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How to Make a Super Soldier Faint

152 pages · Short Stories · Romance
First place in the quotev awards. Humorous story idea that made me smile. It's just a bit of fun fluff but I hope it makes you laugh. Poor Steve Rogers. He never anticipa...

The end of forever

211 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
What happens if Loki escapes the Avengers before Thor was able to bring him to Asgard? What happens if he has to hide somewhere, and disguise himself as a dog? Nicole Ban...

An Experiment Gone Wrong

332 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kenna was used as her parents test subject as a baby. They abandoned her when her parents realized the experiment went wrong. What happens when Tony Stark adopts her?

Avenger Preferences

91 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Includes: The cap'n, Thor, Tony, Big guy, and Loki. I ship Clintasha so maybe they will get an imagine of some kind. :3

Say What?

801 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I cant think of a good description, normally I'm good at that...oh well. Please read, i hope everyone likes it!

Avengers Preferences

51 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Preferences for Avengers characters I do accept requests for preference ideas Heart, Comment, Follow :)

Avengers One-Shots

215 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
NO MORE REQUESTS! I'M SERIOUS! But I still love you guys and gals!

Oneshots :3

33 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Daryl Dixon, Loki Laufeyson, Fred Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Sherlock Holmes, Legolas, Kili, John Mitchell, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Joe Sugg, Finnick Odair, Carl Grimes, Da...

Happily Ever After [Avengers]

177 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A collection of Avengers/Reader drabbles, ficlets, and one shots

Avengers One-Shots and Preferences

86 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Avengers one-shots where you are the one they're falling for and Preferences!

Perks of Growing Up

30 pages · Short Stories · Romance
You gain some, you lose some. Sometimes you're the winner, other times you're the loser. Growing up sucks. Various!South Park/Reader Requests are welcomed

Giving it a Chance*Avengers Love story...

152 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sapphire has shut herself out from the world, hiding in the shadows. But when Nick Fury requests her to join the Avengers, she gives it a chance. Will it be the biggest m...
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Past Memories & Future Thoughts

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Steve Rogers takes on a new chapter in his life, or is it really going back to a bookmarked chapter? A chapter set in the past.

Black Blood (Middle-Earth FanFiction)

18 pages · Fantasy · Action
When a Dwarve is found in the woods outside Erebor. He must fight for his life along-side Thorin and his company of Dwarves. But is all, as it seems as darkness falls upo...


66 pages · Fan Fiction
Penny is a normal girl with a normal life in New York. That is, until she falls into the worst case of wrong place at the wrong time possible and is snatched away. Waking...

You Will Not Be Alone

81 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love. She loves the God of Mischief and Lies, she understands him like no one else will. She would give her life for him, and him for...

Loki and the Light (Fan-fiction)

59 pages · Adventure · Mystery
Loki is defeated, in prison and alone. Until Sophia shows up. This girl can change worlds and is about to change Loki's and the avenger's. But what is the darknes...

X~Bloody Thorns~X

9 pages · Fantasy · Horror
What if... There was more to Witch's House? What if Viola could get her revenge? What if she didn't die? Why don't you find out~? ~Enjoy~ (I'm sorry...

Crown of thorns and blood

49 pages · Fantasy · Action
The World of Aellia has been torn by war for many thousand years... and it has not changed, in many thousand years. A world scarred by war, deception and betrayal. *Sp...

Courage x Thorin Oakenshield

41 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Alyssae is a young elf girl, imprisoned in the dungeons of the goblins. Because she’s a royal descent she is kept until ransom is paid. When she is freed by a company o...

More Gods Than one Goddess [Kamigami N...

2 pages · Fan Fiction
When the Gods and Yui are transported to the false world Zeus creates, he also sends a Goddess who needs some training about the human world.

Accio Weasley

112 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Gemma Thorp is from a very prominent family in the wizarding world, and she comes from a long line of Slytherin. All her life her parents have instilled the ways of ambit...

You love me?

24 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
He woke up in the different time. I woke up much the same, but earlier than him. I loved him with all my heart, but he loved someone else. I just want him to at least not...


44 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Lonely. Hated. Aggressive. Rude. Misunderstood. All words to describe young Mitch Jones. Niece of the one and only Tony Stark. (Tony had a sister) After being abandoned b...
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