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The Doctors Companion (Reader Insert)

8 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Hello my wee beasties, I see you've stumbled into the Tardis, and oh.. look, and adventure is about to unfold for you and Ten. Good luck dearies, don't get hurt, ...

Beauty and the Beasties (Beastie Boys ...

12 pages · Romance
Pretty much the title. Lucy Kennedy, a Senator's daughter falls for one of the Beastie Boys. This story is dedicated to MCA. He died May 4th and this is for him.

Love after all (1D fanfic)

Madyson alway's was girl who never had any friend's and wanted fit in her onily 3 friend's were her beastie's she alway's listiond music calm her down...


8 pages · Horror · Romance
Snapdragon (cover pic) is an orphan adopted by an unlikely parent. she has a cat that is named magic. she is a shape shifter. what happens when she meet another shape sh...

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