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Pregnant at 15. [Finished]

23 pages ~ Completed · Realistic
Changes are made when 1000+ kids are thrown into my tiny school.

15 & Pregnant

119 pages · Realistic
I thought the girls who got pregnant were the beautiful, dirty ones you'd expect to get knocked up. I thought nothing like that could happen to a normal girl. I thought t...

Haunted (Harry Potter/FINISHED)

62 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Alex Marie isn't your typical which. She's 15 and has been out of school for her entire life. She lives on the streets, away from everyone. But she can survive. B...

As Long As You love Me-JustinBieberLov...

18 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Charlotte Ann-Marie Mathers was Eminem's long lost daughter. Nobody knew that Kim was pregnant with another one of his daughter's. She is now 15 and has a career of her o...

Something Great (One Direction)

16 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
What happens when Louis Tomlinson, 15, gets his girlfriend pregnant? But she suddenly passes away and Louis decides to raise his princess by his self? When xFactor comes ...

The Pregnancy Pact

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Action · One Direction
Three middle school girls witness a pact in action. A pact to get pregnant at age 15. They're inspired to do the same when they're 15 as well and find their true loves al...

Unexpected(a Niall Horan fanfic)

Joan goes to One Direction's CD signing when Niall Horan notices scars and bruises all over her arms and face. He asks what they're from, when the pregnant 15 year old fi...

Love Conquers All.

92 pages ~ Completed · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
-Sequel of Same Mistakes (second book) & Falling for You. (first book)- Skylar: I love him and he loves me. Things are finally in place and I'm happy, but no one sa...

Stay Positive (Riker Lynch Story)

21 pages
Riker Lynch and his girlfriend Stephanie have been together since they were 15 and are going strong. R5 is extremely famous now, which means concerts, meet and greet'...

Pregnant at 15. [Finished]

24 pages ~ Completed
Changes are made when 1000+ kids are thrown into my tiny school.

Time Love*Sequel to Back In Saul Hudso...

60 pages · Mystery · Romance · Realistic
{Sequel to Back In Saul Hudson Time VERY recommended to read the first story} 14 and pregnant. How can I take on the role as a mother at such a young age? How can Slash...

My Savoior (harry styles)

Kendall's life flipped upside when she got pregnant at 14 and had a baby at 15. Her parents kicked her out, Her psycho boyfriend didn't want anything to do with h...
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Planned For Grace

28 pages · Romance
Lilly Jackson is your average 15 year old. She's going into high school with her best friend Callie and is trying to fit in. Then that Back to School party at a footb...

15 And Pregnant

3 pages
Tears glistened in my eyes as I stared at the stick in my hands. How could this have happened? I'm only fifteen! I'm too young to be a mother!

It All Started With Me Getting Drunk

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
Ivy Is 21 And dating a boy since she was 15. She was in love. She didn't plan on kids till her late 20's and same with marriage but that all changes, When Sadie g...

Far Away Love

20 pages · Romance
15 years ago Felicia Rosales left Seattle heart broken and pregnant by the boy she loved and thought loved her back. 15 years of living her life and not looking back. B...


12 pages · Romance
Isabella and Chase were the cutest couple. He loved her, and she loved him. She was only 15 when she got pregnant with his child, but they stayed together through it. The...

I'll Never Leave You Love

7 pages · Romance
When 15 year old Ally finds out she's pregnant will her's and Luke's love be strong enough to last through the afterlife? Please don't steal i just want feedback :)

Where were you? (Harry Styles fanfic)

Emily Jacobs lost her sister when she was 15. Her mother run away when she was 16 and she gave birth to a baby boy Daniel when she was 17. Now, 5 years later, everything ...

Love is Love

26 pages · Romance · Mystery
Annabelle Agerson is 15, and she has a 21 year old boyfriend, whom she loves. But her best friend has gotten in some real trouble, which could end in Jamie and Annabelle ...

Escape *Harry Styles Love Story*

My name is Alexandria but it changes when I use a new ID. I'm secretly a millionaire but refuse to use the money. I am trying to raise my daughter with out her biolog...

A Mothers Love

18 pages · Realistic · Romance
Madelynn is a teenage girl who falls pregnant at 15. This is her story on how she told the boy who no one knows she's dating and her strict parents.

This is MY Life, Not Yours

1 page · Realistic
I have had enough of Katrina. Yes, I got pregnant at 15. Yes, I works so hard so feels like she will collapse. Yes, you dis-owned me 2 years ago after finding you about h...

She grew up to fast

40 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Darcy Styles is the only daughter of Harry Styles. Yes the Harry Styles. She is 15 and living with her dad. Her mom passed when she was 12 and about a year ago she starte...
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