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How to Make a Super Soldier Faint

152 pages · Romance · Short Stories
First place in the quotev awards. Humorous story idea that made me smile. It's just a bit of fun fluff but I hope it makes you laugh. Poor Steve Rogers. He never anticipa...

The end of forever

203 pages · Romance · Action
What happens if Loki escapes the Avengers before Thor was able to bring him to Asgard? What happens if he has to hide somewhere, and disguise himself as a dog? Nicole Ban...

An Experiment Gone Wrong

332 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kenna was used as her parents test subject as a baby. They abandoned her when her parents realized the experiment went wrong. What happens when Tony Stark adopts her?

Avengers Preferences

49 pages · Fan Fiction
Preferences for the Avengers *characters from movie(s)* Loki, Bruce, Tony, Steve, Thor, Clint, Natasha, Bucky and Phil Coulson. Requests for preferences will be taken ...

Say What?

801 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I cant think of a good description, normally I'm good at that...oh well. Please read, i hope everyone likes it!

Avengers One-Shots

215 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
NO MORE REQUESTS! I'M SERIOUS! But I still love you guys and gals!

Avenger Preferences

90 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Includes: The cap'n, Thor, Tony, Big guy, and Loki. I ship Clintasha so maybe they will get an imagine of some kind. :3

Happily Ever After [Avengers]

177 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A collection of Avengers/Reader drabbles, ficlets, and one shots

Avengers One-Shots and Preferences

86 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Avengers one-shots where you are the one they're falling for and Preferences!

Giving it a Chance*Avengers Love story...

152 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Sapphire has shut herself out from the world, hiding in the shadows. But when Nick Fury requests her to join the Avengers, she gives it a chance. Will it be the biggest m...

Avengers Preferences and One Shots

12 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I take requests if you guys have any ideas. Includes: Tony, Steve, Thor, Clint, Bruce, Bucky, Red Skull, and Loki. Enjoy!

Avengers *One Shots*

28 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Just some One Shots that include: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Bruce Banner (The Hulk), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Thor, and even Loki. *Cover Imag...
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She's A Real Monster

7 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction
She was a friend to all, Grace, whom was kind and caring until something changed. Her eyes as sweet as the blue skies above has become a deep aqua of death and misfortune...

Crown of thorns and blood

36 pages · Fantasy · Action
The World of Aellia has been torn by war for many thousand years... and it has not changed, in many thousand years. A world scarred by war, deception and betrayal. *Sp...

The Avengers! *Requests closed!*

119 pages
REQUEST CLOSED! :) All avengers plus Loki, Bucky Barnes and The Winter Soldier can be requested! Thank you! :)

The team that took me in (Avengers fan...

26 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Valery was adopted by Agent Hill at a very young age. She can't remember her birth parents, but she knows she's adopted. What happens when an incident at school f...

The lady of the forest (Thorin love)

39 pages · Fantasy · Romance
A young girl named Serida has been alone all her life after her family died of a midnight Orc attack. Her only friends are those who live in the forest. Her curiosity gre...

Warriors: A Medicine Cat's Wish

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Four clans lived in peace, or that's what you could call it. Streamclan were like otters, they swam and ate fish. Mountainclan hailed in the mountains, acting as over...

Recovering to Normalcy

5 pages
Alan/Eric story of their lives after Alan is saved from the Thorns of Death.

If There Was a Girl

185 pages · Fan Fiction
Thruda of Erebor is half dwarf and half wizard. She was raised without her father, and her dwarf mother taught her to hate magic. Thruda loved Thorin Oakenshield on Erebo...

Blind (Date)?

31 pages · Humor · Adventure
Now that Loki (God of Mischief) is having to reimburse for, well you know, trying to destroy the world and going batshit crazy; he's living in the Stark Tower under w...

Story Ideas ( Avengers )

11 pages · Short Stories · Action
Tell me which ones you like. Tell me other ones. I'll write them. Some may just stay as one shots.


8 pages
My first story. it takes place in 2047. 4 friends suddenly find them selves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and have to make it thorugh it alive can they do it or w...

The Avengers Children And The Circus O...

6 pages · Fan Fiction
The adventures of the Avenger children. Book one. Starts directly after the events of Avengers Assemble but not before the beginning of Phase Two (Iron Man 3, Thor Dark ...
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