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Better Than I Know Myself by ţσяi-հεოოօ

106 pages ~ Completed · Historical · Fan Fiction
Hi, my name is Ashley Hemmimgs ... I'm a girl and my life is really weird! I was taken away from my family... Yeah you can say kidnapped but then I got put up for adoption :\ I have a brother out there called Luke Hemmings he's in a band. I'm Australian but I live in America with my fost...

The Werewolf's Mate by y cookie mel

12 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Selena is from a rogue pack that was taken over and killed by another major pack in the area. "The Dark Wolves Pack", what happens when the alpha wants her as his mate, and how persistent will he be? Read to find out. What if she has a arranged marriage to him set up...

Time For Miracles: An Adam Lambert Love Story

57 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Nathan Walker is far from normal. While most adults live life in the fast lane, he chooses to take things slow and easy. His innocent and child like personality separates him from almost everyone he meets. When his path crosses with Adam Lambert, Adam is charmed by Nathan's innocence and is lovestru...

Personalized Stories by Skylar

41 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Just a few Stories that I'm writing for a few people! I hope you guys like them. Ask if you want one. I may or may not have time to write one, but I can try!

Daughter of a Star by Łēt mē Rūń

Hey! I'm Kendahl. My dad is a big star, hes talented, single, gay, and all around amazing! Hes Adam Lambert. I love him! Anyways one night, at his concert, I ran into The Simon Cowell!He caught me singing and signed me on the spot. My first act? Opening for One Direction... 0.0 wish me luck!

S-i-n-g by Witch of Autumn

4 pages · Fan Fiction
Adam Lambert is a new judge on a The Voice. One girl catches his eye and is now on his team

The Songfic of Adommy by Kya Katz

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Adam? Are you alright?" Someone whispered. "Who is this who's done this to you, Babyboy? Who hurt you this badly? I've never seen you cry." Tommy slid down onto the floor next to Adam. Adam sniffed twice, wiped his eyes then turned away from the smaller man. "You know who it is," Adam said sad...

Elsa's gift by Kriss

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller
Bianca's 5 month old daughter, Elsa is holding a secret. Hannah has to be the one to crack it. So She followed Elsa to a secret place in the woods that leads them to Queen Elsa.

Never Close Our Eyes *An Adam Lambert Fanfic* by Kya Katz

25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Everyone has seen Adam's video for Never Close Our Eyes, right? Well, what if that came true? What if something had happened, and now everything was run by a dictator? And how does Adam try to escape?

If I had you (Adommy) by rainy wainy bear

6 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Just a short story about Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff (homophobics are NOT welcome)

When they came to my school... by Kriss

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
A scenario I had at school about Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff coming to see me! ♥

Promises by KiliThePlatypus and Black Veil Brides

Rating: T Warnings: Language, possible violence & mention of self-harm Pairings: Ashley/CC, Frank/Gerard/Tommy Joe, Andy/Mikey, Jess is just an ordinary girl untill she goes on tour with all her favorite bands. Cover image = locket pic. Also in locket is a pic of Jinxx. :) Enjoy!

Chokehold by Sierra Still

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I found some of my unfinished Adam/Tommy stories so I'm editing/completing them. In this story, the reader (first person) is in an abusive relationship that she can't seem to find a way out of. That is, until she runs into Tommy at a certain rock star's concert. (Hint: it's Adam'...

The Lambert Life by Łēt mē Rūń

Now that Kendahl has made her mark on the music world, she wants some down time. Her dad's career is just picking up again, so she spends most of her time with Zayn. Then one night things go too far...

The New Show by Kya Katz

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I stepped out of the shadows, and wandered over to Adam, who smiled genuinely at me. I realized at that moment how much I liked Adam, not just as a person, but as a friend, someone who I can trust. For the first time since it happened, I smiled.

A walk in the park by Kriss

5 pages · Fan Fiction
Bianca and Hector take a midnight walk in the park while Adam and Hannah hang out at home and talk a little. Hannah and Adam find more out then they thought they ever would. Follows "When I Met Sauli".

Sleep Deprevation by Kriss

7 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
While Hector and Bianca are on vacation in Florida, Hannah loses 5 days worth of sleep to reading a book series that keeps her awake. It drives Adam crazy Adam has to find a way to make her sleep before she loses her mind, worse than she already has... Can he do it?

Jitters of a soon to-be mother... by Kriss

5 pages
Adam, Bianca and Hector notice something's wrong with Hannah, but she won't let them in. It's up to them to find out what's happening. Let's just say, Jitters... is the right word for what Hannah's going through...

A Lambert Wedding On A Brithday! by Kriss

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Let's just say Hector, Adam, Bianca, and Hannah have a very busy day...

Metallic by Savannah

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
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