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Winx Club Quizzes

Make Your Own Winx Character by Shii-Chan

· TV
Create your own original character of the winx club. I own none of the pictures.

Which Winx Club World would you live in? by Victoria

Are you a long lost princess of a mysterious magical kingdom or are you the centre of attention in your own world? Find out!

Which Winx Club pixie are you? by The Umbrella Princess is Spoopy

Which pixie would you have bonded with in the world of Magix? I love the pixies so I decided to make this. :) A Princess Umbrella quiz.

Winx Club New Generations by cherryfeather101

Which out of the three main characters of my winx story would you be?

Which Winx Club girl are you?

You'll find out which Winx girl you are!

The Ultimate Winx Club Quiz! by Victoria

Test your knowledge on all 5 seasons of Winx Club! Would you be an ultimate Sirenix fairy or just learning the ropes? Find out!

Which winx club girl are you? by Trixie

Find out which winx club girl you are.

Super difficult Winx Club questions, ever! by BloomSkylar39

Wanna know how Winx Club "DIE-HARD" fan are you? Let's find out.

How well do you know about Bloom's taste of choice? by BloomSkylar39

Just a little discussion about Bloom's taste of choice. Are you ready for it?

Can you relate to me? by Andy the Umbreon

Its a quiz on whether or not and if so how much u can relate to how I feel. People at school r nice, they just don't let me talk about pokemon which I love, and I won't tell them I also love Winx Club and Ever After High because I'm afraid they'll judge me. How can u relate? How is y...

Which Winx Character are you? by AnYaSaYsNoMnOmAnDpLaYsWiThCaPs

I know it's kinda weird but I love the Winx Club! I've been watching it before it's been on Nick! (Translated from Italian on a network called Rai Duel.) This is (hopefully) my first Quiz that actually works so no haters lol.

Do you know Winx Club Seasons 1-3? by Victoria

Let's see if you are a straight A student in your first year at Alfea! But before you enter the world of Magix, you need to know a little bit more about the dangers that lay ahead in another dimension.

Winx Club Stories

The Winx Club life by Pieceoflove

213 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Hello! My name is Lynn! I am 16 years old and am Bloom's cousin. I used to be really jealous of Bloom, until i found we were both fairies! Still, jealously returned when the bad guys were after her only. Still, i learned to cope and we are now part of an amazing group we made up, called the Winx...

Winx Club: The Dark Dreamer by Mystic Wolf

21 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Three girls all with a different move to Alfea to begin their second year. One a Princess of Solaria who separated from her sister when her parents divorced and is trying to mend her relationship with her older sister. Another an adopted Princess that has no connection to any other planet desperatel...

Silent Melody (Winx Club story) by Magelina Alotopci

21 pages · Fan Fiction
Musa's close friend Aurora from Melody finally goes to Alfea school for fairies, but only she knows a secret that not many people know about is that Aurora is a mute. Just how will she fair at the school and would a boy be able to understand her more than even her best friend?

A New Winx Club Story [You Only Live Once]

38 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Story about the Winx and the Specialists' relationships and the challenges they face like disloyalty, deception, and abuse.

Secrets of Alfea by ƒℓσяαωιηχ

108 pages · Fantasy · Romance
A Winx club story: Alisa lived her whole life at Alfea after she was left there as a small child. She makes friends who also don't know much about themselves and they all try to help each other out. But what will happen when Alisa receives a letter from the father she had believed to be dead the ent...

Percy Jackson, Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, and Winx Club (Crossover) by Serafina Wayland

25 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Bella a young fifteen year old fairy has lived her life as a normal girl, but soon everything is about to change. When she meets the stunning son of poseidon. She soon finds out that young Percy Jackson was her older brother, but that she had another brother and sister. Jace and Clary daughter and s...

A Fairy Life by Tinker-Bunny

4 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Aurora is the fairy of hearts. Well Phoenix Heart. A fight in the woods lead her and Stella to discover Bloom. From there life is going to get a little more harder with villain's out for Bloom.

The Jewel Princess

19 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Azalea has grown up on the world Xoias and she is its princess. Join her as she enters Alfea and just so happens to meet some new fairies. Only one thing’s certain. That Azalea’s life will never be the same again...

Winx Club Fanfic- Child of the Moon by Random Person

42 pages · Fan Fiction
Summary: Bitten by what she originally thought was a dog, Roxy's life takes a turn for the worse when she is turned into a creature of the night. How will her friends react? How will she be able to return her life to normal? But before she could do anything, strange things begin happening in Magix a...

ATLA/Winx Club- The Stay at Alfea College for Fairies by Random Person

75 pages · Fan Fiction
Crossover. The Gaang, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee are invited to Magix and to stay at Alfea College for Fairies. There they meet the famous Winx and friendships and rivalries are formed. Individual chapters. Canon pairings.

Jessica Potter by LBStar

5 pages · Fan Fiction
Thought she was the twin sister of one Harry Potter but later she finds out differently she goes to Hogwarts and never finishes find out why.

Winx Club Fanfic- Comfort and a Resolution by Random Person

4 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Icy's thoughts and feelings after Tritannus has been defeated. Sisterly love, comfort and a vow. One-shot.