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19 pages · Adventure · Science Fiction
ECHO. That’s the name the scientist gave me. The ones who created me, experimented on me, tortured me. ECHO is the code name for my experiment. It stands for Experiment...

The Frosty Halloween (Jack Frost x Rea...

83 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Your name is Raven Nightingale, and you’re the Spirit of Halloween. A year has passed since the battle between the Guardians and Pitch, but what if he was rising again?...

Five Night's At Freddy's Theor...

10 pages · Horror · Adventure
So I Have Seen A Lot Of YouTubers Play The New Horror Game Five Night's at Freddy's And Loads Of People In The Comments Were Asking About The Story Behind Five Ni...

Oh My Glob l Adventure Time One-Shot T...

26 pages · Adventure · Short Stories
Adventure Time X Reader. Oh, my. I just noticed that the title is long. But anyway, these are Adventure Time One-shots. I mostly do the boys like Finn, Flame Prince, Gumb...
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His Crazy Lullaby

96 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Fan Fiction
My name is Lullaby Jones, my friends call me Ghost. I've been locked in a cellar for 11 years, and i've finally escaped. I joined a weird family called creepypast...

Ugly |Justin Bieber|

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
For the past four years, Emily has been bullied and treated like a rag doll. She has never understood what she did to get treated this way. Her mother walked out of her l...

New Addition (Five Nights at Freddy...

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
There's a new animatronic at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria; and it's not occupied by anyone... yet.

Innococent Beauty

142 pages ~ Completed · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
It has been happening for a year now, the strange and frightening texts, the weird gifts, and the subtle feelings of being watched wherever I go. I just wanted it to stop...
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Heroes of Olympus Imagines

14 pages · Short Stories · Historical
Send me a request about your favorite guy ( or girl ) and I'll write it up. I really would appreciate if you sent me requests! That's what this thing is for afte...

Yes, my master

64 pages · Historical · Vampires · Fantasy
Back in the 1800s, Ami Rogers was born into a long line of vampire hunters. Once her father is killed by the vampire Joseph and she is forced to spend the rest of eternit...

Queen of Thieves

41 pages · Historical · Mystery
Valentina Laroux is a gypsy in nineteenth century England. She's grown up with her group since she was a young girl after the murder of her mother left her without family...

Dreams Don't Come True (CreepyPast...

11 pages · Historical · Horror
Midnight came home 12:00 in the midnight she found her door slightly open she opened and hear screams/shouting and crying. - find out more -
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Preachers Boy (BxB) *RE-WRITE of Tears...

115 pages · Short Stories · Fantasy
WARNING: BxB Tyler is the preacher's son. Everyone thinks he's the perfect boy, everything someone should be. If they knew who he really was, would they be so q...

Hating Him: My Mate

87 pages · Fantasy · Science Fiction
I looked at her soft little hands, and at her little round face. Her eyes opened a little and I saw tiny green orbs. They sparkled and I smiled at her. She looked so daze...

Game of Life ((BEN Drowned x Reader))

53 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Fantasy
You were a 'nerd'. He was a virtual glitch. You were a smart ass. He was one too. You were up tight. He was perverted. Isn't this a game of life?

My Crazy Big Brother

90 pages · Fantasy · Humor
Toby finds a little girl stealing from the mansion and takes her in as a little sister, but is Toby suitable to be a guardian?
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Rituals + Horror Stories

162 pages ~ Completed · Horror
You've stumbled upon my story, correct? I've tested several of these rituals and I assure you they WILL work if done correctly. I'll post my experinces once i...

My Love For You Is Different, Insane A...

60 pages · Horror · Fantasy
Carter Jane Lexis is a girl who just so happened to be Jeff The Killer's next choice. Lucky her, huh? Jeff initial plan was to torture/kill her, but then he feels...SOMET...

Creepypasta One Shots

14 pages · Humor · Horror
Everything you need to know is on the first chapter.
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Bad Choice *FINISHED~

69 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Humor
Two 15 year old girls are kidnapped by eight 18-year-old guys. Little did they know, they chose the craziest, bi--polar, cussing, biting, candy-loving girls. Bad choice...

Behind The Nerd

7 pages · Humor · Adventure
Nerds aren't mindless people who study more then they should for no reasons! Nerds aren't computer, video game addicted addicts! Nerds are warriors and fighters, ...

Jeff the Killer x reader~Don't Eve...

36 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Horror
You are being watched. You are being stalked. You are being hunted. Are you going to die? (I only own the plot!)
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Falling for My Kidnapper

81 pages · Romance · Mystery
Elizabeth Parker was the daughter of an extremely rich family but she was always her parents' second choice because of her sister, Allison. She didn't feel like s...


69 pages · Fantasy · Mystery
Aubree is dreading the week she has to spend at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to her best friend. But when a mysterious dark haired man arrives in her life, the hardness o...

The Notebook

111 pages · Adventure · Romance
When Calum picks up a notebook that was thrown on stage at a concert, he, Ashton, Michael, and Luke all read through it. Falling in love with the words the boys want to f...
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The Invader *Finished*

73 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Adventure
Acacia lives with her mom who runs out of money so rents out two of the bedrooms in their house to some other woman and her son. It's pretty awkward when the son turns ou...

Dying for Skinny

63 pages · Realistic
*MAY BE TRIGGERING TO FORMER ANOREXICS/BULIMICS* Ana and Mia, like most girls, dream of being thin. They wish for thigh gaps, hip bones, and size zero waists. In the mid...
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Romance Hide

Together *Finished*

143 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
Jordan has no idea what she's up for when she gets out of her werewolf training, and she definitely didn't expect her best friend's brother, also the Alpha...

Never Say Never ~An Arranged Marriage ...

85 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
"What is that thing? What did you do to me?" I ask harshly swatting his hand away. "It's called a possession mark. It binds you to me. It makes you mine...

If Only You Weren't My Brother...

16 pages · Romance · Realistic
BxB. "Gabe! This is wrong! What if your mom catches us?" I ask. "I don't care! I want to touch you! I can't get enough of you," he whispers in my ...
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83 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Science Fiction
Cassandra Vaughn has the ability to control the gravity of objects around her. She discovered her born talent when she was three years old in her bedroom with her dolls, ...

Subject No. 137

40 pages · Science Fiction · Horror
From the day we are born, until the day we die. We will always be different from the rest. Hated, mistaken, misunderstood... We are only testing subjects. Nothing more, n...

The Aphrodite Project

46 pages · Science Fiction
Alice Turner gets constantly bullied because of her looks. Christian Schnider is a German doctor who came to London after his girlfriends death. Together they start the A...
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Thriller Hide

I Don't Know

14 pages · Thriller · Action
Milo Aaron is sixteen now and moving up in the world, maybe a little too far up. Some guy is trailing him to high school every day and he doesn't know why, meanwhile ...

Horror Stories and Rituals

60 pages · Thriller · Mystery
These are just a bunch of Scary stories, Rituals and Creepypastas. Sweet dreams >:D Most of the stories included ARE NOT MINE.

Careful what you wish for

5 pages · Thriller · Horror
A mom is trying to find a good gift for her daugher when she stumbles opon a perfact little doll on the side of the road. Her life goes down hill from their.
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Mario Kart (Danisnotonfire x Reader)

3 pages · Short Stories
So this is a Dan x Reader that just came out of no where when I was playing Mario kart with my little brother and I was like... OMG! This could be a really good x reader ...

Falling Skies

131 pages · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Vampires
Summer has ended so it means back to school for Alex. Everything seems to be going on fine until the Cullen's pick up and move from Fork, leaving Bella in a depressio...

True Love -Jelena-

Selena Gomez, an ordinary girl with big dreams and loving personality. Justin Bieber, an international pop-star with a big heart and a caring personality. The two teenage...

New way home (A Isac Elliot Love story)

19 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
What happens when Isac Elliot, every girls dream guy, moves next to Diane? You'll need to read ;)


32 pages · Fantasy · Science Fiction
The humans are thirsty for information on the Elementals, so they expirement on them in the Infection Center. The Elementals are forced into hiding and they find that sec...

Behind The Mask Vampire Knight

95 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
An Odd yet kind student Kiyomi Masuda comes to the Academy at the most unexpected time.

Just Another Monster. Carl Grimes

82 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
After running away from her group Charlie finds herself on the road alone again. But what happens when she comes across a young boy and his father, what will their journe...

The beauty hidden in plain sight (Fem ...

14 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
Inuyasha has been leading a lie for "his" whole life. "He" is truly a girl hidden under a spell cast by an anklet that is on her right ankle. During a bat...

The Power of Two

162 pages · Fan Fiction · Mystery
At a year old, her parents were murdered, her twin was scarred, and she no longer had a voice. Her cries were silent in the night of the murders. As she grew into a child...

Through the Looking Glass

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
When Beca was four, her father went missing. When Beca was 21, her older sister, Alice went missing. A year later, Beca is searching for both her father and siste...

The Darkness (Eyeless JackXOC)

49 pages · Romance · Horror
I'm Going insane, Its gripping at my head and slowly consuming it. I can't free myself from this, Its just to strong. And sooner or later my Mom will die, and whe...

Heartbreaker (Ashton Irwin)

15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I love you." Ashton confessed. I shook my head. "No you don't." "Madison, it's true. I'm in love with you. I love you so much to the poi...

His Slave

16 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
Suddenly remembering something, I looked up to my shoulder and suppressed a shudder. Sure enough, a tattoo in black ink gazed up at me. Its meaning filling my mouth with ...

Halloween Special for When the Sun and...

4 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Romance
As promised, I made a halloween special x3 Enjoy! P.s : since this is a spinoff, don't imagine it like the original Naruto show. Imagine they're all chibis li...

Mythologia s .E.N.D.

6 pages · Science Fiction · Action
'Mythologia' might be a newcomer international gamers group, but they are not one to be looked down on. Young they might be, they were not one to underestimate wh...

Death the Kid x reader: Don't Be

4 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
Read mah story. Don hate iz my first reader insert.

Even hosts fall in love (Chris McLean ...

52 pages · Romance · Humor
Once again it's time for Total Drama Island. A new group of contestants and a new island. Will the host of this crazy show enjoy the pain he can bring on these poor s...

Sing to me

3 pages · Fan Fiction
Shawn loved to sing. Ariana loved his voice. When she heard him singing she'd always open her window to hear him. When ariana passes away will shawn ever sing again?

My brother's best friend. (danisno...

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Robyn Lester is Phil Lester's little sister, and she's falling for Dan. But Dan is dating Zoe Sugg, and they have a child together. Yet Dan still has a crush on h...


33 pages

The Maze Runner: What lies behind

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
What do you think happen behind the Maze? Before the Maze? What happen to the Gladers before they were sent in to the maze? How they created the maze?

Miss Imperfect and Mister Ego (Tsukish...

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Tsukishima decides to join the volleyball club, study smart, gets merit, and obtains victory in Karasuno High. He never wants to fall in love with anyone, since it's ...

The Dark Lords and the unknowing ladies

4 pages · Romance · Adventure
What if demons and ghosts existed, not inside of us. But what if they created an identity of their own, what if they pretend to be someone you know. One Direction, Ric...

Let me go *Legolas Love Story*

47 pages · Adventure · Romance
Merissa is the daughter of Lord Elrond and friend of Aragorn. She wants nothing more than to be let out of her cage, to be set free. Go on adventures with her friend. Wh...

Worlds Apart (A Seth Rollins Story)

155 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · WWE
NXT Diva Ariana Sebei is the younger sister of Rami Sebei AKA Sami Zayn. Five years prior to joining WWE she worked alongside her brother in ROH. It was there where she h...

Demons Hour [A StingxOCxNatsu Love Sto...

168 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · Mystery
Before the team with a celestial wizard, there was another. Another member driven away by hate. With an eye for vengence, she looks for the ultimate power to rule and to ...

The Turn

8 pages · Humor
Me and my friend are working on this story together so Enjoy ;)

Everybody has secrets (avengers fan fic)

12 pages · Fan Fiction
Tony has a problem that he cant solve for once, neither can Bruce or anyone else. Its not a math or science problem, its a Pepper problem. Pepper found out about Tony'...

Victoria Grimes: Found

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Victoria was alone. Her dad was dead and she had been separated from her mum, brother and dad's best friend for awhile now. She was left to fend for herself, trying t...

Is Everything Alright? (Sequel to othe...

37 pages · Fan Fiction
This is a sequel to Is Everything A Lie! How will Andy act like after Darrel and Conrad have left? Will she go back to her reckless ways or some how stay gold and become...

Collar [Harry Styles]

25 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Thriller
It was a simple life now. Well that's how the men saw it. Girls were owned from birth. They brought up in large houses, ready to be sold, given or used to please, to ...

The Fabray Journal

9 pages · Fan Fiction
I'm Quinn Fabray, the youngest member of the Fabray family. So, of course, my story is the most interesting.

War Story

17 pages ~ Completed · Action · Realistic
A story about a special forces group. USA vs. Russia.


4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I'm Luke Hemmings' little sister I am 16 and he's finally back from the tour with the guys. But lucky for me I've fallen in love with one of his band mate...

I open at the Close

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Acacia Potter, more commonly known as 'The Girl who Lived' has been through one hell of a life. She needed a new start, what better way than to move to a small to...


6 pages · Romance · Horror

My Brave soldier - Andley

Read it and cry ~ Andley story ~ Army story **I am not in the army and therefore you cannot expect me to know exactly what it's like. I'm trying my best throu...

From Earth To War

25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
This is basically a retelling of the Clone Wars episodes with my Animorphs OC thrown in. Eventual Rex love story.

Falling For My Boss *Justin Bieber*

46 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
Sydney Hale is the personal assistant of CEO Kyle Moore at Winchester Publishing. What happens when one of the most richest men, Justin Bieber, wants to buy the company a...
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