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Warm Bodies Quizzes

Which Awesome Fictional Character are you most like? by lightwolf99

· Movies
Options include: Spock (star trek,) Neytiri (Avatar,) Loki (Thor,) and more! Sorry if your gender doesn't match up.

How Well Do you Know 'Warm Bodies'? by Kitty Kat Meow

· Movies
How well do you know warm bodies? Are you a crazed fan girl that knows everything? Or just a bored person looking for something to do on the internet? o.O

What are you in warm bodies by LoveToLoveY

· Movies
What are you in warm bodies, a soldier just a villager a zombie or a

Warm bodies - How much do you know? by ѕopнιe

· Movies
Based on the books and the film :)

How well do you know Warm Bodies? by Little Miss Radioactive

· Books
Read the title. And by the way based off the book not the movie!

What Movie Do you Belong In? by Jasmine Rojas

· Movies
Want to know what movie you would be perfect in? Take the quiz!

Warm bodies by Katniss

· Movies
Wanna find out what warm bodies character you are?

What film would you be in? by SoNotaGeek

Don't know about you but I have always wondered what film I would be in, and how I would fit in or if I would... Now you can find out ( there are only like 3 film options and may have to change to story line to make it work!)


· Movies
Are you are? julie?perry?nora?marcus? find out now!

What book should you read next? by alleycat

· Books
This quiz is mostly for girls, but guys can take it too :)

How much do you know about warm bodies by emmaclaire

· Movies
The title says it (just the movie)

Warm bodies book by Crazy canine

· Books
Seriously you cant read the title? Btw there may be some spoilers if you havent read it fully yet!

Warm Bodies Stories

Unusual Love ~Completed by Nicole

23 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Thriller
"Hi... Lilly." He said between deep breaths. I looked back at the big man still holding my hand and he said, "He likes... You." I looked back at the boy and he wouldn't stop creepily staring at me. "Name?" I asked. he froze for a second before grunting, "Err.. M.. Mack." "Mack?" I repeated. He slowl...

Sleeping Disorder by Leт'ѕ See How Fαr We've Coмe

3 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Short Stories
[Homestuck -- Karkat x Reader] (One-shot) Oh, this night turned out to be very interesting, huh? Turns out Cancers really DO have the warmest bodies to cuddle with... [The author has a giggle while she reads the events happening in her story. Read to find out what I’m talking about!]

You're All I Ever Wanted by мү βαвү's α Ðιησsαυя

20 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"You're all I need. Screw all the other girls. Baby, it's just you and me." I wiped my tears away with my sleeve and took a step back. "We both know that's a lie."

Don't Roam.

44 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Quinn's alone. All alone. What happens when she's driven into the place where she lost her family? What happens when she gets cornered? What happens when a certain zombie saves her? -Warm Bodies love story-

The power of love by TheLemonAlchemist

4 pages · Romance · Fantasy
What if Julie had escaped from the airport the first time she tried? What if R had never became alive? What if it was now up to Rose to save both the humans, and the zombies? And what if she has no idea how important she will be?

Survive [The Walking Dead] by RememberKitty

31 pages · Horror · Thriller
I can't do this. This world is not for humans. This world belongs to them. The ones who feed on human flesh and warm bodies. The world can't be saved. They spread like the plague. No safety lasts long before they find you. You must always be moving, always be aware, always be prepared. Even with the...

R's little sister... by Alice

4 pages · Science Fiction · Fantasy
R has a little sister, but he no longer remember's her. She's sweet, kind, caring, and always usually in a good mood. When she finds her long lost brother as a zombie, and he saves her because he has a strong filling of knowing her, will she help him become human again?

Love Conquers *Finished* by LiveMyLife-BeTrueBeYou

22 pages ~ Completed · Romance
Well I don't remember much of anything. All I remember is waking up and sticking to my brother I think his name started with a R, but some how I remember my name it's uh it's Maylina. Maylina I think yes it is, but i can't help this certain feeling of mine a feeling that's new to me and my brother. ...

I'll Never Let Anyone Hurt You. *(Warm Bodies- A Perry Kelvin Love Story.)*

35 pages · Action · Romance
E is a Corpse. Not an ordinary Corpse though. She eats Human food and can feel. She hasn't seen her brother R in while. One day when she is wandering around she finds a group of Humans that are being attacked. Little did she know that at that moment her life will change. Author's Note: I do not o...

Warm Bodies

31 pages · Fan Fiction
All M remembers was waking up next to her older brother, R, in a trashed park. They saw each other, and knew something was wrong. They were corpses, as what the humans say. Will M and R, even other corpses, be able to cure themselves?

Warm Bodies part 2 by McLovenBae

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
R ends up finding the last zombie after going for a walk and he bumps into her she hasnt changed one bit will R change that? After all Julie killed herself after her father died so he can move on to fall for a zombie girl, right? But the thing is will she let her self fall for him and change? Read a...

Lull Me to Sleep by wę årę inƒånitę

28 pages · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
The year is 2075. Whatever you think you’ve missed, whatever you could possibly imagine would be at least eight times better than what actually happened. I’ve read some of the books that were written around sixty-five years ago. One called Twilight, or Warm Bodies. I’ve always found it amusing...