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New Girl

362 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
I always have to move, and it really sucks! But I never expected to meet five amazing guys. There's Liam, he's a nerd but also really sweet when you get past his shyness....

Adventure Time boyfriend scenarios

54 pages · Adventure · Humor
Title explains it all~ the options are Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Flame Prince, Finn, and human BMO, sorry if it sucks, enjoy :)

Jealousy Games (Modern Sasuke Love Sto...

94 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
When you're 14, and the guy you like likes you back and will never admit it, life sucks. Sasuke Uchiha, the most popular guy in Konoha High School has had eyes for me eve...

New Member

262 pages · Fan Fiction
Parker is a 9 year old that has been stuck in an orphanage since her parents died when she was 5. Since then she has been in and out of foster homes always coming back to...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

56 pages · Fan Fiction
I wrote all these scenarios and drew all the pictures by myself. I'm sorry if they suck. I'm not the best writer or artist.

Four Letter Word - Link x Reader

62 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
You never thought it was possible to get sucked into a videogame; you'd always dreamt of it, but it actually came true. You ended up in one of your favourite series, ...

Confused. ~Taylor Caniff Love Story~

78 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Madison Gilinsky is Jack Gilinsky's younger sister. She's had a troubling past that she tries to put behind her as much as possible. When the Magcon boys come int...

Creepypasta Scenarios

37 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Includes: Jeff, Slenderman, BEN, L.J., Dark, and Liu/Sully, E.J., and Lost Silver. (character suggestions are always welcomed) Sorry if these suck! :p

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

4 pages
This is my first one, so sorry if it sucks. EJ, LJ, BEN, Jeff,

Swept Me Off My Feet~Mikey Fusco~Finis...

69 pages ~ Completed · ICONic Boyz · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
"See I suck!" I said. "No you don't, here let me show you" He grabbed my waist and started moving my body in different directions. He was behind me so...

I Just Need Someone [BxB]

47 pages · Romance · Realistic
Tyler finally decides to come out to his loving big brother, who doesn't react quite as he had hoped. Two months later, he meets someone who he can actually feel acce...

Boy Crazy

54 pages · Humor · Realistic
My best friend that I have been in love with for as long as I could remember, is gay. And to think that it couldn't possibly get any worse? He isn't in love with me, he's...
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Love Like No Other(Peter Pan fanfic)

5 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Sorry I suck at description :/ Read to find out what really happens ;)

The Redneck's Black Heart

63 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Love Story Candace Evens was all alone until a group of people saved her. Will Daryl's black heart get the best of him or will he suck it u...

No Escape Needed (Dead End Ryan)

3 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Horror
Ryan was just a normal boy but, after getting bullied and the disrespect from his sister, that all changed. He may look like a monster but he is one inside his soul. This...

Don't touch me.

5 pages · Realistic · Romance
Edwin hates being touched. He doesn't like talking about the reason why he doesn't like being touched because it makes him remember things he doesn't want to ...

Finding You|Harry Styles

When Harry Styles, from the famous and very successful boyband; One Direction, starts having these weird, realistic dreams about a girl he's never even met before, he...

Online Relationships Suck

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
Megan Winter's is a 17 year old girl, and she has a secret. Change that, secrets. She's bullied and absolutely hates her existence. But one day that's changed...

Broken Angel (TMI Fanfic)

26 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Clary Fray is a normal teenage girl. Well, except for the fact that she is a Shadowhunter. Who kills demons on a weekly basis, has magical runes for healing, and has the ...

Frozen Heart (BxB)

47 pages · Romance
Those who don't like BL, DO NOT READ. (Changed this a bit:) Ian Walker, a 23 year old rich boy. He has silver hair and hazel green eyes, tall and lean. He acts co...

Worth Fighting For

3 pages · Adventure · Twilight · Fantasy
The story follows Sam Uley's little sister, Piper. Follow her as she deals with vampires, insane ex- boyfriends, a certain jealous girl, her own identity, and the wor...

Minecraft Real Life Edition (on hold)

4 pages · Adventure · Fantasy
Minecraft time! A young boy got sucked in his favorite game with his friends and was requested by Notch to slay the evil. What will go forth?

The Other Half

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
( M o d e r n ! A O T B o y s X R e a d e r ) Being away for half a year sucks. Especially when your boyfriends other half isn't there.

The Best Of The Best

17 pages · Anime/Manga · Action · Fan Fiction
Roronoa Zoro was a bodyguard who was always hired, known best for his ability to protect anyone, no matter who it was. Luffy was a boy who was a street fighter, no matter...
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