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Tobeone Quizzes

LDR (ToBeOne+Louis) by Sprinkle of Akward

These are Long Distance Relationship One Shots. I've added Louis because he was in the original ToBeOne. I will forever hate Layla for doing that to Louie D. I love you Da Pitbull!

How Did You And ToBeOne,Nick,Vinny, meet? by Mrs.Fusco143

Which member did you meet? *Includes IMAGINE*

Which member of ToBeOne is for you? by Hannah Best

Which member of ToBeOne is your perfect match?:) Remember to comment and follow!

Which boy is perfect for you?

This is for you Mikey, Madison, Jason, Nick, Louis,and Thomas lover sorry Vinny isnt in this one :)

Are you a Mikester by Mikeys Nutella Queen

ICONiac/ToBeOners ONLY plz thxz

How well do you know To Be One? by ICONiacJavii

Quiz about how much you know about To Be One :)

Which ToBeOne member is perfect for you by LOVE4SALE

Based on your answers you will find out which ToBeOne member you will be perfect with :)

Your Perfect ToBeOne Boy by MandaDrea

The title says it all.! ^.\

Whos your tobeone boy? by julie


How Well Do You Know ToBeOne? by Eren Jaeger

All I can say is ^^^^^ ^_^

So u think you can dance by Pandaninjalover64

· Music
How well do you know tobeone

Tobeone Stories

Dancers ~Madison Alamia & Vinny Castronovo love story by Weird Is Amazing

103 pages ~ Completed · Romance · ICONic Boyz · Fan Fiction
Two girls, Jeanette & Karen, who's life is dancing in the streets. They come a long a group of boyz who make fun of them for being street dancers. One of the boyz as them to join the studio & to help them for competions. They go back to the streets & get made fun of there. The girls ...

StarStruck by A Nightmare With 4 Hearts

Mikey Fusco is a music sensation and a teen heart throb. Hollie Blue is an ordinary girl who lives in Michigan. They shouldn't have met, but once they did. Everything flipped upside down.

Hero by Caleigh Annora

46 pages · Romance · ICONic Boyz · Short Stories
"Sitting in my bathroon floor, rocking back in forth I choked out, 'Nick, I just can't hold on anymore,' and ended the call."

Falling In Love With You -Mikey Fusco Love Story- *Sequel Out* by ĸɑєℓєɴ ɴєcoℓє

40 pages ~ Completed · Romance · ICONic Boyz · Fan Fiction
The had a bet 2 years ago. Now it has ruined their friendship. Little does she know, Mikey has feelings for her. While she doesn't want to waste her time with him. If they end up dating, how is everything going to end up? *Completed 6.7.13*

A Dream Come True (Jason Smith Love Story) by Eren Jaeger

22 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Next!" I was so nervous to meet them. My idols. I've been waiting for this moment for two years, and here I am, at a ToBeOne meet and greet, meeting them. "Next!" The guy yelled again, snapping me out of my thoughts. Here we go...

12 Months | Jason Smith by aly

31 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I'm not myself right now, Aly." "Who are you then? Because I'd like to know. This isn't the Jason I fell in love with." I screamed, tears about to fall from my face. He began to leave. He stopped in the doorway, looked back at me and said "yeah, I guess it's not."

Days To Remember |Mikey Fusco lovestory| - on hold -

82 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · ICONic Boyz
"Harmony wake up you have your auditions today!" I never thought that those words would have affected my life as much as it did. Because of those words I woke up, got the motivation to get ready and change my life forever..

Trust Me : Sequel To That Should Be Me

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · ICONic Boyz
I trust him, he trusts me. We both promised each other to never break up,I made a stupid choice to break that promise, and one thing leads to another, Mikey can't take it anymore and tries to commit. "I love you" he left a voicemail on my phone. Sequel to That Should Be Me

Twisted Cinderella by Sprinkle of Akward

6 pages · Romance · ICONic Boyz · Fan Fiction
Maggie Symptom is a maid. Her parents are dead, and she's living with her evil step mother and two step sisters who force her to be a maid. What happens when ToBeOne comes because her step mom is a recording artist. Find out!

The Killer.

14 pages ~ Completed · Romance · ICONic Boyz · Fan Fiction
Ever imagined Michel Elio Fusco as a murderer? Well, now you have.

I'll Never Forget You ~Tobeone Love story by Cassie

2 pages · ICONic Boyz · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Here's My Love And My Heart And My Devotion, Just To Let You Know That I Still Care." ~Would You Ever Forget About The People That Inspired The Most. The People That You Wished To Meet. The People That You Loved?......And The Person That Loved You Back? ~We Made A Pr...

A World Alone by Suicidal Angel

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Action · ICONic Boyz
"I know you think I was wrong, and maybe I was. But I was just protecting you. And if it ever came down to being right or protecting you.. I'll be wrong every single time. That's just who I am. I got you Rocket, you don't need to be in a world alone anymore." Nick's words wer...