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I See You (Larry Stylinson AU) by A.J

108 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Going into a new school Harry is determined to hide the fact that he was born blind as long as he can in fear of being judged. When he meets Louis, the school's football star, he's skeptical to tell him his secret, regardless of Harry's growing feelings for him.

The Teachers Pet (ManxBoy/Werewolf) by Love will always find a way no matter th

74 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Twilight
What happens when the person you have been looking for, for 100 years finally comes in site but he is forbidden fruit. The kind that can not only get you fired from your job but put in jail also. Carson Reid is a Physics teacher at Nixa High School. Has been for 4 years now. He is also the Beta of t...

Just One Taste (BxB) *Finished*

90 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
(Don't like gay? Don't read it!) Carter, the one who gets bullied and sits at the lunch table alone, is a loner and is gay. He starts to fall in love with the school's bad boy Jesse, but Jesse isn't a normal bad boy... he's a cold blooded killer.

Opposites Attract. (BxB)

95 pages · Romance
"We didn't finish where we left off." Blake smirked, his face not to far from mine. "N-no. Stop. Y-your a player, a jerk, and a bully." I mumbled, as Blake was still inches away from my face, amused that I was talking. "A-and I-I never knew you were g-gay. I know y-you aren&...

Social Casualty - Lashton by Someone

45 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Dear Diary. I live in fear. Fear of my parents reactions when i come out to them as gay. Fear of having to go to school everyday to be greeted with harsh words and punches. Fear of eating when i'm already fat enough as it is. Fear of my 2 brothers who just love to beat me up until the brink o...

Goodbye Agony............. (Andley Story) by Holly Grieveson

Ashley Purdy. Hot. Sexy. Everyone in school loved him, the girls falling for him, his tattoo's, his parties, his skills with a guitar and his ways with the girls......... Andy is new, shy, nervous with no confidence and issues at home. Ashley wants to see him, talk to him, but all his followers ...

September tears (BXB) *Finished*

46 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Alex is gay and has a crush on school player and badass Jared. Alex's nightmare becomes a dream when Jared saves him from Skylar school jock and bully of Alex. Will Alex get his dream boy?

The Modern Day Romeos

47 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Alec Capulet and Kris Montague. Different lives. Different ages. Complete enemies. But how can they not love each other, when they are everything each other wanted? The two teenagers go to the same school, have the same friends, and quite a few similar interests. And very quickly, small crushes ...

Sacrifice by ℳᴜʀᴅᴇʀᴏᴜsLᴏᴠᴇஜ

12 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
Cole Quinn has been chosen as the Sacrifice for his generation. The human representative at a school of beasts. In order to bring peace to the world, a representative from each of the 8 races is sent. Will Cole survive his high school life?

Between Cell Gates [BXB] by ˣreject

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Carlos is a 19 year old boy who barely graduated high school, where he was constantly labeled the trouble maker. He has now been incarcerated for the last 2 months for committing multiple crimes. Even for such a short time in this location, he’s gotten used to the new lifestyle and occasionally en...

You're Famous? *Andy Biersack Love Story*

(BxB) Alec is the nerd of the school. Andy is a rock star. Alec listens to pop and alternative. Andy plays rock and tours. Alec is gay. Andy is straight. Alec is bullied and Andy saved him. Alec thinks Andy is just some random guy but really Andy is always leaving because he has concerts. What happe...

To be loved (Andley love story) by The 5 Outcasts

Co writer: undeadshadows Ashley Purdy moves to a new school to make a fresh start from jerks and homophobes at his old school. He soon meets a boy named Andy Biersack who is also gay. Will these two end up together or will they both end up heart broken?

Those Blue Eyes Saved Me (BxB) by DamageDealt

15 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Bryson is struggling to survive high school, but it doesn't help that no one is trying to keep him alive either. That is until the day he meets someone who just might change his life...

Lost it all by Death to you heart

6 pages · Romance · Realistic
Drake is a normal boy who loves everything boys like, including loads of girls. Drake is a normal teenage boy until something horrifying happened. His life gets turned upside down and he faces hard times. He changes football red, to jet black and the top charts for Escape the fate CD's. But he meets...

Will You Be My Saviour? by nicolebvb

Andy Biersack is the wretched at Aiken High School. On the other hand, there is the divine, Ashley Purdy, at Woodward High School. Music plays a big part in both of their lives. Surprisingly, music also brings them together.

Secret -Larry Stylinson and Niam Hayne- by Zainab

42 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Harry is what you could call, 'the player'. He was captain of the football team, and always knew how to get the ladies. Louis is the new kid, just starting his first year at James Wood High School. What happens when Harry meets Louis? And will their blooming relationship still remain a secret? Boy X...

He's My Redeemer (Jayy Von Monroe and Kurt Hummel Love Story)

88 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kurt Hummel expected his senior year to be a normal, carefree school year. After a long time of waiting, he had a boyfriend, best friends, and was apart of his schools glee club. His quiet school year changes as the electronic band, Blood on the Dance Floor breaks down in his town and he begins to f...

Gaze (boyxboy) by Christian and Cece

16 pages · Short Stories
Destery loves his sister, love shis friends, loves colorguard, hates his parents, and loves the blue eyes of his crush, he freezes up around him and now he cant get away from him

Screw the Standard (BoyxBoy) BEING EDITED by Kekinabox

22 pages · Romance · Humor
Fall festivals, bad grades, relationships, enemies, and drama. Blade Daniels goes through what most teens do in High School. His life used to be pretty normal. That is, before everything changed. (Btw, I suck at descriptions. You will have my love forever if you make a better one)

Hetalia: [PruAus Fanfic] Love you like Music by тнεσтαкυηεкσ

24 pages · Anime/Manga · Humor · Fan Fiction
So our little Roddy's starting a music club, because *gasp* there isn't one in the bizarre World Academy. Unfortunately, for a club to exist, it needs more than one member (Italy's clubs are a special case) and everyone's declining Roderich's offer to join except Gilbert. Now, it...
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