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The True Peter Pan

9 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Short Stories
We all know the story: Peter Pan. But did you know the original.

Chains (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

221 pages · Horror · Romance
You're a nice, normal girl who's lived in the mountains with your legal guardian Buddy for most of your life. You don't leave home much and don't really k...

Creepy Pasta Boyfriend Scenarios

90 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Just what the title says~ ~Contains: Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Dark Link, Lost Silver, Bloody Pa...

Mαу тнє bєѕт mαη wιη (reader x creepyp...

102 pages · Horror · Romance
"She's mine all of you back off she may not know that I love her but she will be all mine someday." -Jeff "I want more than her kidneys. I want her heart...

Innocents Lure (Jeff The Killer Love S...

130 pages ~ Completed · Action · Romance
A young girl who sees a light through all darkness, captures the heart of possibly one of the most darkest hearts out there. And all with a simple action.

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

64 pages · Horror · Romance
(Requests are closed for now)Includes slender man, Jeff the killer, Ben drowned, laughing jack, eyeless jack, masky, hoodie, ticci Toby, lost silver, homicidal Liu

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

27 pages · Romance · Humor
Includes: Jeff, BEN, Slenderman, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Happy Appy, Zalgo, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Sonic.exe, and Lost Silver.

Just A Glitch | BEN Drowned

104 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Romance
[BEN DROWNED X READER] Your father had an opportunity to switch his job to the Apple of the world. Accepting it, your family moves into ...

This Feeling

84 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Romance
[Reader x Jeff the killer] You just moved into a new town, for a fresh start. All is good during the day, the tranquility of the neighborhood makes you feel welcome. Duri...

Various One-shots (Requests Accepted)

Various one-shots, or reader-inserts, from animes, homestuck, creepypasta, anything! No pictures or characters are ours by the way.

Creepypasta Stories, Sure to scare the...

21 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
It's all Creepy, scary, and Nightmare fuel, made for people with a brave heart, and tight pants, so they don't fly off. (LOL)

Love Hurts. ( Yandere x Reader )

77 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
"People always do crazy things when it comes to love, don't they? ~" ~ Requests are Closed ~
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New Fans (Sequel to The CreepyPasta Fa...

16 pages · Fan Fiction
Emo's now called Puppet, and Camo's a mix between herself and Error, Puppet works for Slenderman as a Proxy and Camo is locked in a basement trying not to let Err...

Becoming a Pasta 2: The Tragedy of Lau...

51 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
(Cover by Miss-Massacre-1810) Lauren Durrell has never belonged anywhere, but when she's kidnapped by Jeff it doesn't look like she has a choice. But after Lauren...


6 pages ~ Completed
CONTAINS SWEARING AND DEATH. Read and find out, only short. Comment if you want me to add more.

The Mad House

46 pages · Horror · Adventure
Creepypasta X Reader, you are all in an asylum together. I don't own the creepypasta characters or the pictures used in this tale. Feedback is appreciated!

Going to Sleep (OCxKiller Jeff)

42 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
What would happen if Killer Jeff went to Alaska? Maybe he would try too kill a girl. Maybe he would hesitate for the first time. Maybe she could be the one for him.

How To Love A Killer

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
My name is Praise Benedict. I ran away from home after killing my foster brothers. I thought it was all over for me, until i met... him. He saved me from my father, I owe...

Never (BEN X Reader X Jeff)

6 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
Why? my life was... okay... the way it was, but now, my best friend is gone, and i'm being hunted down by an insane serial killer. I do not own the creepypastas or...

Johnny Delia Doll's Life... As A W...

18 pages
Johnny Delia Doll just seen her mom rescue the person she loves from death, even after Johnny tried to kill her, AND killed the person she loved. So what happens after sh...


49 pages · Horror · Adventure
Hey i'm Smile, so i have to tell you this, i have four friends and were all INSANE! Its hard to be insane though, anyways back to the thing. My four friends have been...

The Darkness (Eyeless JackXOC)

30 pages · Horror · Romance
I'm Going insane, Its gripping at my head and slowly consuming it. I can't free myself from this, Its just to strong. And sooner or later my Mom will die, and whe...

Mirror (A Creepypasta OC)

4 pages ~ Completed · Horror
A Creepypasta OC that I've been developing for a while and have finally decided to put up - if anyone would like any more information on her, just ask. I may write he...

Before They Went To Sleep

3 pages · Horror · Short Stories
Yo, its Jeff the Killer here! It's basically a story and encounters of me and everyone before I started to kill anyone who is my way. Read it, or else thou shalt bee...
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