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A Piece Of Paper

91 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
IF YOU DON'T LIKE GAYS, THEN DON'T READ! THIS STORY IS ALSO FINISHED. Levi always writes notes to himself, then rips them up to feel better. What if his older br...

Boy Toy

45 pages · Romance
I've always wondered, why me? All he did was let out a small snicker, showing his stunningly white teeth through a side smile and said, "Be my boy toy."

I Kissed A Boy

53 pages ~ Completed · Romance
"I used to be straight." Tyler says. "Until I met him." --One drastic party night, a few drinks, and a kiss can change an entire life.

Anxiety and High Hopes

91 pages ~ Completed · Romance
BoyxBoy A football player falling in love with an artist, what could go wrong?

Curiosity Killed the Cat ( BxB )

89 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
His body was pressed against mine. He wouldn't release me. " Say you'll forgive me, and I'll let you go, " He stared at me dead in the eyes. I shook my head, and he pin...

Lessons of the Heart -BxB-

62 pages · Romance · Realistic
Lawson Parker was a rebellious 17 year old teen who didn’t care about his grades. Jason Cooper was his hired private tutor who was supposed to lead him to the right pat...

Just A Kiss *COMPLETE*- Rewriting -

104 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Warning: BxB "Hey baby!" I just felt arms snaking through my waist as I was so busy. Looking back as to who it was, I just realized it was him. "Hey." fo...

He Teaches History (BxB)

181 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Michael is a new student at Bradburry High, having moved from California all the way to Maine over Christmas break. He's kinda shy, which doesn't help with making...

Two Wrapped In One [FINISHED]

77 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
(IF YOUR DON'T LIKE GAYS, THEN DON'T READ!) Nick finally gets his birthday wish, he gets enrolled at a dance studio for the summer. Who said that the dance instructor co...

Pirate Cove BXB -FNAF Fanfic-

53 pages · Romance · Horror
I looked at my cameras over and over. Where are the robot things go! I looked at my watch. Five o'clock. I suddenly heard loud steps leading to my door. I quickly shu...

Desire For His Hate (bxb)

79 pages ~ Completed · Romance
August is innocent, sweet, and loving. Until a boy comes around changing his thoughts, manipulating his mind and stealing his innocence. August knows the boy is doing wro...

Don't Touch Me

64 pages · Romance · Realistic
(BxB)It's disgusting; how can people touch each other? Whether it's a hug or a handshake, I can't stand to be touched. I'm afraid of it, actually. But you...
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Picture Perfect [BxB]

14 pages · Romance · Realistic
Three years ago, Carter lost his mother in a devastating car crash. Slowly, he starts slipping away as his school finds out the secret only his mother knew. Now, he’s o...

The artist's models back then

9 pages · Romance
Young artist charlie, will be tackling his biggest project just after his new exhibet in the local art gallery, newly opened the day after getting a comission of the bigg...

My Rights

26 pages · Romance
This is about 14 year old boy called Luke who lives with homophobic mum and dad who treats him like a stranger when they found which he was hiding it from them,being abus...

Creepypasta One shots

13 pages · Fan Fiction
In the title folks requests and themes are open. Can choose; Yandere, funny, dramatic, cute, perverted, creepy, normal or just leave it up to me for the themes. I will d...

Loving My Alpha

11 pages · Romance · Humor
Being Scott's beta is pretty easy. Especially since we all been through a lot. But I cam to realize I was Gay after a certain incident with a random guy from a party....

My First Kiss

5 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Romance
Bucky had finally gotten away from HYDRA, but now he had nowhere to go, he didn't even know who he was. Everyday after pulling Steve out of the river slowly go borin...

Strange. (OHSHC fanfic) (Kaoru x OC)

46 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
This is gonna be bxb so if you don't like, don't read. Caramel lives on the streets after a previous debt and gets bored one day. He stumbles upon a private schoo...

Along Came You

53 pages · Romance
Aaron was never the one to go out with his friends. He would like to remain at home and read a book. That was until Gavin came along. And when he did, all hell breaks loo...

Mixed signals Fairy tail Love triangle

(Boyfriend Gray x Oc x Bully Laxus) Hey, I’m Aiden. I’m a new member of Fairy Tail, I was found unconscious in the woods with no memory except my name, and was alleg...

My Dog Ate My Homework.

29 pages · Fantasy
School was suppose to be a drag. A push over and pain in the ass. Not a place for supernatural wars. What was a boy to do?

Abused Love

29 pages · Romance
What if I ended it all tonight, would I finally be free? Would this pain stop? Will I finally be happy...? "No," he whispered, holding my hand, "You just want...

My Best Friend ~BXB~

16 pages · Romance · Realistic
Aiden Woods and James Smith are two best friends that does what every best friends does. Tell each other secrets and looks out for each other but there is a secret Aiden ...
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