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Sцреямаи (Jоиатнаи Gооd Lоvе Sтояу) by BеFеаяlеss

5 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jade Mendez is the sister of April Mendez aka AJ Lee. Ever since April had left home to follow her dreams, Jade has been a wreck without her sister. She has been getting into trouble, fighting with her parents, & end up with the wrong guys. When April came home, she took her sister with her on ...

Little Pup~Sequel to Little Wyatt~

14 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Don't bring this on me, Jonathan. You wouldn't listen to me, you blamed me. And it wasn't my fault. But that didn't matter to you. All that mattered to you was that someone hurt just like you were. Well guess what, Jon? You got your wish. I suffered. I hurt. But I'm done hur...

Believe In Me: A Roman Reigns Love Story by Ashley Hellwig

15 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Brittany Lopez was always hidden in her brother's, Colby Lopez aka Seth Rollins shadow every since she had came into the WWE. She was always lectured about how she shouldn't be around Colby's former 'brothers' Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) and Jon Good (Dean Ambrose). She always ...

You Should Know Better - Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose by Pip

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Billie was left behind when the boys got called up to the main roster, and that was almost two years ago. Now the boys are on a roll and Billie is back and better than ever with a surprise for two of the most important men in her life. How Joe and Jon cope with the fact that their team member and ...

Ringside Love. by Idk Cody Rhodes

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Ellie is a young journalist who needs to escape a difficult past. Can he accept the past she's running from?

The Protector. by Idk Cody Rhodes

51 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
" You've always been there, you've never left my side, you've saved my life more than once.. I wouldn't be here without you. You're the one who kept me safe and actually cared, the only one. I love you ". {There's something about him rewrite}

One More Time: A CM Punk Love Story. by cσlвч lσpєz

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Phil Brooks, known as the popular CM Punk in the WWE Universe, was on his last week of WWE before he decides to mysteriously vanish. He was the greatest of friends with a girl known as Brittany Lopez, a girl he known since middle school. He had brought her up on the roster from FCW, to show the boss...

My Secret Samoan Love A Jey Uso Love story by The Grinch who stole J's heart

145 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I am Colby Lopez's Twin, but what he doesnt know is im secretly dating is enemy Josh Fatu better know as Jey Uso. This is my crazy life!

The Shield Preference

51 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Dean Ambrose,Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Preference the justice on injustice

The Boss's Daughter~Dean Ambrose aka Jon Good love story~FINISHED by ßéłíévé Íñ Déãñ Ãmßrøśé

52 pages ~ Completed · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Nicole is the daughter of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Jon Good is one thirdnof the shield. Nicole and Jon have been together for a year. They were surprised when Triple H and Stephanie approved of their relationship. Nicole ia now a member of te shield and she and Jon are happier than ever. Will...

Tearin' Up My Heart (WWE Story) *Done* by U Can't C Me RKO Shield Girl

64 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
April Mendez (AJ) has a sister that is 2 years younger than her and they love to do the same thing.Aria was in NXT until she got the call to go to the main roster.Aria hated to leave her best friends Jonathan Good (Dean Ambrose),Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i (Roman Reigns),and Colby Lopez (S...

Living The Dream~Sequel to The Boss's Daughter~ by ßéłíévé Íñ Déãñ Ãmßrøśé

41 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
It's been 6 months since the last time we saw Nicki and Jon. Nicki is still divas champion and Jon is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sarah and Joe are now dating and have been together for 3 months. Nicki says she's been the happiest she's ever been in years. And it's all than...

What Love Is (A Dean Ambrose love story) by Lady Underground

95 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Jonathan Good has never been good with trust. He doesn't trust people, he doesn't trust family. He claims to be unable to love. Kristina McMahon has been burned by many men. She claims that after her last burn, that she will never take the chance again. When the two are put together to work ...

In love with my Boyfriends Best Friend (a Seth Rollins love story) by The Grinch who stole J's heart

115 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Jamie Fatu is a WWE diva. Is is currently dating Jonathan Good but happens when things start to change and she falls for Colby Lopez instead?

In Love W] My Brother's Best Friend by LunaticAmbrose

21 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Ariel is Joe's sister and he takes her with him on tour. She meets his two closest friends Colby Lopez and Jonathan Good. The two already know her considering Joe talks about her and all. Ariel fell for Jon and Joe doesn't know, but Colby figured it out eventually. Little did she know Joe ga...

You and I- Seth Rollins Love Story... *DONE* by Amii RollinsAmbroseReigns

60 pages ~ Completed · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Hunter made Maxi join The Shield as the Anti-Diva which he gladly accepted so she could be in WWE. That all changed... she left The Shield when Seth fell for her when she wasn't ready even though she had the same feelings. Can she get past the bad relationships and can Seth make her realise he is di...

Everything I have (Dean Ambrose)

30 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
He saved me.. Wrestling saved him. He was everything to me.. Everything I had.

Behind the Scene's (WWE Seth Rollins Love Story) by Cori

12 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
I thought you guys were your own group, and didn't follow anyones rules.

The Architect (Seth Rollins Love Story) by Angel

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Being the daughter of a former model & a billionaire wrestling promoter, you'd think things would be easy. Alannah has all the credentials needed to make it in this world. Colby Lopez also a bright young star made his debut in Ring of Honor the same time Alannah did and after a while they be...

He's Trouble. [A Dean Ambrose Love Story] by gιrl joĸeѕтer

15 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Nichole Lopez and Johanna Good are best friends. Nichole's the younger sister of Colby Lopez also known as Seth Rollins, and Johanna Good is also the little sister of Jonathan Good also known as Dean Ambrose. They both do not like The Shield. Nichole begins to fall in love Dean Ambrose, but she does...
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