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Horror Movie by Kriss

4 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Horror
Sauli, Tommy, Monte, Isaac, Bianca, Hector and Camila make a bet with Adam and Hannah that they can't go 24 hours without touching each other, AT ALL and the guys decide to go out to help Adam a little.

Jealousy II Part II by Kriss

7 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Sally continues to keep her secret until she lands in trouble with Hannah and Sauli. Sauli does something he regrets and later finds out why Sally's acting that way..

How to Make a Guy Hate You in 5 Easy Steps

12 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
A story of me, romance, action, and just life. If I had him. I mean... he's just there. Why is he staring... Essay for language arts... What will I do? What if I did it on... chasing away my crush? (Names Changed to Protect Identities of the actual people)

A Bump in the Road by Kriss

7 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Hannah and Bianca were upset after a intense night with Hector and Adam. Sauli's been the tear pillow all day. Adam and Hector attempt to make up for it? Will it work and more importantly, what really happened...?

Tainted III by Kriss

6 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Action
After settling into the house they'll be sharing with Sauli, Hector, Bianca and their children, Adam has Hannah see a therapist for all that's happen and every action was some type of reaction, ALWAYS! What's the reaction...?

Tainted by Kriss

7 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
While in Las Vegas with their 4-year old daughter, Lori, Adam and Hannah are perfectly happy, but Hannah runs into Sauli's ex-husband, Jeff Koskinen and things take for the worse. Hannah's world falls completely gray... Until Adam finds Hannah in the bathroom, bleeding and sleeping... What ...

When I thougth I lost them... by Kriss

13 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Thriller
Follows "When I met Hector". Hector and Bianca are happy. Adam and Hannah are happy, but someone who hates Hannah isn't happy and takes Adam, Bianca and HEctor away. What happens when Tommy Joe is involved with the mystery kidnapper and Hannah...? :P Warning: Kinda long and crappy.

Dreams by Ann Glam Tommo

13 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
Anna..shy, sweet, loving girls.. she has dreams just like everyone else.. but she is not confident about herself.. Will she fulfill her dreams? Will she find her love? will she overcome all the challenges and problems? or will she regret every step she takes?

Glamorous ( Adam Lambert Love Story ) by The Girl In The Skull Scarf

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Working at a gym isn't very exciting, until a very attractive someone walks in and you're the only worker there! *BoyxBoy*

What do you want from me? by Thë Grøûp Øf Įñśäńītÿ

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Adam lambert and kate

Love Struck by Taylor McAvoy

8 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Jayy had recieved a text from Dahive that a singer was here for him, but Dahvie wouldnt say who it was. Was this just a joke or was there a new band joining us on warp tour this year? He snapped his phone shut and put it in the pocket of his skinny jeans. (this will be in first person)

Time For Miracles ( A Sirius James Hogwarts Story ) by Mikey J. Cerulli

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
What if Harry's parents never died? What if Sirius never died? What if Fred, Remus, Tonks, & Sirius are still alive? What if Lord Voldemort is still at reign? Paws ( Sirius Jr), has a crush on Teddy but doesnt want to tell anyone. Remus notices that Paws has a crush on Teddy but doesnt say ...

How Adam met Sauli- V.1 by Kya Katz

15 pages · Romance
Adam was in Finalnd, and went to a club. There he met Sauli, the love of his life.

Trespassing by Lyssa's Spark

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Do you ever what it would be like for your favorite celebrity to fall in love with you?' Well I'm Josh and this is my story of how I met my boyfriend, Adam Lambert.

You're the son of who? (On hold!) by razorblade136

45 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Sara just started a new school in LA when she meets the son of someone who means the world to her!

My Life With A Rock Star *An Adam Lambert Love Story * by тħαтgłαмвeятκıđđ

25 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
After running away from an old,tattered and torn lifestyle will Roxanne Hunter be able to move on from her horrific past of domestic violence from a past lover ,and move forward onto starting a new life,with new conflictions.

Aftermath *Adommy Love Story* by StarsBrighten

18 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Life can be harder than Expected...

I Fell In Love For The First Time

71 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Luca has been a player both on and off the football field. He was well known as a womanizer and has never really been in love. All that changes however when he meets Lyric and falls in love for the first time. However Lyric has a secret and isn't what she appears to be and when Luca finds out, will ...

The Love Games by Samantha Steward

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Ever since she was a little girl nicole looked up to adam lambet and tommy joe. When she goes on Americas Got Talent adam desperately tries to find her. She went from her normal high school life to superstardom. With the help of her friends nicole tries to have a normal life as she can . and along t...