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Forbidden Love [Ashton Irwin]

149 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Y-you're my professor," I whimpered out, trying to put distance between us. His lips lifted up slightly in a smirk as he cornered me against the wall with hi...

I'm Just A Reject. [AU]

266 pages · Fan Fiction
What was I thinking? Everyone sees it It’s not a secret That I’m just a reject Sick of the system Don’t wanna hear it It’s not a secret That I’m just a r...

The Window - (A Luke Hemmings story)

112 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Bethany was a normal 16 year old girl with two brothers, a mum and dad who lived in the smallish island called Great Britain. I don't know if you've heard of it. One day ...

Bass Boy

224 pages · Fan Fiction
Adrianna Lewis. Cousin of up-and-coming star, Luke Hemmings. Nice girl, shy, stays inside her shell on her iPhone. But once she lets you in, she's fun and outgoing. ...

Close as Strangers (Luke Hemmings)~Fin...

117 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
There was this girl that I met. She was stunning, strong, confident; just about incredible in every way.When she left that night, I thought that was it. I'd never see...

She's a Good Girl

70 pages · Romance · Adventure
"Dude, she's totally a goody-two shoes! I mean, do you really wanna nail a girl like that?" Calum asked, chugging down a sprite. I shook my head. Des was anyt...

Stranger. [A Luke Hemmings FanFiction]

84 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Beckett Smith is a normal seventeen girl. She struggles in school and has hardly any friends. Luke Hemmings is the complete opposite. He is home schooled and in a success...

Okay - Calum Hood fanfiction

149 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Okay..." I whisper, crying into his t-shirt. He carefully wraps his arms around me, keeping me safe as thunder rumbles over head, only causing me to grip to him ...

You're All I Needed.

142 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Juliet is the "strange" new girl with her family to worry about. Luke is the most popular guy in school with his reputation to worry about. But soon they realize ...

Still Into You

145 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Love is kept secret and hidden for as long as a few years to a lifetime. It cannot be kept apart, only delayed for a while until two people finally realize the truth. H...

I found her

35 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction
"I think Ash has found his true love!" Calum joked, putting a hand on Ashton's shoulder and making kissing noises in his left ear. Ash didn't even bother ...

Here's to Teenage Memories *Luke H...

108 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Humor
Michael Clifford and Maria Evers have been best friends practically since birth, so why not invite him to her huge summer party? I mean, her parents were out of town and ...
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Trapped to Die

63 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Adventure
Why me? Why all my friends? Why them? Everyone i loved, trapped to die, and i had to kill them. I had to kill the most popular boy bands of all time. I had to kill my bes...


25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Inspired by the quote: "You said you would protect her." [5SOS Somewhat-Punk Fanfiction]

What We Didn't Expect

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A story about a fifth member in 5 Seconds of Summer. This is what we didn't expect.

Out of My Limit // 5SOS Fanfiction (As...

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"You're just a little bit out of my limit..."

Better Together (5SOS)

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Some people say it's strange. Others say it's a gift. I say it's a curse. Nothing has ever been normal about my life. It gets tougher and weirder every single...

Alone Together (Ashton Fanfiction)

145 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"You never tell me anything anymore, Madison. I feel like you don't want us to be together." He spits. "Don't say that." I whimper. "But it...

I do need you. (Luke Hemmings)

66 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
They both hate each other. They want nothing to do with each other. But they have to at least try to like each other since Lyric is Ashton Irwins sister. And when Ashton ...

Because Of Indie Wood

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Indie Wood was the princess of misfits and rebels alike. Nobody dare mess with her, she had "powerful" friends. Three boys that would do anything for her. And unt...

Timeless (Punk Luke Hemmings)

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
It was love at first sight, or maybe more like hate at first sight. But it was not just a love story, it was their love story. One that will live on forever. '"...

Try Hard

39 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
He tries everything to get to know her and to be in her life, when he finally succeeds, she isn't who he thought she was. Did he maybe tried to hard?

Boy Meets Girl [5SOS FANFICTION]

89 pages · Fan Fiction
"Stay away from my sister!" Liam growled and Marnie moved in front of Luke protectively. "Marnie." Zayn warned but she shook her head, scowling at him. ...

Heart Break girl ~luke hemmings fanfic

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Skylar moved from New York to Sydney desperately to flee her abusive dad once she was accepted into AIM - The Australian Institute of Music. When she arrives she meets a ...
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