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Japanese Urban Legends/Games

27 pages · Short Stories · Horror
Join me, the author, in this reading of Japanese Urban Legends and popular played games. Do you have what it takes to face the horror? Have any suggestions? Comment! -N...


13 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
【 Futakuchi Kenji x Reader】:“Her eyes were those of someone who's just fallen in love, someone who sees nothing but ...

Christa's Pregnancy (SnK Fanfic)

18 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
FUTA!YmirxChrista. Ymir get's Christa pregnant. Christa doesn't know how to react to it all. (I will add more to summary later, it's named 'Christa's ...

so cute(Futakuchi Kenji)

3 pages · Short Stories · Romance
[one shots/drabbles with the idiotic guy from Dateko High]

There's Another World? (ROFTG And ...

86 pages ~ Completed
A year had passed since the defeat of Ney Futapie and Pitch Black, but what happens when Nightmares and shadows attack when Pitch is still in prison and Ney is still at h...

Watashi wa Yamamoto Takeshi Imoutoda

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Story Plot: Ayaka was Takeshi Yamamoto's Sister. She hadn't met Tsuna and the others, which is Takeshi's Friends. The reason why she hadn't met them be...

Naruto Movie:Next generashion!

47 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · Naruto
Sup guys so i made another story.this is about the kids of the futare injoy please read my other storys an well ya.-_o SORRY FOR SPELLING!

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