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Leo Valdez Lovestory by praetorscriptor

3 pages · Fantasy · Romance
This is my first story! Leo and you will met in the follwing chapters but will he fall for you? Leave me a comment if you liked it.

Daughter of Zeus

128 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Fantasy
Chrys finds out her true identity. But more mystery comes towards her, she's cheated death many times now. Book two is now installed into the story. Will she survive? Will she find the one she loves, her Nico? Or will she die trying?

Unordinary(A Percy Jackson and 39 Clues crossover) by Just Keep Believing

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Olivia Riley thought she was a normal girl with a normal family, normal friends, and a perfectly normal life. But that all changed when her best friend revealed that he was a satyr, and she was whisked away to Camp Half-Blood. Now she is in the midst of an angry disagreement with the gods and realiz...

The Trial of Four by Wolf

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
For years, CampHalfBlood have lived in peace. But the camp is in great danger, even the Gods themselves do not know what to do. In the midst of terror four young campers seek to find what was lost.

Daughter of Olympus by Thefandomer

2 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Cassandra had grown up in Olympus. She never even knew there was any other life. But one day, she hears the gods speaking of a different world, and she realizes the gods had been lying to her for her entire life. She is brought down to the mortal world as punishment, and nobody believes her. What wi...

Birds of a Feather by Anna Anderson

6 pages · Adventure
Anna Anderson has nothing by her side. She fights through waves and waves of monsters before finding a mysterious camp named after some Goddess of Betrayal. After finding out that her godly parent is someone named Satron, and her long lost twin brother went on a quest and never came back. Anna sets ...

Twilight and percy jackson crossover by neverstopreading

11 pages · Twilight · Fantasy · Vampires
When alex ,child of Apollo is sent on her first quest, she is bitterly disspointed. Shes not being sent to save the world but to discover more about a race of vampires that hades created. And form an alliance with the peaceful cullens. But when she meets the werewolfs things start looking up! ;)

Remember me? (Percy Jackson- Leo Valdez FanFic) by the awesomest person ever

296 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kristen Black lost her best friend on their 14th birthday, after a boy she grew close to came and disappeared. No one knows if Diana is alive or dead, or what happened. When Kristen turned 17, strange things start to happen. On a camping trip she was with her friend, Alfire, but then her parents who...

Little monster girl

10 pages · Mystery · Adventure
Demi god's of hecate are meant to mean, cruel and power hungry. not Ivy. all she's every wanted is to be herself and to be accepted. She wants to be crazy and happy and different and loving. She's friends with the hero's of the prophecy. The seven. Friends with monsters and friends w...

Brooke Jackson (Percy Jackson 2nd generation) by Kendra

7 pages · Fan Fiction
Brooke jackson is the daughter of Percy and Annabeth. She has been going to Camp-half blood since she was eight almost as long as her mom. Her cousin Alex Grace just started Camp half-blood. There have been circulating rumours that the reincarnations of Luke Castellan, Selena Beaurguard, Charles Bec...

Camp Half Blood Role Play by Camp Half-Blood Roleplay

Instructions on how to RP here! Feel free to join at anytime, it's never too late to join. (Owned by {instagram} @camphalfblood__ {two underscores})

Somebody that i used to know

24 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This story is about 3 girls who find their life may be harder once they find out they are demigods *Larrie and Americo and Mason* Leo valdez and Nico di angelo and Jason Grace love story not bxb Piper doesn't exist!

Why me? by watermelon eating pandas

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Leanna-gracella smith is a young girl who has yet to find out all there is to know about herself. Her mother was never in the picture to begin with and her dad was trying his best to raise a succesful daughter when her friend suddenky whisks her away to some camp things only get wierder.

Goddess of the fallen by CLEAR

23 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
<percy jackson fanfiction i will be going off the books mostly> iris goddess of the rainbow has a big secret. Fourteen years ago she and the goddess nemesis created a child. The godling was banished from olympus finding herself lost in the world until she found Luke.

Daughter of Posiden /the One Direction fan. by Julian Blackthorn

14 pages · Adventure · Action
Amelia is a 15 year old girl who loves One Direction. Her mom is Sally Jackson and has a step dad named Gabe who she has known all her life. Her mom said that she had a older brother named Percy before Amelia was born but he had apparently died...

The Misfit Children ~Camp Half Blood ~ by Curiosity

4 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Everyone knows of the God's of Olympus at Camp Half~Blood and all demi-gods learn how untrustworthy their parents are. Some Gods are neglecting their children but when two unruly twins arrive will this benefit the camp? Or bring about its impending doom?