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Did you mean an ko?
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Ninja Age reversal AU by Pika1043

40 pages · Fan Fiction · Action · Anime/Manga
In this AU I added two ocs (one of them is dead though). Anyway in this AU the Jonin and other older people of the village are younger while the Genins (like Naruto and co.) are the older ninjas of the village. The younger kids were all orphaned one way or another though. It follows the story of You...

Hidden Sentiments

116 pages · Fan Fiction · Action · Anime/Manga
Umi and Anko Shizune are 2 sisters with a mysterious past. When they suddenly stumble into Alice Academy, what will happen? As they slowly start to open up, will they be forced to face lost memories? Will they regain the trust that they tried so hard to lose? (Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice does not belo...

The Girl of the Dragons ( Naruto story ) by NarutoLover4Ever

70 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
*Originally called, "The Fifth Sister"* There are moments in life that are defining, stupendous... meant to be. This is where my story begins; The Village Hidden In The Leaves. I am Nozomi Yōso, The Girl of the Dragons, and I am the last of my clan; Or at least, I thought I was.

Lazy Town by Jay Wells

One-shot, maybe two-shot. I don't know. Crack mostly. I was watching Lazy Town (which I adored as a kid) and it turned out to be Icelandic (they watch it on their independence day no I'm not kidding), then watched Frozen. This was the end result. I need a life.

Wanna play? Ticci Toby x Oc by Miku Black Rock Shooter

1 page · Fan Fiction · Horror
"Wanna play?" Ankoku says "I know! Lets play Kagome Kagome...."

Phoenix fire by missy

3 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Hey look! Another Naruto fan fiction. Two girls. Best friends, both on team 7. Friends with Anko, and major pranksters. How is this life going to turn out?

Lotus Flower (Kiba & Gaara love triangle) by DeathFox

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Fantasy
When the village get atacked by the attaski a new member who looks just like anko is captured what happen when they find out the truth? Will she find luv in her new life? Will she meet her destiny?

Shinobi Witch by FoxfirePower

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Humor
This is a harry potter and Naruto crossover. What if Lilly wasn't just a which but a shinobi as well and that she was the cousin of Kushina .What if after Dumbledore Willow (Fem harry) was fond by someone else. What if that person was Anko Mitarashi. Watch as she takes the wizarding world by...

I Met My Reincarnation by Samantha Beilschmidt

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Fantasy
Miyako a troubled teen and her best friend anko find themselve in the feudal era! Crzay things start happening and it turns out miyako is inuyasha's reincarnation (i know this doesn't make sense but he's still alive) and now they join their quest for the sacred jewel shards book #1 extremely long an...

The darkness within the half demon by Samantha Beilschmidt

After a month of staying in the feudal era anko, miyako and the rest of the gang have another adventure story#2 and a bonus a sneak peak for story 3 ;D