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YouTube Gamers Oneshots

34 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories
(Reader x Various) Oneshots of various YouTubers (such as PewDiePie, ChaoticMonki, ParagonNova, ect).

This Is My Candyland [X Reader]

46 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Laughing Jack's obsession with you was completely chaotic and crazy, such as himself. He dragged you into his so-called carnival and little messed up fantasy world, a...

Youtube Wonderland-Reader x Various

56 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
It is your 18th birthday and you are going to get engaged. Yay. But, you don't want to get married: Your Mother is forcing you. You don't want to...not after...that... S...


149 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Mystery
A Cry x Reader fanfiction, You are an orphan who lives in her grandparents home. During a freak accident you lose your ability to speak. Tired of being blamed for everyth...

Between ~FINISHED~

280 pages ~ Completed · Romance
After 3 failed attempts of finding the right school, 17- year old Katherine Steeleback’s parents send her to Halman Prep; Fulton, Ohio’s castle of elite private schoo...

The Masked Assassin- A Cryaotic Love S...

85 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
Cry is a hired assassin, and murders anyone who sees his face. But then, one fateful day, he falls in love.

Faceless love (Cry x Reader)

53 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
I'm on my way home when I find someone I decide to help them. Is it the smartest thing I have done in my life or not?

Game Over (Cry X Reader X PewDiePie)

40 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
White. It was everywhere. What happened?Why is everything white? I can't feel myself, or hear anything at all. I can just see, and think. There's no undo, no replay of an...

In the dark.(Reader/Cry)

13 pages ~ Completed · Horror
You are on your way home from a friend's house.You noticed a car has been following you.You are suddenly grab and knocked out by two people.You wake up in a dark and horr...

Surviving the Apocalypse

124 pages · Romance · Adventure
I've read a few like this where it's Youtubers x Reader in an apocalypse but I haven't read one where it's the real world, it's all getting sucked int...

Making You Mine

156 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
[Izuna Uchiha x Reader-insert] In hopes of creating an alliance with the Uchiha clan, your father decided to arrange a marriage between you and Madara Uchiha's little...

Our Horror Story (PewdiePie X Cry)

69 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Horror
Cry's life is breaking apart, and it's mostly Pewdie's fault. Strangely enough though, he may be the only one to piece it back together...!
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Dark Waters: A Pewdiecry Fanfic

4 pages · Romance · Mystery
Felix had a friend. A childhood friend. His friend died tragically by drowning in a deep river near the summer home Felix used to go to with his father. A concussion made...

The Game of Life(Izaya X Oc)

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Cheryl is a young 19 year old woman who mysteriously appears in Ikkebukuro which catches Izaya Orihara's eye because He of all people would know if someone does so mu...

Demons and heroes

26 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Link has won the Wing Ceremony and Zelda has fallen. But when Link meets a blue haired boy by the name of "Ichiro", or, Chiro, as he prefers, his world might be ...

Against The World

3 pages · Romance · Realistic
It’s two against the world. Actually, it’s one against one against the world. Charlie is the distant one, she’s only ever been that. Put in the stereotypical bad bo...

The Crash

10 pages · Romance · Realistic
Mia is having trouble with her life. Once Blake comes into her life, things become even more chaotic and troubled. She grits her teeth and pushes through it only to find ...

Holding it in.

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Snake had feelings for Cheyenne. He had for a long time. But Cheyenne was with Cry. Not wanting to hurt his friend, Snake pretends that his crush on Chey doesn't exis...

Victubia: War Between Kingdoms

9 pages · Fan Fiction
Victubia has been rather peaceful, the MangaMinx and Crious kingdom have been rather docile of eachother, tolerating their existence. But when the king of Chilled kingdom...

Cryaotic Disaster

31 pages · Romance · Mystery
You might think that this story is going to start with either a nice day, or more likely, a bad one. But you’re wrong. This story starts with no day. No day at all. The...

Slow Me Down

11 pages · Romance · Realistic
Rushing and racing, and running in circles. Moving so fast, I'm forgetting my purpose. Blur of the traffic is sending me spinning, getting nowhere. My head and m...

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (~) Lock...

4 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction
Jamie Hendricks is a normal girl at 24; well, at least to her she is. She likes watching YouTube in her spare time, when she's not working away at her job. When she p...

Royal Blue

192 pages · Realistic · Romance
At Halden Prep, there are the royals, and then there is everyone else. High above the standard of normal, they are the essence of popularity. But even they can't esca...

Cryaotic Remix

13 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
You're an average girl, who has a liking for gamer youtubers. One particular, Chaoticmonki. Cryaotic. Cry. One evening when watching the live stream, something weird ...
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