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Creepy Pasta Boyfriend Scenarios

90 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Just what the title says~ ~Contains: Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Dark Link, Lost Silver, Bloody Pa...

Chains (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

209 pages · Romance · Horror
You're a nice, normal girl who's lived in the mountains with your legal guardian Buddy for most of your life. You don't leave home much and don't really k...

The True Peter Pan

9 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Short Stories
We all know the story: Peter Pan. But did you know the original.

Mαу тнє bєѕт mαη wιη (reader x creepyp...

75 pages · Romance · Horror
"She's mine all of you back off she may not know that I love her but she will be all mine someday." -Jeff "I want more than her kidneys. I want her heart...

Innocents Lure (Jeff The Killer Love S...

130 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
A young girl who sees a light through all darkness, captures the heart of possibly one of the most darkest hearts out there. And all with a simple action.

50 Shades Of Blades (Jeff The Killer X...

39 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
(Yeah I know there are thousands of these....) The creepypastas have gotten on Slendy's last nerves, so he decides he is going to punish them by sending them to the o...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

27 pages · Humor · Romance
Includes: Jeff, BEN, Slenderman, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Happy Appy, Zalgo, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Sonic.exe, and Lost Silver.

Just A Glitch | BEN Drowned

93 pages · Romance · Horror
[BEN DROWNED X READER] Your father had an opportunity to switch his job to the Apple of the world. Accepting it, you move into an apartm...

This Feeling

84 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
[Reader x Jeff the killer] You just moved into a new town, for a fresh start. All is good during the day, the tranquility of the neighborhood makes you feel welcome. Duri...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ~

66 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
I've read so many and I fell in love :3 so I decided to write my own :3 I hope you enjoy (: includes Jeff The Killer, Ben Drowned, Hoodie, Masky, Ticci Toby, Slenderm...

Creepypasta Stories, Sure to scare the...

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
It's all Creepy, scary, and Nightmare fuel, made for people with a brave heart, and tight pants, so they don't fly off. (LOL)

Creepypasta Stories

232 pages · Horror
I share with you the legend and tales that have been passed from time to time in not only your world, but the creepypasta world as well. Enjoy! Oh and're in ...
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He's a virus. (BEN DROWNED x Reade...

23 pages · Romance · Horror
Just as I started to feel my body fall deeper a figure appeared before me, it was the Link look alike. "You've met a terrible fate haven't you, Y/N?" was ...

Alone (A creepypasta love story)

15 pages · Thriller · Romance
Alone, thats what I am… mom left me in the side of the road, but then I met a masked man a few years later an that changed everything.

Mad hatter's Tea Party From Hell

7 pages · Horror
Creepypastas surround you as you run through the thin alley ways and run straight into a psychotic girl in a black coat and jeans. "Found you." i smirk and dissap...

Scary stories and rituals

44 pages · Horror · Realistic
Do the rituals at your own risk, I own nothing, I will be updadting almost everyday

Creepypasta OC (Nightshade)

2 pages · Short Stories
This is a creepypasta oc story I made. Hopefully, you guys like it.

Jeff the Killer & Vile Levi: A Gam...

31 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
Levine was bullied in high school for her odd personality and her strange clothes. She was always teased and called "Levine the Vile" until one day, she had it wi...

The Horror War

13 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
**based off a dream. Every character in this story is not real.** There has been a war going on since the beginning of time. No normal human knows about it, but the outc...

The Crossroads

6 pages · Fan Fiction
One minute, we were outside in front of the edge of the woods, the next...we were inside a mansion... ~Few years later~ One minute, we were all playing a game, next ,...

Opposites Attract: (Masky x Reader!)

11 pages · Horror · Action
He seemed nothing like me, but in a good way... He's strange yet, so intriguing... I can't help but think that maybe opposites do attract, but for the better or w...

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

4 pages · Fan Fiction
I thought I should do one of these it has (in order) : Jeff the killer, BEN drowned, Liu/Sully, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, and SlenderMan. You can request new people and ...

Invisible (BEN Drowned x Reader)

65 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Dead. You were dead. Your soul stayed on earth and you wondered around as a ghost. Some people thought that being a ghost was fun and entertaining but to you it was the o...

Anime One-Shots

80 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Short Stories
One Shots from every anime ^_^ Hetalia,Naruto,Kuroshitsuji,Free!,Soul Eater,Death Note,Fairy Tail,One Piece etc I make and Creepypasta one shots :3
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