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Kickin' It with you!

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Alyssa Kessler joins Seaford High school what happens when she meets a whole new set of friends and falls in love with the back belt Jack.

Killer sorority

95 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Horror
The fourth book in the killer series. Secrets can bring people closer or result in the murder of our most loved characters. Secrets are meant to be kept, but once out in ...

Heroes of Olympus: The Untold Story

11 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Just read...NEW character...mostly the same story with a twist... Alyssa Jackson has an Instagram: @the_Alyssa_Jackson

Save Me~Jason McCann~

18 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
Alyssa"Ally"McKenzie was a normal teenage girl and had a normal life.But what happens when she gets kidnapped by one of the most powerful bombers in history?

Love is fake.

16 year old Alyssa had a perfect life until Jason McCann takes that all away from her this isn't any normal kidnapping story where the girl falls in love no this is much ...

One Love Feeds The Fire

38 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
15 year old Alyssa Green was just doing her chores when something happened. Bomber and killer Jason McCann kidnapped her, but he has a reason. But, Alyssa only knows him ...

Young Love (To Be One Love Story)

61 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Faith and Alyssa Decide to go to the park one day, little did they know that it will change their life forever. (IN THIS SOTRY, MIKEY AND LOUIS ARE 17 SO JUST PICTURE TH...


4 pages · Horror · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
Jason McCann. A criminal who doesn't care about anyone. What happens once he kidnaps one of the victims daughter and son. Will the victim's daughter, Alyssa Sanchez, chan...

Remembering the Fire

SEQUEL TO ONE LOVE FEEDS THE FIRE!(: Alyssa and Jason are back and more challenges arise. Alyssa can't remember who she is or her life, and it's up to Jason to help her o...

Cali Cali Cali

6 pages · Romance
A small town girl name Lauren from Texas comes to California for Summer break she meets Jason. She mostly spends her whole summer with him . But what happenes when she ha...

I Never Knew I Could Fall In Love With...

What happens when Alyssa runs into one of her old friends , falls in love with him, but also find out he's a ...?

Alyssa Lies

3 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
It's a Hetalia song-fic based on the song Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll. I own neither the song, nor Hetalia.
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6 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Alyssa Marie Von Vericks lives the craziest life of any mysteriosly popular student, but her world turns when she meets Jason Star... But will everything always be happy ...