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Did you mean con nor franta?
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I Love You. // Nash Grier by jen hOLa

158 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Ava Franta, sister of Connor Franta, is one of the best viners and YouTubers. She is invited to Magcon Florida, and it is a whole new adventure for her. What will happen if she falls in love with the gorgeous blue-eyed boy, Nash Grier? *Previously was a Cameron Dallas fanfic*

The Good Girl and The Bad Boy |Connor Franta Fanfic| by charlie

36 pages · Fan Fiction
Cassidy Marie Brooks is a normal 18 year old girl; or so you think. Her family forces her to be the best she can be, with perfect posture, perfect manners and perfect grades. But, when she goes on vacation for the summer, she meets a bad boy named Connor Franta. This boy causes Cassidy Marie Brooks ...

Our 2nd life with her by Adrianna

105 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction
Kian lawley. The internet knows him as a cute and funny youtuber, Kamryn lawley knows him as her amazing big brother. He's helped her through everything; their parents death, her bullying, and her incident. Ever since then she only goes out rarely, because Kian thinks thats what's best for h...

Daydreamin' *Joe Sugg* by ˣ.hαhα nσ.ˣ

114 pages · Fan Fiction
What Marietta Blakeman has is something all of the teenage girls in the world want; her internship at Seventeen Magazine. She is asked to travel to Florida to 'Playlist Live' to interview trendsetters, and YouTubers. She does her job with excitement to meet the famous bloggers, but her heart...

Our Secret Life by our2ndlife

167 pages · Fan Fiction
Since the beginning sparks flew bewteen them but why keep it a secret to the world? When no one accepts the relationship between Connor and Lilly, he makes the decision to drop everything he had known for her.

Our 2nd Life(O2L) Preferences

50 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
O2L preferences written by me! Enjoy! :D

P.S. I Love You. by Joelle Reesee

9 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
*Sequel to Arranged To Love* He said he loved me. He said he'd never give up and yet, I still think about what he last said to me. So i said "P.S. I love you."

Hero (Jc Caylen story) by Stay cloudy bruhh

55 pages · Fan Fiction
A girl named Melody was a broken girl. Her mom died. Her dad is over seas. And she self harms and has depression. If she cant stop than who will stop her? {my first fan fiction. Please don't judge}

Adopted by O2L by Bailey LOVES O2L very much

42 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
12 year old Bailey and her younger twin sisters has lived in foster homes her whole life never knew her parents and has never even seen or known about O2L or anything like that. Until one day she gets adopted by O2L and her life is turned around completely.

My Second Chance. My Second Life. by Emily

4 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Sylvia Marie Belle never really had it easy. She ran away from home at the age of six and was thrown in an orphanage. She is now thirteen and officially has no chance of getting out. Just as her life goes down the darkest path, six boys think they can manage to pull her back into the light.

Imagines~Emblem3, One Direction, BTR, YouTubers, and More! by Audreahna and Minda

64 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
REQUEST ARE OFF FOR THE MOMENT. WE'LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN THEY ARE BACK TO BEING AVAILABLE! Some imagines I have written because I was bored. Have fun! Hey YOU! Yes you, reading this! We want to say thanks to everyone reading this story! We used to think that 50 reads was insane and now this has over ...

Because of Him (An O2L FanFiction) by franstasticfiction

62 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Emily, a 17 year old girl, helps her best friend make a YouTube video for his collab channel, just for the fun of it. She soon realizes this video is more than "just for fun", when her best friend's collab friends want her to join them on an amazing adventure.

Just a everyday YouTuber by ɱöllyɖαÐɨʀecƭɨoℕeƦ

54 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Taylor is a famous youtuber. She has tons of Youtube friends and a lot of subscribers. She gets a suprise of her life. Will she take the deal. How does she react. What is she going to do.

Aɗσρтєɗ ву α уσυтυвєя. by megan likes 5sauce

20 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
I was adopted by a you tuber.I didn't think for a second that I would even be adopted.I mean who wants a kid that has been to jail and has a job as a tattoo artist.No one.But he is giving me a chance so I'll give him a chance.

Princess by ActuallyAbby

74 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Fan Fiction
As I ascended the stairs, I heard my phone go off. I must have left it in Sam's room, I thought. Suddenly, I heard him yell. "Belle!" He exclaimed. I frowned. "What?" I yelled back. I opened the door to his room. He was sitting on his bed, holding my phone. "Why didn't you tell me X was threatening ...

Oblivious - Connor Franta Fanfic -

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
She's best friends with Mr.Connor Franta. He starts to gain feelings for her as he moves away from his home town in Minnesota to the big city L.A. All she can think of him is a brother as long as they stay apart. What happens when two kids are totally oblivious towards the situation?

Trust Me.. ~JC Caylen~ by Rebecca

40 pages · Fan Fiction
Taegan's life is fairly normal. She has a best friend named chloe, shes outgoing, tries to always live a carefree life with a smile on her face. Although will her life be so normal when she runs into THE JC Caylen?

I Finally Found You.

49 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Tired of being stuck in a life she hates Alyssa tries to runaway in attempt to freedom. But what happens when she meets a boy? Falls in love? She knows her family will hate him, but she doesn't care. She's stuck in a fantasy, but when reality hits it's all over.

How I Live Now by HipsterZella

33 pages · Fan Fiction
21 year old Jessica Meré is famous YouTubers Andrea Rose Russett and Bethany Mota's best friend. When she was 6, her parents died in a car crash and left her alone. Her 'sisters' found her and took her in. Her whole life changes when she meets the boys of O2L. What happens when she see...

Everything Has Changed |Finished| by ッ youtubers ッ

41 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
It had always been the two of us. Sam and me. Ever since we were little, we've been inseparable. When I mess up once, at one little thing, everything changes... For how long? Who knows. ||Sam Pottorff||
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