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Yuri Quizzes

What Kind Of Seme Or Uke are you?

Are you a seme, or an uke..? And what KIND of seme or uke are you?

Cinderette Daughter of the Wolves (reader insert) (frozen rotg) (INCOMPLETE) by The Heart Snatcher and Bonkers the Cat

Your family had died in a horrible accident, now adopted by a mysterious couple from the kingdom of Arendelle. Unlike the fairy tale cruelty your new family loves you, only theyre hiding a secret. Fast forward to your age, a ball is being held for Princess Anna's birthday. There you meet Several...

Do You Know Your Yuri? by Bleeding soul

Kind of like yaoi but this time its girls love ^_^.

Are you a Uke or Seme? by ʂɑɱ

Are you top or bottom? Find out~

What SNSD Member are you most like?

Take the quiz to see if you are... Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Yuri, Sooyoung, Sunny, or Seohyun!

Who are you in Girls' Generation (SNSD)? by Virta

This quiz will determine who you are in Asia's #1 girl group, Girls' Generation~ 지금은 소녀시대!~~ ♥ (remember to answer HONESTLY with these questions to get good results! I don't guarantee that the results will be precise, though... just, have fun, okay? ^^)

Are you Truly A Uke Or Seme? by Dave Strider hehe what ㅇㅅㅇ

Lets see if you really are a uke or a seme.

Name The Anime's / Characters from Anime's by LaceySix

· TV
Name the Anime or Characters from the Anime series c:

Which anime character should be your best friend by ђςг booк ฬгเtєгร เภς

Includes ouran high school host club(haruhi, twins, honey, tomaki), hetalia(italy, America, canada,) and angel beats(yuri, otonashi, angel)

Which SNSD Girl are you? by crazilydesigned

Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, Jessica, Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon or Sunny? Who are you like most?

Which Angel Beats Character are you? by lïṡα сhαṉ

Always wanted to know which character of Angel Beats you match up too? Take this and find out! My first quiz so bare with me. c:

What Potentially Offensive Weeaboo Stereotype are you? by Magical Girl Kaori

· TV
In the broad spectrum of otakus, weaboos, and anime fans, there are many different categories that one can fit into. Though many are stereotypical and possibly offensive, which do people see you as the most? Enjoy, but don't take the results seriously, as they are simply the ridiculous stereotypes! ...

Uke or seme

I. Have. No. Clue - just see if your bottom like me or top like my partner

Which Girls Generation Member Resembles You the Most? by Neulji

· Music
Find out which of the nine girls has the most things in common with you :)

Are you a yaoi, yuri, bi or straight? by Kawaii Bacon

Just some random quiz I thought off. Don't worry there's no bad pictures here.

Who are you in SNSD?

Which one of the 9 girls fits your personality? For guys & girls

Which fem asian country loves you? by YuriIsLife

MMMMMMMMMM ASIANS! (jk jk errbody) Your possible results are fem China, fem Japan,fem south korea, fem Hongkong ,Vietnam, and Taiwan! YURI FTW!

Yuri Stories

Hetalia Oneshots by Izy-Ameythest-Rose-Daisy-Thorn

95 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Some of these will be reader inserts, others will be oc x country, or country x country. Requests may be left, but may not be done. I'll do normal, gender bent, 2p, animals (like part cat/dog ect.), yaoi, and yuri. Feed back appreciated.

The Last Secret. Fairy Tail Harem x Reader by Kamiya

64 pages · Anime/Manga · Mystery · Fan Fiction
You, are (First Name) (Last Name), though you also go by the name of (Fake Name), due to reasons you're not yet ready to tell. You're a 17 year old magic user. What kind of magic do you use? No one knows! A mysterious girl, aren't cha?... But, that mystery is what charms everyone around ...

Girlfriends are Better than Boyfriends! (Female!Reader x Female!Various) by Unique)

4 pages · Humor · Romance
You always see stories with Reader x Male character, but what about Female characters? Cute, fluffy oneshots/drabbles featuring different Female characters and you the lovely, Reader! (Warning: This is Yuri which means Girl x Girl! Don't like don't read!)

Fire Emblem Girls x Fem!Reader by Icewind

47 pages · Romance · Action
What happens when the girls of Fire Emblem get tired of the men? How will you, our amazing reader get involved?

The True Nature Of The Nerd by Tanaka Yami

34 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
You are an average Junior High School girl, with the name goes by (Y/N) (L/N). You have a smooth, going life. All of your friends love you, nobody can even bring their self to hate the Happy-go-Lucky you. But, when you start enrolled to the Senior High School, you change your personality. The Cheerf...

ρrσвℓeмαтιc by Dιʀк Sтʀιdeʀ ł Dɑve Sтʀιdeʀ

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
It's all from perspective, really. 『fem!Dipper Pines/Reader』| 『Gravity Falls High School AU』| 『Mini Series』

All the Single Ladies! by BMMDC

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
VARIOUS X READER; YURI [APH] || When girls had enough of the male nations, what would they do? Teach them a lesson, of course! Hitting the beach instead of attending the meeting- seems better, right? Who knows, maybe not only friendship would bloom but love as wel...

Hermione x Reader Oneshot by Lokiphant

6 pages · Fan Fiction
Yuri alert! Don't read it if you're going to bug me about it. Written because Hermione annoys the hell out of me (she's pretty stuck up) but she's also kinda cute. I attempted to do American English spelling on this one.

A Five Year Difference [GxG] by Alexandria-P

5 pages · Fantasy · Romance
A five year difference is all it takes to do many things. Change, grow, and most importantly- Love. A five year difference is all it takes to learn many thing. A five year difference is long enough to yearn for someone- something. And I think I found what I was looking for, after all these years.. ...

ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴄʜᴏ ᴏғ ɪɴsᴀɴɪᴛy by Rᴏᴘᴘɪ

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Briana Aisu, 16 year old high school president of Aria Academy. She's know mainly for helping the students who are 'sad' or just need someone to talk to. She signs up for community serves, being the sweet girl she is, and gets assigned a strange job. Doctors have heard of the girl reputa...

Midsummer Romance (Finished ( ) )

35 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Akashi Seijuro goes head-over-heels for the girl he saw at the midsummer festival. But, they only met during that time, but, what if by chance, they meet each other again? ------------------------------------------ -------------------- Yuri: We change our minds we're gonna end it. (╯°□°)╯...

Wings of Freedom [Hunter x Hunter Fan Fiction] by ChocollateChoco

9 pages · Anime/Manga · Mystery · Fan Fiction
Yuriko Maki is a twelve year old girl shrouded in mystery. One day, she goes to take the Hunter Exam hoping that her Hunter license will help her travel the world better. There she meets certain guys that she now considers friends. She never expected anyone to like her or even love her, but all that...