had had earlier. "just come here." Leo said again. I do so reluctantly. I am greeted with my 3 brothers, tear streaming down all of their eyes. ...

Hatred Breaks, Love Binds by A.Hamato

130 pages · Romance · Fantasy
She has been beaten and bruised beyond death. She has come back and now she is free. She didn't know what it felt like to speak her mind without being punished, to feel the love of others, of family. She has been alone all her life. Left with a man who abused her and treated her like she was not...

TMNT A forgotten friend and a found love by CoyoteDragon

267 pages ~ Completed · Action · Romance
Eleven year old Raphael has a best friend his family doesn't know about.But Leo finds out, when Leo snitches on Raph, he's forbidden from seeing his friend anymore.five years later on patrol the guys rescue a girl from some thugs.then the fun starts, as funny, scary, and romantic moments unf...

TMNT: The Pocky Games! by Jordan

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Pocky anyone? I searched for a TMNT Pocky thing, but nothing showed up, so I decided to make one for those of you who've been waiting for this! That's right! I have created Quotev's first TMNT Pocky thingy! Have fun!