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Zombie Apocalypse Bvb Black Veil Quizzes

Zombie apocalypse with Andy Biersack! by Rebecake

So basically you,re going to try to survive together with Andy. xD

Bvb zombie apocalypse by Jester

· Scary
Would you survive in a world filled with you, zombies and black veil brides? Also see what there opinion is of you. *Girls only please*

Zombie Apocalypse with Black Veil Brides by Snakebite Heart

· Scary
What would happen if you ran into BVB during a zombie apocalypse? Title pretty much says it all. Some parts may be a bit gory for some people idk. Guys can take this too but there's some references to being a girl, sorry. Part 2 and 3 up now.

Zombie Apocalypse Bvb Black Veil Stories

In The End ~Andy Biersack Love Story by xBandLifex

Destiny Idaho is a 21 year old girl, who can kill zombies like a boss! It's the year 2034 and a zombie apocalypse has begun. She is all alone untill one day she meets a group of male survivors...

Should We Trust Them? *Zombie story*

We took this city after the Zombie apocalypse started. Just me and my sister. We never trusted anyone else and killed anyone zombie or not who came into our city. That's until they came...

Die for You (A BVB zombie apocalypse story)

It's the end of the world. Alexis, alone and afraid, stumbles across the most unlikely people, the Black Veil Brides. Armed and ready, Alexis teams up with her heroes to fight their way to safety, and find a way to stop the world from falling to ruins.

In The End (An Andy Biersack Love Story) by Seмρıтeяиαł

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Emo Love
Carmen was an ordinary teenage girl living with her mother in Manhattan, New York. Then the most bizarre thing occurs...a zombie apocalypse.

Armageddon A Andy Biersack Fan Fiction] by BotdfBvbFirMcr

Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, Blood On The Dance Floor, Asking Alexandria, Ella,Matt Good, Juliet and Sammi think they're the last survivors from a zombie apocalypse... until they meet Gore.

When All Hell Breaks Loose. (BOTDF+BVB Zombie Apocalypse) by Silent Night Is A Stripper For A Week

© The zombie apocalypse has started. BOTDF and BVB think they're the only ones left in the world and decide to team up and work together. Nicole Tucker, on the other hand, thinks she's the only survivor left in the world. Only relying on her wits and zombie rules to help her. Nikk...

Light Em Up by whorror

It a zombies story with 2 girls and famous people who will live and who will die?

Unholy (Ashley Purdy Love Story) by Born In The Wrong Country

The guys survive a zombie apocalypse, and meet 26 year old Pipper, and her 4 year old daughter, Mavis.

The Morticians by Scout

7 pages · Thriller · Fan Fiction
After a zombie apocalypse breaks out, everyone starts fighting for themselves. While the remaining citizens of Sedona, Arizona start to form a "pack", Cassidy leaves. While on her own, she comes across a man that goes by Andy, who makes the whole 'zombie take over' thing not seem so ...

Hate is Love by Company of the Damned

6 pages · Horror · Romance
Callie and her daughters are back. We flash forwarded to the girls being 17. With all the twists and turns plus the added zombie apocalypse, there's no telling who lives or dies.

Oh Great, Another one by Anime Freak

Zombie apocalypse story, with bvb, and other epic bands

Life or Death (A bvb/botdf zombie apocalypse story) by Matriixx

3 girls, two bands, one world, and millions of walking dead. -------------------- "Love cant work in a dead world" "Yes it can! If you believe it can, it will."