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Taken and Awakened by Eriall

183 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
Three friends are on their way home from a party when their car hits something. The driver, Erin, gets out to investigate. Soon they are all taken. By who (if you read the tags and aren't stupid they are taken by 1D)? Why were they taken? Will they ever get away? What will happen? Read to find o...

Natalie.. (Vamp Harry Styles) by ItsMeTheBooger

A young girl, Natalie, is a mate of a vampire and she doesn't know until she meets all of them. What will happen?

Lover Dear (Vampire Ziam AU) by jai and lilah

120 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Fan Fiction · One Direction
"First rule, babe," Zayn says, leaning down. His lips slide over Liam's jaw, barely there, just a soft pressure, fleeting and gone as soon as it came. "Never trust a vampire." He's grinning as he climbs off Liam, heading for the door. Liam watches him go, thinking that he&...

Vampires Do Exist (vampire 1D) by Maya Styles

Roseline was going to have a future with her lover, Claus. Something happened and a man named Harry has something for her. People are supernatural in her life. Her little sister a witch, best friend a werewolf and her boyfriend Liam is a vampire along with all of the boys. But Harry is here to prove...

Dangerous Temptation (1D Vampire Fanfic) by Jena

190 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
My life used to be normal before my parents got divorced. My mom didn't care about me or my sister so she left, leaving my dad to take care of us. Now he's gone. I have to fend for myself without help. I have to protect Jade too. Now, my life is anything but normal. After meeting a suspicious boy an...

Love (a 1D vampire Fanfiction) by twitterchick

Abby and Emily were just normal teenagers. That's until one night they were in the woods running from something or someone, or more. Love and happiness is taken over their lives. And their is a big change as well.

The Migration (a Niall Horan supernatural story) by Luke's Little Vixen

15 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
1D are in South Africa to take a break and to do 2 concerts. But what will happen when the boys meet a very strange and mysterious girl? And why does she keep telling them to watch for the strange and unusual? And who is the creepy dark haired girl that Niall saw at the airport? And what is her conn...

Hunting A Love (Niall Horan Story) by Catarina Malta

People fall in love when they least expect it. Sometimes, people that had never been loved before and don't know what love is like, fall in love with who they didn't want to. Cassie is the best example you can get. Her parents are both dead and her sister left her, so she holds on to the o...

Invasion of Fangs! (1D FANFIC) by Dannie

56 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
"What are you?" Estee questioned, with a face of panic. "Let me explain!" I shouted. "NO I'M TIRED OF LIES JUST TELL ME THE TRUTH HARRY!" She spat out trying to act brave but I smelled the adrenaline right out of her. "Okay you want the truth? Are you sure?" I warned, she nodded her head. "I'm a .....

Soulmate by вιαи α тσмℓιиѕσи

143 pages · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Scarlett Maria Uley is Sam Uley's little sister. While on shopping trip with Alice Cullen in Seattle, she accidentally wins tickets to a 1D concert in Vancouver. Not knowing what to do with the tickets, she invites her cousin. What happens when Scarlett meets a certain boy that comes from Doncaster?

His Dark Secret - Vampire! Harry Styles x Reader -

You were the quiet and shy one at school, so was he. Harry Styles was the new kid at your high school. He was very anti-social, until he started talking to you. You soon become best friends, but what happens when he tells you his dark secret? ( 1D aren't a band in this story )

Night Of The Vampire: Zayn Malik (Gay Imagine AU) by 1DGuyrectioner

6 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
*Gay Content* Your a member of a group of Vampire hunters dedicated to keep humans safe from them at night. Out on a vampire hunt and your whole view on them changed when you met Zayn Malik. The most handsome and innocent vampires you've ever encountered with problems of his own. H...

Bought by 1D *FINISHED*

102 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
I have been passed around more than i know. I was picked up by vampires when i was 6 and was sold into bloodslavery. I am 17 now and i have a plan. I will kill my next owners or die trying. But what if I fall in love with them? Copyright 2013

Seeing Red by Samantha

Louis isn't a typical twenty-something year old living in Chicago. He believes life has turned into quite a drag; never appreciating the small things anymore. He hates what he has become, and wishes nothing more than to relive what could've been. Even through all the darkness that is Louis' life, a ...

Black Magic (Vampire 1D) by Lys

In the dark world of 2022, the mythical, or thought so, creatures called vampires finally took over the human race, controlling how everything works and what actions the remaining humans can and can't do. . One girl, doesn't care what The King thinks, all she cares about is her family'...

Cursed. -1D AU + Supernatural-

44 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
(1D supernatual) What if One Direction weren't normal? The dreamy boy band One Direction are just a cover up. The boys are VERY differant to normal teen boys. They can still remember. The day they were Cursed by It. They are very differant without the contact lences and make up. Harry has s...

Taken: A One Direction Vampire Story by яιтα σяα

32 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
"What the hell was that!" I yelled as something flashed passed me. There was not much light outside so I can barely see. I ran into the alley, and I saw the dark figure again. "Who's there?" I asked very nervously. I took out my phone and quickly begin to dial Hanna. Before I ...

Nightmare by ɴɪᴀʟʟ ᴊᴀʏ ʜᴏʀᴀɴ

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
What happens when your five idols were vampires? Would you run? Stay? Or try to stay alive? There are secrets hidden in the past of those boys you will never find out.

Taken: A One Direction Vampire Story

36 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Fantasy
"What the hell was that!" I yelled as something flashed passed me. There was not much light outside so I can barely see. I ran into the alley, and I saw the dark figure again. "Who's there?" I asked very nervously. I took out my phone and quickly begin to dial Hanna. Before I got to my contacts, ...

I Fell In Love With A Vampire by Gina

Cassidy Sanders, a normal 18 year old that lives in London. Not until Cassidy got captured five good-looking boys that changed her whole life and unfortunately, she ends up falling for them. Who will she end up with? Do they like her back? Do they have a dirty little secret?
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