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120 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Harry styles left me the day I told him I was pregnant and that I wouldnt get an abortion. Almost two years later all he wants to do is get to know our baby while all I w...

Life Ends Now

105 pages · Romance · Adventure
A zombie apocalypse has begun and Three Days Grace, Amy Lee, and Skillet have all come together to try and survive the madness. Will drama take place? Romance? Will thing...

The Last Night

2 pages · Romance
Stuck with an abusive mother and a life you no longer want, you plan on killing yourself. But first you have to visit the house of the one person you loved: Alfred F. Jon...

Wicked Rogue [Marvel Fanfiction Hero S...

25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Gisele Harrington is a orphaned young girl with extraordinary powers and a goal to kill the man who apparently killed both of her parents and her brother. When the man be...

Comatose (BxB)

41 pages · Romance · Realistic
"Nothing I could say right now can describe how I feel when you're lying here next to me..."

Whispers in the dark

5 pages · Thriller
Kaila is an adoptive child of abusive parents. She isn't like any other girls though. She can hear whispers. Whispers from different beings then one day, something in...

Crisis Falls

72 pages · Fantasy · Thriller
Crisis; once a peaceful kingdom ruled by it's most beloved king - King Kigaooki. Soon after the kingdom went into poverty, the scientists tried to create humans that ...

Outcaust Rebelion (BVB and FIR love st...

Carolyn, Rosie, Piper and Austin are all close friends from the day they all met. Now at 17 both Scarlet, Rosie and Carolyn own a tattoo parlor with Austin the co worker ...

Lost Memories

7 pages · Fan Fiction
What if Jen had an accident? How will it change her life?

Camp of love

3 pages · Mystery · Realistic · Romance
Two teenagers (both 15) meet for the first time at a camp. After only a few hours, they learn they are so alike and fall for one another. But when camp is done, they part...

Long Road Ahead

3 pages · Fan Fiction
Jen is waiting at the airport bored out of her mind waiting for her plane to take her to America. The story goes from here. It's written in 2nd person.

Hey Mayslee

This story was inspired by Skillet's Lucy. Hope you like it!
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3 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories
Cieden is going to visit his love today. Join him on his flashbacks to the past. To the day he made a big mistake.


It's mostly like a jorunal about my life. MOst of it will be true. I hope you enjoy all this anti-romance thing.

Falling Inside the Black ~Crossover Lo...

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
Okay, so... This is about a dream I had! I had fallen asleep last night listening to Falling Inside The Black by Skillet (Which I am obsessed with now besides the Japanes...

Welcome to my life

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
ON HOLD...I LOST INSPIRATION! I FAIL AT LIFE! Hi there my name is Kodi. I was your average 27 year old genetic freak until the day I hit Tony Stark in the head with a fry...

I Remember Your Name

4 pages · Realistic
I'm Lucy Stone. I live with my brothers Adam and Anthony, and our father Thomas. You would think our father would be all loving and nice, but that's the exact opposite. H...

Whispers in the Dark

No, not based off of the sing by Skillet, though i love them. Just a weird little short story.

Playing Hero.

5 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
[Soul Eater fanfiction.] [OCs included.] [SPOILER ALERT: This story will contain the major plot points of the Soul Eater anime.] "Who's gonna fight for what's...

I Was Once Adopted (Squeal to ABLM)

17 pages · Fan Fiction
(Squeal to adopted by little mix) Addison Edwards, Perrie's adopted daughter is in danger. Addison's bully back from the orphanage Skillet comes back to steal lit...

Being Adopted Is My Past (Trilogy)

7 pages
Addison,Avery and Evelyn have been living there dream. They try forgetting the past with Skillet and danger. Addison still finds it hard without Annabelle,Sarah,Tessa and...

Never Surrender

31 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
A story inspired by a song called Never Surrender by Skillet

Circus For A Psycho

12 pages · Horror · Mystery
The Kaycee Family Circus was a little strange. People could tell from their rides, games, and especially their circus acts. But what anyone couldn't see was that they...


Imma just publish lyrics to the songs I know, and yes I know other websites do this but I thought it would be fun and keep me occupied so yeah :3 BLACK VEIL BRIDES, AVEN...
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