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Slender Man And The Rake Quizzes

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 8) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
Part 8! >_< Will The Rake find you all?

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 7) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
You all have to leave the forest now to escape from The Rake.. Is this plan really going to work out though..?

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 10) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
Will you and the other creepypastas escape from The Rake? Will The Rake notice you all and chase after you? Will you all find another safe place to stay?

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 9) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
The Rake found you and the other creepypastas. Will you all be able to escape?

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 18) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
You were pulled into a closet? By who, though? The Rake? One of the others? We shall find out momentarily!...

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 22) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
What happened to Jeff and Smile Dog? Did The Rake ambush them? Or is there something else going on...?

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 12) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
Is The Rake following you and Jane? If it is, will Jane be able to keep you safe..?

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 19) by Jazmine Kishinuma

· Scary
So you now know who pulled you into that closet. Is this creepypasta siding with The Rake, or is something else going on here..?

Your Creepypasta life - part 2 by Spark Forgotten

· Scary
*looks up* What is that? Oh! It's what the quiz is about...well, would ya look at that.

What Creepypasta Monster would you survive? by Jester Of Sorts

· Scary
A simple quiz to show what monster of the creepypasta world you could survive if you encountered them.

Creepypasta hunger games part 2 by The Thunder In Your Heart

· Scary
*Only take this if you've done the first quiz , otherwise you wont understand a thing* Marzia Legend has some how survived the games. But with her life un-determind in the Cp World... will she be put into the second games?

Me and the creepypastas want to talk and welcome you by Ben Drowned

We want to say hi to you and welcome you our house/apartment you will be staying for the night

Slender Mansion life! Part 2! by Emlyn Ashby

· Scary
I had 400+ reads! Holy shiiittt! :D Part 2 here because you're all sooooo awesome!

Who is your creepypasta father? by Night Star xx

Instead of boyfriends, best friends and crap like that, it's fathers this time XD Have fun guys.

Which Creepy Pasta Will You Encounter? by LittleMs.Meister

· Scary
Another scary quiz I created, but about creepy pasta. Find out which one you will run into. Results include the Rake, Jeff the Killer, Slender Man, and No End House. All information for the results came from

Which creepypasta character are you? by Angelofdeath1562

· Scary
Ever wondered what creepypasta character you are? Find it out by taking my quiz.

Invatation From The CreepyPasta HouseHold Prt 2 by VVLastBreathVV

· Animals
Me: Heyyyyy! You're Invited Back! And This Time Smile Dog And Rakey Will Be Here Too! >u< Rakey: Breath Don't Call Me That... Me: Eh? Why Nottttt? T.T Rakey: Because It's Not My Name And It Annoys Me! -_- Me: ...Fawk You -n- Smlie: *Woof* ((Rakey~)) >:3 Rakey: *Sigh* Fine Then Call M...

Surviving Creepypasta by Jester Of Sorts

· Scary
A typical test of knowledge. From the common to the obscure.

Slender Man And The Rake Stories

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios! by CrAzYcAnDyGiRl

28 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I saw so many of these I thought I would make one myself!

CreepyPasta boyfriend scenarios! ~I hope you like them!

8 pages · Short Stories · Fantasy
Includes Slender man, splendor man, tender man, trender man, offender man, Jeff, Laughing jack, Ben, Dr. smiley, Sonic exe, Lost silver, glitchy red, Herobrine and Ender man, masky, hoodie, ticci toby, and the rake. Eyeless jack. Please don't steal

A Love Game (creepypasta) by Syracuse

69 pages · Horror · Romance
Arianna Gracen didn't know what she was getting into when she took that cartridge from the strange man next door. Now a certain entity is haunting her home and he won't leave... No. He's having too much 'fun' to leave. Ari is left with only two options- learn to love him or run a...

Killer conflicts (reader insert) by AcidInmyHead

19 pages · Horror · Romance
You just moved to a hick town, were everyone acts like the walls have ears, and a secret to hide. When strange things start to happen at night like a stolen kidney, or a strange little girl in a pink dress. You realize you are facing horrors only the devil could create, but then why did you fall in...

Alice: Journey to Creepypasta by Lucius Walker

24 pages · Fan Fiction
When Alice enters the world of Creepypasta, she has to get out. Along the way she makes new friends but also new enemies. How will she escape?

Met your Match by Emmyisnotonfire

17 pages · Thriller · Romance
A girl loses her mind causing her to go to a mental hospital. Being saved by Zalgo, she now lives in Slender Man's Manor. Jeff has his eye on her. ;)

Leave Me Alone by Alexis

31 pages · Horror · Romance
Cara wasn't a girl who spent her time sulking in her room, wishing for death to take her away. But at the same time she wasn't found loving flowers and wearing pink almost every single day. She fed off a unrealistic thought that she could escape life, that she truly dreaded, and become a psy...

Life With Creepypastas by ஐ ѕℓукιтѕυиє ஐ

11 pages · Fan Fiction
The title pretty much says it all. It's about a girl's life living with creepypastas. Please read first chapter before asking questions. (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Broken Links (Creepypasta) [HOLD] by Syracuse

198 pages · Romance · Horror
Two worlds- one link to connect them - total chaos. There's no such thing as normal anymore for Charlotte Mandelle, a young girl living in a rural town. Things aren't what they appear to be. Now she's caught up in a nightmare that never ends... And a romance with one of the nightmares himself.

Slenderman and the Rake Part 3 by Jester Of Sorts

7 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Short Stories
The Rake is dead, and all seems right for Jonah. But there is still something out there.

Strayed (Creepy Pasta Love story) by Yesterday

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Dolores is the most recent of the Creepypasta family. What will happen when she comes across Slender Mansion? Most importantly what will she do when she meets her killer, Laughing Jack? Find out more and read Strayed! ALL ARTWWORK CREDIT GOES TO CREATORS OF ART! I JUST LOOKED AT GOOGLE IMAGES!