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104 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Shay Ericson is a dancer. But her parents do not approve. With the persuasion of good friend Danielle Peazer, Shay sets out to prove her parents wrong. Dance can be a car...

Fight For You

109 pages · Action · Romance
Shaylee Prior and Percy Daniels have been inseperable since they became best friends in the 6th grade. Though Shaylee began liking Percy, it remained her secret along wit...

Beanies and Snapbacks. -By Chani(; ~Da...

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"I always knew I was different. I thought no one understood me, but it turns out I just didn't understand myself."

This Christmas

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I'll be gone and you won't know. I'm leaving for a reason. This reason is to make you happy. But hopefully it won't break me.

One Tour

4 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
After Danielle Bradbery, Bella's best friend leaves for the Voice and wins, Bella's life is changed drastically. Now she has come on tour with Dan+Shay, Danielle...

Listen to Your Heart

8 pages · Adventure · Romance
Shay Daniels was a girl different from the rest. She loved life and loved to live. Bad-boy Jesse Parks was wild and took everything for granted. One summer vacation is al...

Till the casket drops (jason dilaurent...

74 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Danielle Shay was one of Alison Dilarunetis' friends who had lots of secrets like the others. One of hers is dating Ali's older brother Jason. So what happens when he com...

He's Cool, I'm not *Diggy Love Story*

74 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Maya La'Shay Andrews is just a normal school girl going through A LOT, she falls for a jock named Daniel.Would he like her back? (Diggy isn't famous in this story)

Finally Home.

14 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Shay is a youtuber that doesn't know what she is doing with her life. She has never felt at home. She is battleing different demons. But once she meet two special people ...

Hello Mr.Malik

"Sometimes you don't mean for things to happen, but when feelings take over you can't do anything about it." - Shay Gibbs *Boys are not famous in this story!* |Studen...

The Stars *Finished*

2 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories · Black Veil Brides
Jinxx and Sammi just got married. This is a quick little piece about the party afterwards.
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Best friends/daniel sahyounie story

5 pages · Realistic · Romance
Riley and daniel have been best friends ever since they can remember, but what happens when riley's boyfriend ends the relationship and daniels there for her.... will...

Love in Death

2 pages · Romance
When Daniel Shay gets woken up by a very serious phone call in the middle of the night, his entire world falls apart. He loved Lisa with all his heart but what if finding...

Lovekills || janoskians

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Always remember that the most beautiful curve on your body is your smile" - jai brooks


8 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Horror
Kimberly Shay has fallen in love witha britsh boy how long with it last though

Sun Doesn't Shine Here

27 pages
**Sequel to Change The Rules** Three years have passed in Daniela's afterlife. Nathaniel and Trey had worked out an agreement with a local club owner by the name of A...

Dare or Dare?

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Shayla has been friends with the boys for years. But shes always been closest to Jai and has a small crush on Luke. Will her feelings change after a game of dare or dare?

Never Thought It Would Be You

8 pages · Fan Fiction
Shaylene Turner used to be best friends with Luke Brooks. What happens when they re-gain that friendship? Will it all end in tears or happiness?

Passion In Your Eyes ~Dani Shay/ Charl...

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Two sisters, Chloe an Paige Nicole have basically raise themselves since their parents died in a tragic fire. The two buskers decide to try out for X Factor, which leads ...

Fair Warning |Dani Shay |

1 page · Romance · Fan Fiction
Alexis Green Is Movibg To New York For A Job, She Moves In With Who Shw Thought Would Only Be Her Roomate, But What If I Told You That Her "Roomate" Would Becom...

Nothings Fine, I'm Torn

3 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction · Romance
What if Blaine's adoptive sister was set between two guys. One's a major sweet heart and the other a mysterious guys she's known her whole life. *If you are a dani shay f...

Hundreds Of Boys & One Girl

6 pages · Romance
Dani shayler is a bad ass girl . What happens when her parents decides that they should send her to all boys boarding school because they can't handle her anymore ?