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Romano's curl

4 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
My first Hetalia fanfiction. Spamano Warning. Rated Pg-13 for suggestion and mild swearing. Spain is wondering about Romano's hair. Make your own assumptions on what...

The Runaway (Liam Payne)

29 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
I'm a runaway. Now, before you start making assumptions, let me explain something to you. I didn't choose this. It was either run or die. And, like any normal per...

Mislead Assumptions (Liam Dunbar)

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Natalie Hayes is new in Beacon Hills. She has a mission she is on and no one can get in her way. Unless you count a handsome boy with a secret that makes her question her...

EXO EXO Hugs and Kisses (Unfinished)

23 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
What do I wish for more than anything in the world? I wish my friend and I could move to South Korea. Coincidentally, my friend I moved to South Korea and also "coinciden...


16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Draco is in trouble and decides that the only person he can truly trust to protect him is Harry. How will Harry react to this assumption that he will help Draco?

Book Full Of Secrets

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"I have a theory. If you want to understand a person better, you need to find out their deepest secrets. You need to find out about their haunting past and make them reli...

Sagekit's World

5 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fantasy
Sagekit always looked up to her Clan. "ThunderClan is not to be messed with" she always thought. But as she grows, her assumptions change. After being born to a t...

Assumptions (Gaara one-shot)

7 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories · Anime/Manga
A Gaara one-shot for Uzumaki Hotaru and The amazing Miyuki! Enjoy :P

ᴛʜᴀᴛ sᴘᴀʀᴋ. [ ᴋᴀᴛᴇ ᴅᴇɴᴀʟɪ ]

13 pages · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
I was in love with her... I shook my head, frowning at my hasty assumption. I couldn't be in love with her, I just couldn't be! We set eyes upon each other and...

The Guardians.

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Things in La Push, Washington haven't been easy for the wolf pack in the past few years nor has it been easy for their imprints and family. Just when everything cools dow...

Revolt of the Rebels. Finnick Odair lo...

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You could say I was famous. After all, I was loved throughout Panem. The Capitol's princess is what they've called me since I was a little girl. I've always h...

The Assumption of Mariatie

6 pages · Historical
Historical... Its short and May have some problems but I was told it was good by my English teacher.. Plz read if you want Im still working on it WORK IN progress.
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One of These Promises Must Be Kept

25 pages · Romance
Feeling abandoned and alone, Isabelle Tage is moved to Maine by her conservative parents, she's lived her whole life in an attempt to be the child her parents wanted....

More Than You Think

7 pages · Humor · Romance
They were two different people. Or so they thought. Jason comes from the wrong side of California; Richmond. Valerie was on the rich side but not for what you would think...

Solace (Artemis Fowl one shot)

4 pages · Romance · Short Stories
-Sequel to Assumptions-

I'm a Demigod?~A Percy Jackson/Har...

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Daisy Rios, always felt like her parents weren't her REAL parents and hoped she was right about that assumption, but what she doesn't know is that her parents are...

You And I With Midnight Memories

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I didn't know how many people were going to be entering, and when told Kate, she agreed that it was a fare assumption to say that the odds probably weren't with ...

Virtu - Finnick Odair

3 pages
Finnick Odair never had it easy since his wining of the 65th Hunger Games, but he never complained. He was forced into a dirty "job" but never held a grudge. He...

Psyche is Psyche!

3 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories · Anime/Manga
"Psyche is Psyche!" The melodious voice chirped up. Not even stalling his installation to respond. So his assumption was correct, as per usual. Vocaloid!Psyche.

Beautiful Brute

5 pages · Adventure
Despite the assumptions made by his size, a young boy tries to follow his calling. But will family discord and governmental restrictions be the downfall of his dream? Wel...


23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
When one first sets eyes on anti-social Clark Mason who hides away from the rest of the world, one would assume that she is a loyal and loving sister to Wren Mason. Well,...

Expect the Unexpected

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Taylor had no desire to meet them at all so, how do you think she felt when she found out all her assumptions were wrong?


89 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Action
She's got mint hair, ruby eyes, and a pet dragon. Too bad she can't remember how any of that came to be. Now she's living with a caretaker, and is slowly piecing together...


3 pages · Action · Horror · Adventure
Crystal has known nothing about her past. All she knew was that she was adopted. But as she uncovers the truth, she realizes she was kidnapped. And in that kidnap, there ...
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