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52 pages · Adventure · Mystery
Amy Faith is always bullied in school. What will happen when the most popular guy "falls for her," she's bullied like she normally has been over the years, an...

Thanks for Leaving the Wii on! (Reader...

66 pages · Action · Adventure
In third grade, your older sibling left the wii on in your house; and before you could turn it off, it sucked you into the game last played. The Legend or Zelda. Now you ...

A Second Chance

422 pages ~ Completed · Action · Adventure
The Avengers are battling a new threat when a newcomer- who just so happens to have the same power as the enemy- helps the Avengers out, and S.H.I.E.L.D obtains their fir...

The Frosty Halloween (Jack Frost x Rea...

83 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Your name is Raven Nightingale, and you’re the Spirit of Halloween. A year has passed since the battle between the Guardians and Pitch, but what if he was rising again?...
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Youtube or Vine

71 pages · Fan Fiction
Olivia is only 14 years old but a very popular youtuber. Her popularity rises even more though, when Hayes Grier notices a video of which she talks about him. Some drama ...

Surviving The Game [Book Two]

56 pages · Fan Fiction · Mystery
Ashley and her brother, John, are back again for even more heart racing action. They never imagined that life with such an arrogant, psychotic man could turn out to be so...

Who I am... (fairy tail x reader)

109 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Action
People lose their way all the time, but will (Y/N) (L/n) find the right path? Times are trouble but with her new friends will she make it? There's only one way to fin...

Why Didn't You Tell Me?

39 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
It has been almost three years sense Rebecca Grace and Liam Payne broke up, but what Liam didn't know was that when he left Rebecca she was a month pregnant.Two years...
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Preachers Boy (BxB) *RE-WRITE of Tears...

112 pages · Short Stories · Fantasy
WARNING: BxB Tyler is the preacher's son. Everyone thinks he's the perfect boy, everything someone should be. If they knew who he really was, would they be so q...

Proxy since little (Creepypasta X read...

66 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
Hi my name is (y/n). I am 15 years old and I don't remember who my parents were. They left me in the woods at age 6. Mr . Slender took me in as his own. There he rais...


178 pages · Fantasy · Adventure · Vampires
"I dont even know what I want!" I exclaimed in frustration, throwing my hands up in the air. "I'll tell you what you want. You want a love that consume...

New Flesh. *Diabolik Lovers*Readers x ...

30 pages · Vampires · Fantasy
You + a crazy girl + 6 Vampires + 4 Other Vampires = ? What will be the ending result~?
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Money, Power, Glory

27 pages · Historical · Adventure
Lauren is a 21 year old girl in the 21st century. She takes a trip to her grandma's house in Washington DC. One thing she doesn't know is that her grandma is magi...

The Girl and Her Kitten

20 pages · Realistic · Historical
A young Jewish girl must survive the Holocaust in only with her best friend and companion, a black kitten named Elsie, can she and Anna survive? **may include German word...

The Outsiders ~Holly Miller~

8 pages · Historical · Action
One board Outsiders fan=One story. Enjoy :)

Dear Louis...

13 pages ~ Completed · Historical · Short Stories
Harry wrote Louis a letter after he died | Harry's suicide note | Louis's suicide note
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The True Peter Pan

9 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Horror
We all know the story: Peter Pan. But did you know the original.

The Mad House

39 pages · Adventure · Horror
Creepypasta X Reader, you are all in an asylum together. I don't own the creepypasta characters or the pictures used in this tale. Feedback is appreciated!

How a Proxy is....Born?

94 pages · Horror · Adventure
(Creepypasta x Oc ) Evelyn is just an average 13 year old girl... besides her eyes changing color, her mom warning her never to go in the woods, and the feeling of be...
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We Froze

8 pages · Humor · Thriller
My aunt worked on this film. I don't know the wholee story but she said Elsa was supposed to be evil but disney changed it... she told me the story up to about Let it...

More Than What Meets The Eye

86 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Action
What if Sam Witwicky had a sister? Meet Scarlett, she's Sam's twin but she's not normal. What happens when they buy their first car, a yellow Camaro that seem...

Don't you like Boys? (two)

94 pages · Humor
"Yes hello, now goodbye!" Milly pushed a forceful arm against the door but Matthew stopped it with his hand. "Wait, Milly, what are you..." "What does...
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Lost Within Insanity (FNAF x Reader)

14 pages · Horror · Mystery
You sat within the darkness of your "sanctuary", looking up at the only thing that kept you attached to reality. A window. Thinking about all of the things that h...


119 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Vampires · Fantasy
“Remember this my dear you won’t escape my presence's for long.” And then his lips met mine and soon after my vision blacked out and I was unconsious.


128 pages · Realistic · Mystery
Vanessa Bruce has had a rough childhood. With bullying being a daily problem at school as well as depression, she keeps to herself, talks to no one and keeps her depressi...
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Game of Life ((BEN Drowned x Reader))

53 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Realistic
You were a 'nerd'. He was a virtual glitch. You were a smart ass. He was one too. You were up tight. He was perverted. Isn't this a game of life?

The Invader *Finished*

73 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Realistic
Acacia lives with her mom who runs out of money so rents out two of the bedrooms in their house to some other woman and her son. It's pretty awkward when the son turns ou...
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It Started With A Dance.

260 pages · Romance · Humor
Katrina Chance is a girly, feisty, innocent girl. Now, here's Christian Duke.The school's badboy. He's reckless, and a little on the rebellious side. No, actu...

уσυ'яє ωяσηg

185 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
"I don't understand how you like me. I'm ugly, fat, worthless-" I whispered. Jake walked over to me, "You're wrong." He breathed and kissed me...

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

64 pages · Horror · Romance
(Requests are closed for now)Includes slender man, Jeff the killer, Ben drowned, laughing jack, eyeless jack, masky, hoodie, ticci Toby, lost silver, homicidal Liu
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Science Fiction Hide

Hating Him: My Mate

84 pages · Science Fiction · Fantasy
I looked at her soft little hands, and at her little round face. Her eyes opened a little and I saw tiny green orbs. They sparkled and I smiled at her. She looked so daze...

5SOS One-Shots of One-Shotness.

One shots. You. Me. 5 Seconds of Summer. Quotev. Let's do this thang.

Carl Grimes and/or Chandler Riggs Imag...

Requests are once again OPEN. Carl Grimes and Chandler Riggs imagines, by request. Please request in the comments or preferably leave me a comment to avoid me missing it ...
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Thriller Hide

Against The World

324 pages · Action · Thriller
Danni's life was nearly perfect- she had a family, boyfriend, a good job... she never would've expected the walking dead to ruin all that. After everything she kn...

Violet Winter

45 pages · Realistic · Mystery
Violet Winter was a normal girl, she had average grades, decent amount of friends, and was living a happy single life. People called her a good girl. But does a good girl...

Teenagers, Love, and Pregnancy

79 pages ~ Completed · Thriller · Realistic
"Positive?" I choked, tears rushing to my eyes. "I. . .I can't be pregnant! Not with my ex's baby!" |A teen pregnancy story|
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The Niall River [Sequel]

11 years past, Emilee has been in her old home town. Living, with her three kids. When Natalie becomes curious about her father, she does a little researching. When Natal...

The Creature Of Wisdom

6 pages · Fantasy · Historical
“How would you like it if someone demolished your home, or burnt all your family photographs, because that’s what you’re doing to these animals, you’re evicting t...

Our new Home,

5 pages · Horror
Short scary story.

Swallowed by Darkness

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sequel to Bitten by Springtime - Bunnymund Love Story . This is the epic battle between Pitch and the Guardians. (:

That Cute Bowl Haircut

51 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I guess that that guy was cute. Try AMAZINGLY CUTE. His pale blue eyes, and his great smile. He had the best sense of humor, and he was so emotonal when he needed to be. ...

We Can Do This Together~(Hiccup X Read...

23 pages · Romance
During the last battle, Pitch got away. And peace was once again back, but Pitch kidnapped Hiccup, and this turned into a big mess. Hiccup might die and Y/n need to find ...

Red like Fire *not finished*

24 pages · Action · Fantasy
When you ask people about their high school experience, you'll get a mix of different responses. Some people will say it was the time of their lives, others will say ...

Ever, ever After (l.b)

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
One job. It was all it took for Melanie to find her Prince Charming. That and a clumsy fall from a cabinet. Mel falls for Luke quickly, but she's determined to stay o...

All You Never Say l.b

62 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Aisley is a 17 year old who tries to see the positivity in everything. Even when her life is practically falling apart right in front of her and she's forced to run a...

The Huntresses Tale

5 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
*Prologue to a future story of mine* Reyna Nightshade was born in Ancient Greece, along with her cousin, Zoe Nightshade. She's had her heart broken by the boy she onc...

The Musician (Transformers love Story....

31 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Nikki well known as the vocaloid Wylde comes over to america to visit her best friend Miko for the summer after she finishes her concert. She finds her self in love with ...

The Story Of My Life (Harry Styles)

28 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction · Romance
I remember the day I met him. He was sweet, charming, everything you could want in a boyfriend. But now he is different. He is cold, angry, mean. All I ever get from him ...

She's Yours

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Perrie and Zayn split after an accusation of both of them cheating. But they remained friends, and even something more but it wasn't seen by the public eye. Perrie en...

Five Nights at Freddy's couples sc...

18 pages · Fan Fiction
Because someone I know wanted me to do this. Well done Mr/Mrs anonymous, you have officially killed me. *Ahem*... Yeah, the title says it all really. Requested are open (...

Reminiscence (Fem! Norway x Denmark Fa...

Luka Bondevik likes looking back on her life, which wasn't always the brightest. Now that she's achieved what she wanted, will she regret anything she'd done ...

They Don't Know About Us (Niall Ho...

Amber is a girl who always get bullied because she is a fan of One Direction, her life was sad and she have only one friend . One day, she went to a concert with her bes...

Game Of Life ~Death Note~

Midori is not normal. Compare her to a normal group of people she would look like the color back against the rainbow. Compare her to drops of sun she would be the moon. W...

Love Portion ~

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Naruto
Alzena was a fairy princess who finds herself in another world. She drinks a portion by mistake which was actually a Love portion. When she wakes up, she falls in love wi...

Derek Hale One Shot

3 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
This is just a one shot I wrote because I was bored and my mind went wondering, please enjoy :)

You're here (Hunter x Hunter - Rea...

83 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
(Y/N) lived in darkness for so long, when 4 teen males bring back the light she was missing...will she be able to accept them? This is a reader insert for Hunter x Hun...


37 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Yu-Gi-Oh] [All Generations] [Various x Reader] Food. We can't survive without it. It can be sweet and tasty like people. But it can get us in sticky situations. But ...

Fail of My Life (Dan Howell)

280 pages · Fan Fiction
Eliza Hughes. Youtube celebrity living in London with her two best friends, Dan Howell and Phil Lester. She hasn't known them her whole life but it doesn't to her...

Never Again

8 pages · Realistic
"Don't make fun of me. Never again." And with those words, Lena changed from the shy, quiet girl everyone teased to the harsh, quiet girl who ignored everyone...

Twisted |Jason McCann|

88 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
“NO! Please stop...d-dont come any nearer!” I cried out as tears slipped out of my eyes, the guy kept advancing me, cloth ready in his hand to knock me out. “Who ar...

Bumped into each other

24 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A girl named Candy accidentally met Zayn of One Direction. Their relationship gradually strengthened as they became closer and closer to each other.

The Destruction of Happiness

4 pages · Romance
At the age of four, Aaron was diagnosed with ADHD and known to have a slow thought process. Throughout his years in school, Aaron is constantly bullied for something he h...

Odd Converse

71 pages · Romance
Meet a girl with three sisters, divorcing parents, a cheating boyfriend, betraying friends and the boy with the odd converse who fixes everything. Well, kind of.

Flying Away *Peter Pan Love Story*

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Lucy Williams is 15 years old and dying of leukemia. She is convinced the end is here until a strange boy by the name of Peter Pan comes to her window and flies her away ...

His sister

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Ashly Padilla is Anthony Padilla's younger sister. For three years Ashly lived in Georgia doing videos as a small youtuber. When she decides to move back in with him ...

Us Pt. 2 *Trilogy to Yours*

310 pages · One Direction · Adventure · Realistic
There comes a time when quotev decides too much is too much, and there comes a time when a story needs a little more explaining because that story deserves it, so a part ...

When the Sun and Moon Collide

182 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Two girls, one bright and cheerful like the sun and the other quiet and mysterious like the moon. Two normal girls suddenly find that their life might not be as simple as...

Should I Care?

30 pages
Being a boy is easy. Being a girl in a boys life is okay. Being a girl that used to be in a boys life but now is in a girls is something like licking your elbow. Except t...

I Prefer Youtube!

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
The Youtubers are bored of sitting in their rooms filming all day, so what happens when a wise old wizard named Dumbledore, decides to help? They get transported to Hog...

Behind The Killer's Mask [Masky fa...

17 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
All I was doing was writing my essay for history class, I didn't expect to have a psychotic monochrome clown come after me, let alone be sucked up into the killer'...


12 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Talia Stevens is a somewhat normal girl, until a piece of her pasts comes back and wonders why she is acting so weird...... Apparently, her name isn't Talia, it's...

His Inner Beast

13 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
I waited patiently, yet, I didn’t know what for. I had n’t asked them where we were going or who we were going to see, OR how these people could better explain me bei...

Son (A Narry Storan Love Story)

118 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Niall and Harry come out to the world and recieve appraise and kindness like they wanted but as soon as the world finds out they are adopting a child everyone starts to t...


5 pages · Short Stories · Horror
You all know RRage ((me)) Can't stand the word freak, even the thought if the word puts her on edge, but why? This is the story that explains it all. BE WARNED! There...

Bacon ((A HP one-shot fanfic))

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
So, my title is so imaginative xD It came to me because I burnt my finger cooking bacon and started thinking about Harry, so, yeah, enjoy


8 pages · Short Stories
Another OC, but this one means a lot to me, so I thought it could have it's own place.

Creepypastas And TMNT

7 pages · Fantasy · Horror
Trying to do a crossover of my favourite things.

One hell of a girl ((reader x Sebastia...

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
A black butler fan fic... how will you handle having the black butler boys clamouring for your attention and love?

Something Wicked

442 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
*Harry Potter FanFic* Cleo never truly belonged in her family, she loved her sister, Phoebe with all of her heart though. But when every year at Hogwarts brings on anothe...
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