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Transformers Quizzes

Your super hero life

· Music
Mainly avengers but I guess, I will add superman,batman and maybe spider man. AND GUESS WHAT! IT INCLUDES LOKI TOO CUZ WE ALL ♥ HIM Includes: superpowers, boyfriend, age, weapon, bff, and more if your good or evil and maybe a story if I like the result (answers based on personality) read Peasant ...

What fandom are you? by XxRadioactivexX

· Movies
Title says it all are you? The Maze runner, Harry Potter, Transformers, or Percy Jackson.

Who fell for you? (transformers bayverse) by Aurora prime

Who is your autobot sweetspark? optimus prime? bumblebee? ratchet? ironhide? maybe jazz? well if you want take this quiz have fun!

Who's your Autobot Spark-Mate? (TFP) by σρтιмυѕ-ƒιηє

As the title read's lovlies!~ I may do a Decepticon one depending how well this goes! Stories Included! (6 out of 9 complete) All Results include: Optimus, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Arcee, CliffJumper, Smokescreen, Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack!

Who are you inside by Katana

· TV
Are you a leader, commander, warrior, field medic, wrecker, and a scout/rookie in Transformers Prime? Answer these questions and you will see. Please enjoy the quiz. :D

Who is your transformers prime mech (and life) by Rєɗ Hєαɗ Ɗяσωηιηg ǀη Ƒαηɗσмѕ

Who in the transformer prime universe loves you? Your life and lover. (UP TO DATE)

Find Your Transformers: Prime Sparkmate~ by Ultranova Prime

If you were transported into the world of Transformers: Prime, whose optics would you catch the fastest? Includes long answers. First quiz, please be gentle. (I appreciate constructive criticism, but flamers will be used to toast TF:A Lugnut) PICTURES DO NOT BELONG TO ME, I took them off Google.

How will you Die? by Lizz McZombiie's Dead World

· Humor
Scary ways to die. What way will YOU die? Do you DARE to ENTER? If you don't like the way you died then retake the quiz! :P And btw if you're a person that takes things seriously, please don't take this quiz.

Just A Human (Transformers Prime WWFFY) part 1 by morganthetiger

· TV
My first Transformers story of any kind, so please bear with me~ ^^U

Transformers Prime: Which Autobot loves you?

Which Autobot loves you? Who will you end up with? Hope you like it :) !

What is your Transformers name and disguise? by Christopher

· TV
Since the mid 1980s, the Transformers action figures and TV shows have influenced me and many other TF fans just like you. This quiz will answer the age-old question: "What Transformer will I be?" It will also tell you if you're an Autobot or a Decepticon. Answer honestly to get the best results.

How Well Do You Know Your Transformers? by AlphaMortem

Think you know your Transformers? Well let's find out!

Seven Minutes in Cybertronian Heaven by CookieNinja

Which Autobot will you charm? The mighty Optimus Prime? The smooth Jazz? Well, click this quiz to find out! Includes six Bots, and one special guest!

7 Minutes In Heaven With A Decepticon (TFP) *DONE!* by Sweetspark 06

Find out which Decepticon mech you end up in the closet with...

What Transformers Autobot Do You Suit? [Girls Onlyy] by Connie

· Movies
Which Transformer mech, [Autobots just for now] suits your personality/ own character suit? Includes Characters from both movies, & Sunstreaker ;)

Which TFA Mech/Guy likes you? by PandaBearStorm129

I hope you guys like / love Animated... ~DONE!~ ALSO TC, Sunstorm, and Ramjet have mean answer... Please don't take in that way! I like Ramjet, TC, and Sunny but Im not good at acting them... My friend does them...

Transformers Stories

Transformers- A New Warrior (Optimus Prime x OC) by DeYi

141 pages · Fan Fiction
Valerie Hudson is the rebel daughter of Jack Hudson (descendants of explorer Henry Hudson), a soldier posted in Qatar. When her best friend Sam becomes wanted by giant robots, she gets pulled into the world of Autobots and Decpticons and finds out more about her family than she bargained for. OP x O...


75 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Sam! What about this one?" Katherine yelled out to her brother. She walked towards the beaten up old 1977 Camaro, it had a custom yellow paint job, with two black racing stripes down the middle of the car. Yes, the paint job was definitely custom, but it was faded. She walked to the car and...

Decepticon Scenarios by ZoeyElf

49 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Who knew that an encounter with a Decepticon would change your life so much? Taking scenario requests!

From the Sky. by ℙʟεαḓeḓḠυїℓтy

48 pages · Romance · Adventure
[Bumblebee x Reader] You've always had a peculiar taste in men, didn't you? This realization only just hit you when you found yourself falling for your cousin's car, though this car isn't any ordinary motor vehicle.

One In A Million by Raven Darkhen

257 pages · Romance · Adventure
Jacqline Witwicky is kind of your ordinary girl, until her dad tells her to collect 2 thousand dollars to buy a car. What she didn't expect was for her to get an alien car. She didn't expect to fall in love or ever become part of something crazy. What she really wasn't expecting though w...

Stung by a Bee

35 pages · Romance · Action
Transformers fan fic. Bumblebee x Oc

More Than What Meets The Eye by Mia Zabini

86 pages ~ Completed · Action · Humor
What if Sam Witwicky had a sister? Meet Scarlett, she's Sam's twin but she's not normal. What happens when they buy their first car, a yellow Camaro that seems to have a mind of it's own. Their lives suddenly become filled with awesome car chases, visits from people who don't exi...

Decepticons and Auto-Bots (TFP) Scenarios by Owl

19 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Meant mostly for females. Requests are open. I can give you a super power or whatever if i want.

Transformers One-shots ( ON HOLD ) by ZoeyElf

132 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
CURRENTLY NOT TAKING REQUESTS ( I do not own any pictures ) * * 'Femme': a term used in most Transformers fanfiction referring to 'female' transformers, regardless of side

Transformers one-shots *various x reader*

43 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Transformers animated, prime, G1 and armada. I OWN NUTIN! BUT THE GUYS LOVE YOU! I'm going to start adding them in stories!

Bumblebee x Reader by CutiePieVaness

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
You were (Y/N) Sam's sister, you both got the car. You found out it was an Autobot, named Bumblebee. He was freaking adorable. You liked- no loved him, but you thought he didnt like you back. You thought.....

Wash my Ride~ by SecretlyCybertronian

4 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
((Bumblebee x Reader Oneshot)) Hot summer day? Perfect, lets go wash your car~ Or boyfriend in your case.