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How to Make a Super Soldier Faint

152 pages · Short Stories · Romance
First place in the quotev awards. Humorous story idea that made me smile. It's just a bit of fun fluff but I hope it makes you laugh. Poor Steve Rogers. He never anticipa...

The Avengers Preferences

82 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
YouLightMeUpRogers Productions © WaitingForCaptainAmerica Productions © One-Shots and preferences featuring the Avengers, including: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Clint...

Avengers One-Shots

262 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
No more requests, bitte

Avengers One-Shots and Preferences

91 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Avengers one-shots where you are the one they're falling for and Preferences!

Avengers One-Shots

295 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Series of One-Shots featuring the Avengers.

How to Save a Life: A Tony Stark Fanfi...

114 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Have you never been in love, Tony?" The reporter demanded, aloof and still austere, trying to seem tougher than the man before her. Tony's face hardened and ...

Happily Ever After [Avengers]

177 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A collection of Avengers/Reader drabbles, ficlets, and one shots

Avengers Preferences

53 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Preferences for Avengers characters Heart, Comment, Follow :)

Avengers *One Shots*

28 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Just some One Shots that include: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Bruce Banner (The Hulk), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Thor, and even Loki. *Cover Imag...

This Is War.

86 pages · Fantasy · Romance
She is Tony Stark's daughter all of her life she was ignored by her father he never paid attention to her all his attention was either work or girls or alcohol. Her Fathe...

Lurking in the Shadows -Avengers Love ...

138 pages · Romance · Adventure
Many years ago, Natasha Romanoff does the forbidden during an undercover mission; she falls in love with the man she has been ordered to assassinate. Only, he didn't ...

Your Love is a Poison *Loki Love Story*

53 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Loki". I moaned. He had me pinned against the wall, gently kissing my neck. No matter how much I tried to fight it, I felt myself slowly giving in. "We need ...
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The Fairytale in the Sleepless City

152 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Natasha Romanoff needs to work hard to get by in Manhattan. She takes a new job as the nanny of a young daughter of successful business man, Clint Barton. What happens ne...

The Fallen Ones [Avengers]

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Mystery
Fallen right? I seen many heros that have fallen, my friends and family were heros.. They have fallen.. Have I fallen as well? [ExHero!ReaderxAvengers]

The World Depends on Her

23 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
Kayla Ford, a very hyperactive nine year old girl, has some very... different abilities. Yes, she is a mutant. No, she isn't a normal mutant. Her powers aren't no...

Stark's Daughter

26 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Its a story on how a desperate father (tony stark) get a death note saying if he didnt find his daughter that THEY would kill her. Yeah yeah blah blah story summary: it&#...

Games With A god

76 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
I was running my way around the training track at one of the SHIELD bases when everything went wrong. Screams and shouts filled the hallways so I left the training room a...

Super Apocalyptic

11 pages · Science Fiction · Adventure
Earth has been ruled by zombies (brain eaters as Carol would call them) for 15 years now. Carol who is 18 and Iker who is 21 have been together for 8 years now and they a...


27 pages · Fan Fiction
Abigail Rogers is the sister of Captain America, Steve Rogers. She's been through hell, just to wake up in a whole different century, the year 2007, to be exact. Now ...

The Avengers! *Requests Closed...again!*

132 pages
REQUESTS Closed! :) All avengers plus Loki, Phil and Nick (though they could he counted as avengers) Bucky Barnes and The Winter Soldier can be requested! Thank you! :)...

It Will Come To Me

60 pages · Adventure · Romance
Kidnapped by Loki when she was just a baby. Loki knew of her powers, how she can bend any element at will. To keep her from being known or taken, he kept her a secret. ...

Fighting for you

25 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I am Natasha Romanoff. My partner is Clint Barton. This is our screwed up story that goes well.... just about everywhere.... It is going to be a heck of a ride.


28 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction
Loki had a child with a young maiden woman who couldn’t get pregnant with the king’s child. The child of Loki’s had powers beyond anyone’s minds, but she also had...

The Mind Reader

12 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
I REALLY suck at descriptions so I'm not even gonna give one. It 9 years after Loki let the Chitauri loose on Manhattan and now the avengers (+1... errr, +2) are abou...
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