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Dead or Alive, Revenge is Bittersweet.

115 pages ~ Completed · Thriller · Romance
Julianne Laracroft starts high school and is constantly bullied for her appearance. One day she has had it with everything and decides to leave everything behind. She vow...

My Love Tutor

15 pages · Romance
Logan. He's a skater. He's a bully. He's a reckless guy. It's better to stay away from him. Oh yeah, he's homophobe. Nathan. He's a shy boy. He&#...

Take a Dare

78 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
Ever Johnson lost everything, her parents, her friends, her pride, joy, and confidence. She is popular, but not the type of popular you think. Everyone knows her, but tha...

Mika's Final Tears

20 pages · Realistic · Romance
A girl, Mika, is bullied at school and abused at home. She never knew her father. She's very poor and lives in a broken down house. The kids who bully her blame her ...

Living with Anorexia..-A Sasuke Modern...

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Naruto
Shilo is a normally shy, quiet keep to herself type of girl, She's always smiling but smiles don't always reach your core, what happens when bully falls for bullied?


14 pages ~ Completed · Romance
Read the story if you want to understand ;)

Falling In Love With My Bully

What happens when Skylar is forced to spend time with her bully and ends up falling head over heels in love with him?

The Six Best Friends- A Janoskians Story

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hey guys, this is a Janoskians fan fiction. Description below. Sorry if the story offends you, if you don't like cursing, love,and bullying, I suggest this is not a s...

I Refuse To Sink

This is the story of a girl who writes letters to her bestfriend,Ty who is also her lover. Hera is misunderstood. She's bullied because she's "ugly, fat, and emo". Her lo...


5 pages · Romance
Shes the popular girl everyone love, He's the emo boy that everyone bullies, she's loud with a hidden identity, and he's quiet with millions of secrets.

Save Me part 3

21 pages · Romance · Realistic
If you want to read parts one and two start at Save Me but trust me if you don't you'll still understand. She's the emo, loner, loser who gets bullied, but w...
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You complete me 3

35 pages · Romance
Willow young is a normal teenage emo nerd who has her nose in a book reading, or listening to music or even drawing. She gets bullied and only has 1 friend. But what happ...

The Darkness Within

2 pages · Romance · Vampires · Horror
Adrianna was just a normal girl, bullied and tortured every day... That is until she met HIM who turned her whole world upside down. A story about vampires and running aw...


2 pages · Romance · Realistic
A girl named Emra who is a senior from East Glendale high. She has been bullied By Gage for years. Physically, emotionally, and verbally. He doesn't bully anyone else...

Save me from myself

6 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
BxB what if life was so bad you wanted to die, i cut myself trying to escape the pain but everyday the bullies and life problems come back... then i met him and he killed...

The in goin'(bxb)

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
All Andrew wants is the love of his miserable life, Darry. As Andrew gets bullied every day it seems to slow down. he realizes darry is the reason why, will life get bett...

I'm getting Married with My Bully?

7 pages · Romance · Mystery
Kyle was a bullied girl that was given a male name because her parents expected a baby boy.What's worse? Her mother's best friend is the mother of her bully, Mason.Then h...

Royal Blood *FINESHED*(Being EDITED)

50 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
Society always seem to feel the need to give certain people a title, a name if you while to classify their worth based on appearances and anything else they don't lik...

Guitar Kisses In The Rain

2 pages · Romance · Short Stories
BxB~ Phoenix just moved to a different city, he's the quiet type who just sits away from the crowd.. He had a tough past, he's effected badly from it, he meets a ...

Take The Chains Away

Jaye was betrayed and bullied. The emo girl of the hell hole they called school. There was no escape from the violence that caged her. Not even home. Her mother died in a...

Yes i'm fine

19 pages · Romance
Tara is 15, where to start? she is really shy and well....diffrent, no she can't make fireballs or something, but she is still diffrend, in a world full of hate, cutt...

Kiss It All Better

21 pages · Realistic · Romance
Ivy lives a complicated life, her mom is never home, her father is abusive and hardly home but when he is she gets hurt sometimes to the point she has to skip school for ...

The Scars Of Our Love

6 pages · Romance
Mickey Brooks is a lonely boy who is constantly cutting himself but, never to deep just deep enough to feel pain. His parents gave up on him and hardly ever talk to him. ...
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