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Don't Ever Look Back

56 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller
(Reader Insert) *Reader x Various* Y/N is stuck in Florida visiting an old friend when the power goes out in nearly every state. Something goes wrong and sick people are ...


15 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Will include Hetalia, The Hobbit (If requested), Creepypasta, Mario(If requested), Pokemon (Human pkmn or actual characters), Zelda, Sonic, and Ib! Oh! And I will also d...

Am I in Corpse Party? (Reader x YouTub...

14 pages · Horror · Romance
Waking up in a familiar place but knowing that you have never been there, and also meeting YouTube stars that you loved all started when you where a bout to play Corpse P...

A Dangerous Video

12 pages · Fan Fiction
This is a Creepypasta and YouTuber crossover. Y/N is a Creepypasta, she ran away due to a huge fight. She meets the YouTubers and they became a family, but one day Slend...

The Ultimate Fandom One shots~!

8 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
There's a ton of different fandoms included in this! From Anime to One Direction, from bands to Singers, from Sherlock (BBC) to Doctor Who, from youtubers to creepypa...

Abandonment (Sequel to Savior)

51 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Things were going well. Ben had a loving guardian, he had friends, and for once, had an education. All he ever wanted, he had, and he had never been happier. And then,...

Its Not a Video Game (YouTube)

19 pages · Adventure · Thriller
In the end, the dead wins, killing us off one by one, till no one is left. Its not a video game where you respawn when you die, no this is real life. And its not just the...

Back to School

7 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Youtubers and Creepypastas and magic powers, this is going to be fun :D WIP, comment if you want more.

Short stories

2 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
These are short stories, that I either don't want to make into a full fanfiction or I'm just being random.

Maze of Games

56 pages ~ Completed
(branch off of one of my creepypasta stories) BEN makes a deal with Autumn. With this deal, she has to go into the games with two humans and play the games for two weeks,...

Just Like Old Times

5 pages · Horror
This a creepypasta that I created about Cry, Pewdiepie, and Ken. Please know that I have nothing against these people and that they are only used in here for entertainme...

Emily and ? read/sing........

Yeah. 's basically me (Emmehpie) reading stories,songs etc. with anyone out of the following people/bands:My Chemical Romance,Black Veil Brides,Blood on the dance flo...
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Geeky Mashup

31 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Heloo, this is one shots of anything MARVEL, Doctor Who(only 9, 10 and 11, and possibly 13), youtubers (only including; Pewdiepie, Misterepicmann, Lukeisnotsexy, Milesjai...

Creepy Pasta...IN REALITY!: Death 1

6 pages
This is Youtubers X Reader X creepypasta's ;D One rainy Friday you watched pewdiepie playing CleverBot You thought it would be super funny to play the Cleverbot o...

Anime and Other One-Shots ~OPENED to R...

203 pages · Anime/Manga · Vampires · Fantasy
(This run on requests only) Have you ever dreamed of being in the arms of your favorite anime character? They tell you they love you. And they fall in love. How does that...

Adopted By PewDiePie... DISCONTINUED

1 page
So. I'm bored and desided to write this. XD Enjoy! Btw. I wish this would happen to me. That's why I'm writing this. XD

Mind corruption

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Action · Anime/Manga
When Gracie is taken to a whole other dimension full of you tubers whom she needs to rescue before they become corrupted and, very familiar video games. He told her that ...

The mystery girl ( my story )

4 pages · Mystery · Thriller
Pewdiepie Cryotic and Smosh decide to move into a old mansion together what could go wrong?

Working together ( youtubers + creepyp...

39 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Nancy… a simple girl… just trying to watch a PewDiePie video on her glitchy I-pad. Little does she know the one and only BEN Drowned has planned a little ' holida...

One-shots [fandom one- shots]

3 pages · Anime/Manga · Vampires · Fantasy
Put comments on one shots that you would like and if i know enough about them i will be sure to right them

Saved by a devil

6 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Mystery
What would you: you were abandoned but saves by someone.they gave you wishes,you grew up in minuets *literally* and you try to survive the lie behold you. *your name is j...

One Shots

One shots with Pewdiepie, Cry, One Direction, Creepypastas, Homestuck, Soul Eater, Supernatural, Blood on the Dance Floor, BVB, Tobuscus, Markiplier, Cody Simpson, Ross L...

Creepypastas and Youtubers

31 pages ~ Completed
Youtubers meeting the creepypastas. Why not?

Me and my friends weird kik conversati...

1 page · Short Stories · Humor
This is a bunch of things me and my friend said on kik and I love it! XD
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