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I Am Locked (Sherlock BBC)

349 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Sherlock Holmes. The world's greatest consulting detective. Nobody could be smarter, right? But what if Sherlock found someone who might be? Sherlock has always claimed to be married to his work, but he can't help admire this girl. But it's only admiration, right?

Welcome to the Other Side (Danisnotonfire Fanfic) by Τοτhεsταrs

257 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Jamie Phillips never dreamed of anything really big. Actually, her chances at doing anything seemed thin due to her mental instability. But she's offered a job at BBC radio and moves to the UK where she meets famous YouTuber, Dan Howell, who inspires her to take some chances, and maybe fall in l...

The Game is On (BBC Story) by Courtney

111 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sherlock Holmes has always been the most elite and intelligent person he has ever had the misfortune of meeting, at least until he meets Emily. She turns his world upside down. But she's not everything she says she is...will that break them both?

It's A Fame Thing [SEQUEL]

365 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Everyone knows Maya Tomlinson-Williams. She's a billionaire. A legendary footballer and an Olympic gold-medalist. Four-time Ballon d’Or winner and FIFA Women’s World Cup winning team member. BBC News CEO and nightly news anchor. She's toured the world, motivationally speaking in front of million...

Caring Is Not An Advantage (Finished) by You're on the side of the angels

127 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Everyone always thought that Sherlock was asexual and married to his work. He's always thought that love was a dangerous disadvantage. That caring was not an advantage. One woman couldn't change all that could she? (Sherlock Love Story)

The Consulting Detective's Heart by PinkPowerade

132 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Aelia is running away from her old life. She moves into the basement flat at 221 Baker Street hoping to outrun the monster from her past when she meets Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. With them around she feels safe, but her past catches up to her, and threatens to kill everyone she loves... again.

Crossfire by RyVal

179 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Once you start running, you'll never stop. That was why she tried to hide; because she knew she couldn't run forever. Returning home from Afghanistan, Evangeline Lewis finds herself residing in the mouldy flat of 221C Baker Street, the flat just below a consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes...

Angel With a Shotgun [Castiel] by TheGirlOfManyFandoms

280 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Dean is anonymously tipped off that he will need the help of one of the most intelligent girls in England to help save him. When Sam and Dean come to her, Natalia Holmes is of course skeptical. When she finally agrees to tag along, she never expected to fall in love with anyone, much less an angel.

Vague Shadow | Sherlock BBC Love Story | by S T A R

186 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Laicee Bennett had a less-than-perfect childhood. After her life fell apart, she was taken into 221b Baker Street by Mrs. Hudson, in hopes that she could have a normal life once again. That's when Laicee met the infamous Sherlock Holmes, and his assistant John Watson. Since that first meeting, L...

One Shots And Short Stories by кαтнιεεη тнε sσηgωяιтεя

35 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories · Horror
Just a few one shots and short stories I feel like writing. I take requests. They can be about anything - fanfiction about Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, One Direction, The Hunger Games, Busted/McFly/McBusted, Narnia, BBC Sherlock, Percy Jackson - or just random stories about love, hat...

The Other Watson(BBC Sherlock Fanfic) by HLostGirl15

43 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Victoria Watson, John's little sister, moves into 221B. She has always craved adventure and that is what she gets when she meets Sherlock Holmes. ~Really bad description~

The detectives daughter by HS

277 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Ex Army Doctor John Watson meet the Consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his 13 year old daughter. The two Holmes' pull the good doctor into their crazy lives and drag him on a case within hours of knowing him! I only own Sherlock's daughter and another two characters. Everything else i...

Allonsbutt! [Superwholock One-Shots]

39 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
ł Requests open ł Reader inserts featuring characters from Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. l 2014 l ©¢αℓℓιтωαнтуσυℓιкє

Not Exactly As I Seem *Sherlock Love Story*

178 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sherlock Holmes, internationally famous and admired. The world's only consulting detective. With an IQ score of 190, above that of Albert Einstein, he can be anything he ever wanted. But he is lonely. He just doesn't know it. But John does. And John causes something that will change everyth...

An Unexpected Love by PuddingNya

62 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
You moved into 221C Baker Street, expecting to live a normal life by yourself. That is, until you met the infamous Sherlock Holmes. But you come across someone else who seems to take a particular interest in you.


31 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Only accepting requests from: The Avengers, Batman, Joker, Superman, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes (BBC), Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Supernatural, The Hobbit, Once Upon A Time

Affair of the Mind *Sherlock* by Panic

343 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
One messy divorce later Alice gets tossed into the world of Mr. Holmes and Doctor Watson when she meets them in the morgue of St. Barts. She has her eye on Mr. Holmes...but that's something she'll never admit. Starts between The Blind Banker and The Great Game.

113 Days In A Life (One-shots) by BiscuitsAndDiscontent ɫNoodleIsBaeɫ

"My life is so boring. I wish I could live in someone else's shoes for a while." "That's what writing and reading is for." Random One-Shots inspired by 113 words from any of the following shows/books/games: Hetalia, Sword Art Online, The Outsiders, Doctor Who, (BBC's)Sherlock, Ib or any ra...

A Case of Sociopaths (a Sherlock story) by Arwen Ithiliel

67 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Two sociopaths. One government. Eloise Renat is a classified psychopath...or so the military says. Discharged honorably for her services to the nation, Eloise is left to her own devices. She meets a man by the name of Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective working for Scotland Yard. Eloise&#...

Crow Wrapped in Piano Strings (BBC Sherlock)

28 pages · Mystery · Thriller
BBC Sherlock Case Book series. “The Witch Doctor, the papers have dubbed him." One by one, all strung up like paper dolls. An ingenious serial killer terrorizes London by hanging his 'art' for everyone to 'enjoy'. Sherlock and John face a puzzling and disturbing case that is s...
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