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Which Minecraft Mob Are You Quizzes

Which Minecraft mob are you? by Forefront1

Ever wondered what hostile mob you were most like in minecraft. Well, wonder no more! (This does not have every mob in the game. I intend to make another.)

Which Minecraft Mob are you? by Lucille Eden

Which mob are you? The title says it all.

Which Minecraft Mob are you? by Niki

Which Minecraft mob are you most like? Take this quiz and find out! (NOTE: The mobs I listed are aggressive mobs, not passive ones like sheep or cows)

What minecraft mob are you? by Eeveelinkcraftedthealchemist

There are: Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider or Ender man! Hope you enjoy! ~Eevee link

How well do you know Minecraft? by KippyDawn

Now, most of those quizzes out there about Minecraft are WAYYYY too easy. I'm going to TRY to make this one a little more tricky. The quiz applies to 1.7, and if I decide that you guys should keep up with 1.8 upcoming features, maybe a little of that. To the takers of my Pokemon quiz: Don'...

What minecraft hostile mob are you? by Officialgogoat

No derpy animals in here! See what hostile mob you are in this quiz!

What Minecraft Monster are you? by DαƚTσɱႦσყTԋσ

Literally the title.... my first quiz x)

Which minecraft mob are you? by Wonderland Girls

Enderman, slime, skeleton, zombie, ghast, snow golem, iron golem, budder golem, silverfish, spider, pig, or sheep? 20 follower special. Oh, or herobrine.

Your Minecraft monster boyfriend. by ERIN drowned

MINECRAFT IS AWESOME... For girls only by the way. (longish results)

What Minecraft hostile mob are you? by Ene 彡

Are you a creeper,zombie,skeleton THE POSSIBILITY ARE ENDLESS!

Which Minecraft Mob are you? by Jack

Which land will you be roaming? The hidden mines, the fiery nether, the spooky end, or the overworld paradise?

Which Minecraft Hostile Mob are you? by Reagan Oxman

Includes creeper, skeleton, spider, enderman, zombie, slime, ghast, blaze, guardian, and witch.

Which minecraft mob are you by Awesomeness

This quiz is about what minecraft mob you are and which you like the most

Which Minecraft Mob are you? by TheWildHerpDerp

Are you a zombie, skeleton, enderman or creeper? FIND OUT IN THIS QUIZ!

What Minecraft Mob are you? by Megan Da Creeper

Are you a Creeper? Or maybe a Ghast? Perhaps a Zombie? Could you be a Blaze, or an Enderman? What if you're mod mob? A Creeper Claus? A Stick Man? Or... are you Herobrine?

What Minecraft Mob are you? by RayRayLovesTWD

I did all the possible mobs there are in Minecraft! Well except Magma cube,Pig, sliverfish and slime! The answers will have a lot of results.

What Minecraft Mob Represents You? by BlueCrystal

If you're a Minecraft fan or even you're just curious, take this quiz and find out if you are a Creeper, an Enderman, Steve, Slime, an Iron Golem or Skeleton! *The results might not be true but have fun!

Which Minecraft Mob Are You Stories

My Not So Blocky Heart (Mobs X Reader X Steve X Herobrine) by Kat

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Y/N L/N woke up in a random place. She starts to make her life better each day. Until two years later something happens. Something that will change her life forever. Will she stay? Or will she leave?

Cyber Love by ɑsтrιժ sKιY

5 pages · Humor
_______ is your typical girl gamer. She isn't the most popular in life, but definitely online. One day, when she discovers a brand new MOD update, she finds that maybe wishes of Minecraft in real life could be a big mistake...

Raised By Mobs [Minecraft Story] [For Girlz]

43 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Y/N isn't your regular girl, she was oneday in minecraft, sucked into minecraft and attacked by the wither boss, nearly killed, before saved by a team of particular mobs. Eventually, they take time to heal your wounds, teach you every trick they can, and even Fred the endy takes a liking to you!...

Minecraft(Reader x Skeleton) by DyAture

22 pages · Realistic · Romance
You wake up in the virtual world of Minecraft, only to be captured and taken captive by a hostile mob called "Skeleton". However.. he looks... Human. How long can you survive in the hands of this dangerous 'guy'? Requested story.

The Other God by Christina

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Christina Brine is the goddess of death. With all the mobs at peace with humans and Herobrine gone, Minecraftia seems to be well on its way to peace again. Unfortunately Christina forgot about one variable in this equation...

Team Crafted...One Hell of a Story by YoUr CrAzY rAnDoM tUrTle

13 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
After Notch died, Herobrine became the ruler. Everything in Minecraftia changed. The sky became darker and mobs were everywhere. Before Notch died, he gave his power to eight people. These people came from all over Minecraftia. Little do they know that they will become Team Crafted. But their are so...

The Lost Heroes

51 pages · Action · Adventure
A girl is suppose to defend the world from an army. Not just any army... Herobrine's army of mobs as they fight to take over the world. Will she be forced to do it alone or will she be fighting with her heroes she's looked up to most of her life?

Wither Minecraft Story by JoesAddictedToMinecraft

16 pages
This is a second story based on another Minecraft Mob, The Wither Boss. You are working in a mine in the Nether and discover a Three headed wither skeleton and soul sand statue. It concerns you a lot. You tell everyone you know, but they really care less. And you prove everybody wrong when one day, ...

Don't Wake Me Up [Herobrine Love Story] by dino claus.ˣ

7 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is a side-story that was inspired by the the Mob Talker mod (lol) the Herobrine Dreams mod, and Chris Brown's new song, "Don't Wake Me Up." :D

Ender Love

71 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Gamer Emma has finally tried the game Minecraft. She starts to like it after a while when she finds that a certain mob has been watching her without hurting her even if she hits it. Whatever she does it doesn't go away it just follows her. What does this certain mob want with her.

The War With Minecraftia by Killer101

4 pages · Action · Adventure
When two boys unleash a evil into the world by mistake. A full out war between mobs and players breaks out. The two boys have to figure out how to stop the war and how to stop her.

Shadows in the Doors (A Youtuber Mashup) by Damaged Soul

25 pages · Romance · Action
Krystal, a private trainer for a government facility is caught between life and death when a hurricane strikes the mainland and she has to flee with her trainees and best friend Alex. Her job is always and will always be to end the transfusion of mob blood from the minecraft world into humans. Kryst...